; Environments Influence Productivity
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Environments Influence Productivity


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									Environments Influence Productivity
A comfortable working environment certainly affects the smoothness and
productivity of your work. But how the hell a comfortable working environment
that? Is the room spacious, full amenities, or friends that work okay? This all of
course is part of a comfortable working environment. And anyone would want to
work in a comfortable environment right?

You know what the hell, everything related to the work you create must be as
comfortable as possible. Consider the things that make you comfortable working
as follows:


At times like this sophisticated computer technology is the main working facilities.
Even many companies that equip their computers with internet facility. In addition
to facilitate the work, the internet will enrich your insight and knowledge.
Working with other computer problems are made uncomfortable will hamper the
productivity of your work. So, if the computer is in trouble, please inform
immediately to the usual handling computer malfunction.

-Chair and desk

Ask for a chair that makes you comfortable and well taken. If you sit in a stiff
chair will make your body aches. As a result you will not enjoy working. So does
your desk. A messy desk and filled with piles of paper will only cause you
headaches. Hence, even though you are busy working with piles of papers and
documents, you still have to keep your desk kerapihan. So you can keep working

- Material and equipment work

Materials and equipment should work regularly arranged and placed within easy
reach. Do not let your work time much trimmed just forgot to put the English
dictionary for example. So organize documents and materials you work well.
Adjusted including stationery, paper clips, erasers, rulers, etc..

-Lamp or lighting of the room

Lighting systems that do not qualify, such as dim or too harsh will make your eyes
tired, watery and tense. Kepalapun would be hard. As a result the work was not in
the mood again. Well if you feel light on your work space is less comfortable, do
not surrender aja. Discuss this issue to the people who are specialized in it. This is
for the common good.

- The noise in the room

A quiet room without noise noisy work will improve your concentration. So avoid
the noise distraction. If any television in your work space, reduce the volume of
his voice. If you want to listen to music from your computer, listen with a quiet
voice. If you do not want to be disturbed by the sounds your phone on the table,
arrange the service to handle phone calls, except for your very important news. So
does your mobile phone. Turn off the phone during peak hours where the work is
still piling up.

- Friends work

You will agree that friends plus wonderful work cooperatively greatly affect your
comfort at the office. Conversely if you are among friends, coworkers who envy
each other and must be very miserable drop it? For that, start from yourself. Be a
good employee and appreciate the other fellow, and was responsible for your job.
Colleagues so would be more respect and respect for you. Thus, you and your
colleagues will be a good team and solid.

Yourself if you have ever worked in a comfortable environment? If not, maybe
you can create comfort for yourself. Because once again comfortable working
atmosphere will increase your productivity. You agree ..? Good work in a
comfortable environment and enjoyable ..!

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