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									Free Website Traffic - Use Articles Correctly to Increase
Web Traffic to Your Sites and Blogs Online
Getting highly targeted traffic to visit your web sites on a daily basis does not have
to be a struggle in your Internet business. Traffic generation is an activity that
should be engaged in on a daily basis, and it can be done with completely free
techniques. You should know that traffic can be found in one of two ways - paid or

Paid traffic consists of pay per click and other types of advertising, all of which can
become expensive very quickly. Free, targeted traffic can be achieved in a variety of
ways. Because my budget did not allow for expensive advertising when I first came
online, I challenged myself to find as much free traffic as possible. To my
amazement, I was able to generate traffic so successfully that I was making money
on the Internet very quickly.

Not all traffic is created equal. Instead of just going for big numbers, focus more on
getting the right kind of traffic to your sites. What I'm talk about here is highly-
targeted traffic that will be more interested in what you have to offer. I first used
article marketing for this purpose.

Over time I learned more about SEO (search engine optimization) and was then able
to refine what I was writing until I could reach people who were more specifically
interested in my niche topics.

Since 2007 I have been writing an article every single day. This has worked to my
advantage by putting me on page one of the article directory and having more than
four hundred thousand people view my articles. During this time my writing
improved as I got into the good habit of writing every day.

I also learned how to write articles that would bring me the kind of highly targeted
traffic I am speaking of here.

When someone reads your article and clicks on the link in your resource box, be
sure to take them to a site that is related to what you were writing about. This may
seem like common sense, but I am here to tell you that it isn't all that common.

Instead of driving traffic back to a page where they will be left wondering what the
connection is, take them to a page that makes complete sense for what you have
written about in your article. Challenge yourself to make this connection between
the link in your resource box and the page you are sending readers to, and your
online business will grow dramatically due to the additional traffic.

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