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					                                                           TULAMEEN COMMUNITY CLUB

                                                                          Summer 2007
         Box 1D Comp. 9 Tulameen BC VOX 2L0

President’s Report                                          Library
As the summer season begins, things have been               Summer hours are 2:00PM-4:00PM Monday
busy. Young Life Canada has given us boards from            Tuesday and Thursday.
their skateboard park. Thanks to Tom and Bill
Reichert for hauling these out for us to Tulameen.          Property No. 325 Nicola Ave.
The boards are placed at the skating rink and are
being well used. We took on the spruce bud worm             The acquisition of this property by the Community
spraying after the Forestry cancelled out at last           Club was passed at the RDOS meeting and all
minute. We sprayed 77 properties and hope it will           papers have been handed to provincial government
do some good. We used the entire spraying                   for issuing a “License of Occupation” for 10 years.
compound we had. Unfortunately it was not quite                                                  Trudy Kotzian,
enough to spray all places, we had to miss a few. It                                           Committee Chair
was a good exercise and for next year we know now
how much spraying material is needed. The sprayer           Vermilion Trails Society
was specially made for us and could shoot up to
about 80 or 90 feet. Thanks to Ed and Bill Reichert         Work continues on the trail to repair mother natures
and to Bill Wallace for a job well done.                    damage from high water, landslides, rock falls and
Tulameen Family Days are fast approaching. We               damage done by beavers over the past winter
still need volunteers for various jobs. Your help is        season. Damage this past year was more extensive
appreciated. If you are interested in helping please        than in winters past. The Vermilion Trails Society
call me @ 250-295-6489 or drop a short e- mail              recently paid to have a portion of the trail near
message to and we will be             homes in Tulameen treated with dust control
happy to give you a job.                                    material at a cost of $1200. Although the Trail
Security will be in town once again starting on             Society does not support motorized use of the trail it
Thursday night Aug 2 until the rabble leaves. The           was deemed a necessity to provide some relief for
R.C.M.P will again be out in full force . Access to         adjacent landowners. Donations to help defray this
the river has been blocked off, so hopefully we will        cost can be make to Vermilion Trails Society, Box
have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!                                 2104, Princeton BC, BOX 1W0.
With all the ATV‟s and motorbikes in town some
caution should be taken. Respect people‟s property                                                     Jim Stolth
and also respect cyclists and people walking on the
Trans Canada Trail. Let‟s all enjoy what we have                              Calendar of Events
here. Have a safe and happy summer holiday.
                                       Marg Reichert              Jul 5……………..….….…..Monthly Meeting
                                                                  July 21…………………OFG Family Fun day
                                                                  Aug 2………………………Monthly Meeting
Museum                                                            Aug 4-6………………Tu lameen Family Days
Summer hours for the Museum are 2:00PM-                           Sept. 6…………….……….. General Meeting
4:00PM Monday Tuesday and Thursday. If there is                   Sept 15……………..OFG Otter Lake Cleanup
no one at the Museum inquire at the library and they              Oct 4..…………………..….Monthly Meeting
                                                                  Nov 1……………………….Monthly Meeting
will let you in. Weekends we are open from
                                    Colleen Hughes
Tulameen Community Club Newsletter                                                               Spring 2007
                                                                    Directors returning for one mo re Year:    Judy Wallace
Notes from the Minutes of the Meetings:                                                                        Nadine McEwen
Minutes Annual General Meeting April 2007
                                                                    Directors for the next two years:            Wayne Passey
Treasurers Report:                                                                                               Valerie Deck
Jim Michaud gave report of Unaudited Financial Statement as                                                      Trudy Kot zian
                                                                     P.S. The snow golf Tournament was a great success, the silent
per Dec. 31, 2006.
Cash and short term deposits $ 30,295, Accounts receivable          auction alone brought in$ 18,000 fo r the cancer foundation.
$2,155, Land, Buildings and Equipment at original cost
                                                                    Minutes May 3,2007
$250,264. Revenues $68,664, Expenses $55,255
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 1,646. Total
Member‟s Net Assets $ 281,068.                                      Casters for the bar fridge have been purchased. We are wait ing
                                                                    for the material to make the frame.
Current Balance in General Account $ 22,000, about 1,500 to
come fro m GST Rebate.                                              Jim Michaud reported that the school property is still a go.
