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 Thursday 25 november 2010                                                                              
 Great Tips To solve toshiba laptop battery issue
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   Toshiba has come a long way when it comes to the laptop battery life in their laptops, but
   that does not make them immune to the occasional hiccup. Poor charging practices can                             TOSHIBA Satellite-E105-S1602 Laptop Battery
   cause issues with battery life, and power-sucking settings can deplete a charged battery,                        TOSHIBA Satellite-E105-S1402 Laptop Battery
   especially an older one, at a surprising rate. For many Toshiba laptops, even temperature                        TOSHIBA Satellite-E105-S1802 Laptop Battery
   can affect whether and how your battery charges and discharges.
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   Charging New Batteries 1. If your laptop is brand new, you have an opportunity to maximize your                  Toshiba PA3682U-1BRS Laptop Battery
   battery’s health from the get-go. CNET authors Asher Moses and Brian Nadel state that long-term
   battery vitality can be ensured if “when first using your notebook on battery power, [you] let the
   battery completely drain before you recharge it. Don’t recharge when the toshiba PA3682U-
   1BRS battery is only half drained. Do that for at least the first two sessions.” If you continue to            Archives
   do this every time you use your laptop battery, you will extend the length of time your laptop can run
   on battery power. Power Settings 2. One of the main reasons toshiba laptop battery life is so                    November 2010 (6)
   short on many laptops is because of the power settings. You can access the power settings on                     May 2010 (2)
   aT  oshiba either by right-clicking the battery tray icon in the lower-right corner of your screen and
   click “Power Options”, or by going to Control Panel > Power Options. Here, you can select the
   settings your computer will use when it is running on battery power, adjust when the display turns
   off, choose when the computer will go to sleep, and decide how bright your display is. The default
   “Power Saver” settings adjust the display brightness to about 40%, turn off the display after 3
   minutes of inactivity and put the computer to sleep after 15 minutes. Think about which settings
   make the most sense for you, and adjust your computer accordingly to save power. Temperature                     Laptop Battery Tips (3)
   3. Extreme temperatures can negatively affect your toshiba PA3535U-1BRS battery. According to                    Power T ools Battery Tips (1)
   Moses and Nadel, you should not expose your battery to extreme heat or cold. Heat causes                         Camera Battery Tips (1)
   batteries to lose their charge very quickly and cold batteries don’t perform as well. In addition, some
                                                                                                                    good news (1)
   Toshiba laptop batteries can detect when they have heated up too much, and will not charge even
   when the AC power is plugged in. The computer will display “AC power plugged in; battery not                     iPhone battery tips (1)
   charging,” in this case. If this happens, you can charge the battery by shutting down your computer              toshiba laptop battery problem (1)
   and letting the battery charge while the computer is off. Age 4. Laptop batteries generally last for
   2 to 3 years. If your laptop battery is not holding a charge and it is older than 3 years, consider
   purchasing a new battery. Remember to fully deplete and fully charge the new battery the first few
   times you use it. Still Not Charging 5. If you have considered all of these possible Toshiba                   List of articles
   PA3727U-1BRS battery problems and find that they are not the reason for the problem, try taking
   the battery out and gently cleaning the contacts on the battery and in the laptop’s battery                                   o
                                                                                                                    Great Tips T solve toshiba laptop battery issue
   compartment with a dry, lint-free cloth. If there is no improvement, you may need to look into
                                                                                                                    Lithium-Ion Batteries Fuel MasterForce Power
   updating the computer’s BIOS or using the recovery CD that came with the laptop to clear any
   internal problems that may be affecting your battery.                                                            Tools
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