Ateco 10462 Electric Green Gel Color_ 13.5oz by rameon


									  Ateco 10462 Electric Green Gel Color, 13.5oz

Ateco's Spectrum Gel Colors are formulated with the necessary die concentration levels needed to
achieve the most vibrant and brilliant colors available. Gel colors have a viscosity that offer the
convenience of a pourable product, and makes it easy to duplicate shades. However, gel color will not
break down buttercream or non-dairy icings like conventional liquids. Contains US certified colors.
Made in the USA. Since 1905, Ateco has manufactured tools to help professionals as well as
enthusiasts create extraordinary looking cakes, cookies and pastries. Ateco products begin with the
finest materials, from metals to fabrics to plastic films and undergo testing for durability, reliability and
quality. They are made to last under the punishing conditions of restaurant and high-output commercial
kitchens. Happy decorating!

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