The auditors Mconnel, Voelkl are very pleased with the              Nadine McEwen reported that Weyerhaeuser has increased the
                                                                    grant for our summer camp this year fro m $1,500 to $1,800.
accounting job done by Sharon Anderson, treasurers position
has become an easy one to do.                                       Nadine will soon have a meeting with Kelsey Dawn to discuss
Old Business:                                                       any changes for the summer program.
                                                                    Trudy Kotzian gave report on the Beach Property at the end of
Spraying Program „ Spruce Bud Worm‟. Jim Michaud will
talk to contractors to see if they can do the spraying for us.      Nico la St. All informat ion has been forwarded to the Regional
Forestry will help us with the spraying material and maybe          District and is tabled for discussion and hopeful approval at
                                                                    their June meeting.
even cover some cost of the helicopter service and         co -
ordinate dates for the spraying at about Mid June. Most people       A Bake Sale and Raffle is scheduled for the May Long
that have been approached are in favour of the spraying             Weekend.
                                                                    Bill and Judy Wallace have volunteered to paint the floor in
program. A more serious concern for the Forestry is the pine
beetle. It will only take a few more years until we see in our      the hall. On their next visit to Penticton they will buy the
area the devastation of dying pine trees and the danger of          paint, approval by the Club for the paint was already done
forest fires.                                                       some months ago. Broken Ceiling Tiles have to be replaced as
 New Business:                                                      well and new one will be purchased.
May Bake Sale, Tea and Raffle May 19th, 2007.                       Only one bid for the new maintenance contract was received.
                                                                    Heather and Aaron Koller have taken on the contract for the
Tender is up for janitorial work. A few changes for the             year 2007/2008.
contract have been made. April 27, 2007 is the dead line for
applications. Marg Reichert, Anne Passey and Jim Michaud            June 7 th 2007
who then will make the decision on who is to get the contract       Anne Passey reported on the Purina and lions dog walk.
for the next year will review them.                                 $950.00 in total was collected from the area of which $750.00
Marg Reichert is sitting on the board for „New Co mmun ity          fro m Tu lameen.
Plan‟. Reg ion H is in the process of up-dating and                 Spraying – cancelled by forestry – forestry will g ive us
streamlining rules and regulations for the different areas in our   enough solution for 100 acres, must be sprayed before June
Region.                                                             19th . we can get a turbo sprayer that sprays 90 feet costing
Reichert‟s Burn Pile in Coalmont is still available. Anybody        $200.00 per week and also must have wages for two people to
wishing to dump needles and branches at the Coalmont site           run sprayer. No decision made – to be posted on internet.
can obtain the key for the gate from Reichert‟s before driv ing     Broad family having a reunion in July requested renting
up there.                                                           tables. it was moved by Anne Passey and seconded by Nadine
This year we can apply for a Gaming Grant up to $20,000.            McEwen tables be donated.
Suggestions were made for purchase of a movie projector and         Card fro m sweater kittens thanking everyone for their help and
proper screen, a few new co mputers for the school, help with       support re golf and 60k walk.
heating expenses, some furniture for the school and various         Tulameen Days -security for river – to have again or not.
cleaning equip ment (new vacuum cleaner etc.)                       some discussion re extending hours to have security around
Tennis Court: Once the lease for the school is in place we can      when people on the river are leaving thus taking their garbage
proceed with an application for a grant.                            etc. with them - no decision.
                                                                    beer garden permit purchased
                                                                    Princeton ambassadors and councilors to come and be in
Election of Officers for business year April 2007 to March          parade.
2008:                                                               Ball teams – each to pay the same as past years., but we are
President                 Marg Reichert                             short one team.
 Vice President           Anne Passey                               Marg Reichert has started the list for volunteers on Tulameen
Treasurer                 Judy Hughes                               days anyone wanting to help give Marg their name and she
Secretary                 Janet Scotland                            will be pleased to get you a job.
Tulameen Community Club Newsletter                                                               Spring 2007
June 19th Marjorie brewer and her grade one students are
coming to visit the fire hall, museum and library.                 Each Step Along the Way
 It was moved by Jan Hiks and seconded by frank Kettner we
purchase 10 picn ic tables fro m Penny Stadel for the back of
the community build ing.
                                                                   We often don’t know where life’s leading,
Nadine McEwen received a cheque for $200.00 for summer             So often the future’s unclear
