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					Complete OSHA Training Course in Less than 6
Submitted by Mr. Tysone Mark
25th November, 2010

Do you know it takes only 6 months to get your OSHA certification? At OSHA 30 Hour
Trainings, you can complete the course lesser than that period.

OSHA 30 Hour Trainings is a premier online safety training provider. We have a large
collection of OSHA safety training courses for both construction and general industry

Our training program has been sought after by a number of organizations for their employees’
training and to comply with the OSHA standards. All OSHA training courses are completely
web based and you can complete the whole course at your own pace.

Meeting the state requirements is easier now that you can complete the training in the comfort
of your home. To get the OSHA card, class availability, location and access will not be an issue
now. Even travel time and cost are eliminated. For all students, the course must be completed
within six months but you can complete the course way before that.

The training courses cover 8, 10, 30 to 40 hours of training and applies to both construction and
general industries’ standard. You can take the course any time of the day, study and appear for
the examinations. There are quizzes in each module end to help you digest the whole content.
Some of the courses come with a study guide to help you during the course. Our courses can
cost anywhere from $39.95 to $350.00, depending on which course you opt for.

But, remember if you fail to complete the course within the given period, your training session
will expire and you will have to buy a total new course program.

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OSHA 30 Hour Trainings is dedicated to provide a quality online safety training that would not
only help workers meet the standards established by OSHA but also a training that would
benefit them a lot in the future. We provide an engaging and effective safety training online that
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