The Presidents by hcj


									The Presidents
1) Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota)

2) Barack Obama’s Hawaii (Hawaii)
This description of all of Obama’s favourite places in Hawaii will let you really
get to know the US President!

3) The Memorials (Washington D.C)
Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The Eisenhower Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

The Lyndon Johnson Memorial

Theodore Roosevelt Island

4) Ford Theatre (Washington D.C)
The theatre where President Lincoln was assassinated.

5) The White House
Find information about the history of this famous house, and the history of the
Presidents who lived there.

6) American Presidents: Life Portraits
A website to compliment the CSPAN series of the same name.

7) Resource on the American Presidents
Essays by students at the University of Virginia about the Presidents of the

8) The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
Really interesting website containing all information about the impeachment of
President Andrew Johnson, including historical details.

Official Website of the US President

10) George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estates
The website for information about historic house of first President George

11) George Washington by PBS
Website with information about George Washington including classroom tools
and timelines.

Website with information about each of the Presidents Of The United States

13) American Presidents
Life portraits of each of the Presidents.

15) Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
Website with information about Thomas Jefferson’s home and gardens.

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