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AIC Kia of Manassas Toyota Prius Function Another feature that could use some simplification is the stubby dash-mounted gear selector, which inexplicably farms out the Park function to a separate "P" button located above the lever. On the bright side, the optional nine-speaker JBL stereo provides satisfying sound, delivering rich bass response and no audible distortion at reasonable decibel levels. AIC Kia Manassas - AIC Kia Aston Martin DBS Comfort With low-profile tires, the DBS exhibits a fair share of road noise over imperfect pavement, requiring frequent workouts of the premium stereo system. As such, it certainly couldn't be described as comparable to a luxury-oriented GT coupe, so if that's what you're looking for, may we kindly suggest a Bentley for your British motoring pleasure. AIC Kia of Manassas VA Volkswagen CC VR6 4Motion Performance Unfortunately, that VR6's added oomph and 4Motion's added weight result in so-so fuel economy. EPA estimates are 17 mpg city/25 mpg highway and 20 mpg combined. Under our lead-footed care, the CC managed only 18 mpg. Both the 2.0T and VR6 cars with front-wheel drive are more frugal. Ford Escape Hybrid Performance Sadly, braking hardware goes the other way. Inexplicably, this year Ford swapped out the Escape Hybrid's rear discs for drums. Our 60-0-mph braking test of a 2008 Mercury Mariner resulted in a 138-foot distance, which is about 10 feet longer than we'd like. And that was with the rear discs, so we imagine with drums back there it's only going to be longer. If we were calling the shots at Ford, we would've fitted this ute with beefy discs all around.

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