Audiovox XMCK30PXM Xpress-RC Receiver by cyberrobot


									  Audiovox XMCK30PXM Xpress-RC Receiver

Now you can enjoy XM Satellite Radio in living color with the XMCK30P XpressRC plug-and-play radio
by Audiovox. Its adjustable color screen offers improved clarity and brightness, so it's easier to keep
track of XM's great programming.The XpressRC's split-screen display provides a real-time
programming guide, allowing you to see what's on the channel that's currently playing, as well as on
three other channels. TuneSelect¿ alerts you when your favorite songs or artists are playing on
another channel, while GameSelect lets you know when your favorite sports events are on the air.The
XpressRC automatically saves the last 60 minutes of programming, so you can pause and replay
music, sports, and talk shows without missing a beat. You can even save your 10 favorite songs to
listen to later. The XMCK30P includes a car docking station, DC power adapter, roof-mount antenna,
and cassette adapter but you'll need an optional FM modulator if your car stereo doesn't have an
auxiliary input or cassette deck. Audiovox also offers a universal home kit and a portable powered
speaker system that let you enjoy XM in any environment. Note: You must subscribe to XM Satellite
Radio to receive the satellite radio signal.

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