camp supplies. Nadine also reported we had received monies         We feel like we’ll never find answers
fro m the government this year but this may not be available       When in truth, they are already here.
next year and we have to look elsewhere.
A sign is required at the rink re safety etc. and for liability
purposes for us.
                                                                   Some people go through life rushing,
Hall rentals. – Co lleen Hughes is continuing to do the rentals.   As they strive to achieve more and more,
Museum – to be open weekends for 4 hours and closed                But when they reach their destination
Tulameen days.                                                     The wonder, “What was that long journey for?”
Public washroom – to be closed at 7:p m. so me discussion re
having cameras posted or better lighting to stop damage at the
washrooms – no decision
                                                                   Other people like to cut corners;
                                                                   They try to get by effort free.
Otter Valley Fish and Game Club                                    And some folk’s just fuss about others,
                                                                   And what their appearance may be.
Our next big event will be our „Family Fun Day‟ on July 21 st ,
2007.The event will take place up at the Gun Range and Club        Then there are those who go slowly,
House from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM .                                   Who enjoy the world around
Kids Games fro m 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Ho rse Shoe Games
                                                                   And as the mysterious path unfolds,
all day. Kids Turkey Shoot, ages 6 – 9 yrs. 22 and Archery
Shoot, categories10 – 13 yrs. And 14 - 16 yrs.                     Instead of lost they’re found.
Entry fee $2 (to cover insurance cost)
Lunch Menu: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, incl. salad, desert           Trust where life make take you,
and juice. Hamburgers $ 5, Hot Dogs $2.50. No charge for           Take pleasure in every day,
children 6 years of age and under.
For information on the „Big Buck Contest‟ please look up the
                                                                   For what matters is not where we’re going
Tulameen website at m or contact Ron White           But each step along the way.
@ 250-295-7384.
Sept. 15, 2007 Clean-Up day for Otter Lake. Please contact                                                By Chelsea Turner
Judy Robinson @ 250-295-3592.
                                                                   At the official opening of the „Lavender Labyrinth‟ on June
A new security fence will be put up behind the shooter
                                                                   21, Chelsea recited this poem. It is her latest one and she
benches at the Gun Range and new signs are in the works as         graciously agreed to have it published in our Newsletter.
well.                                                              Chelsea is still a teenager, only 15 years old, but has already
Meetings held on the third Saturday of each month at 12:00
                                                                   accomplished a lot. Her poetry has received many rewards,
noon at the Club House in Tulameen.                                among them first prize at the Canadian Nat ional Poetry
                                                                   Contest. But poetry is not her only passion. Recently she
Bridge and Crib                                                    directed the play „ The Mousetrap‟. It was played in Princeton
                                                                   and ran for 5 consecutive days. It was a huge success. Chelsea
Crib is in hiatus for the summer. Hope to see you in the fall.     has in mind to pursue an acting career and we wish her well in
                                                                   whatever she chooses to do.”
                                        Loretta McDiarmid                                                         Thanks Chelsea,
                                                                                                                    Trudy Kotzian

                                                                   Please let my flowers grow!
Bridge is played in the library on Mondays and Thursdays           Recipe for deer spray:
fro m 7:00 PM. Everyone is welco me , beginners to advanced,       1 egg wh ite
we are a friendly group and are willing to help beginners to       1 Tbsp. Baking Powder
learn the game. Cost is $200                                       1 liter Water.

                                                                   Mix well and fill into spray bottle.
                                                Anne Hassell
                                                                   Shake and spray on shrubs and flowers every few days.
    Tulameen Community Club Newsletter                                                                     Spring 2007

    The Lavender Labyrinth

    Along with the growing number of communities, Tulameen now has a Labyrinth . These can be built of various materials, ours is a
    Lavender Labyrinth. It is located at # 402 on River Road in Tulameen and is open to all who wish to walk it. The Labyrinth was
    planted last summer; it is about to come into full bloom.
    Labyrinths are found in countries all around the world including China, India, Israel, Ireland, Southern Europe, Scandinavia, pre-
    Columbian North America and England. They date back more than 5000 years.
    Today, new Labyrinths are being constructed so that people can follow in the footsteps of ancient ancestors into the transiti ons of
    their own lives, be those transitions times of joy or sorrow. The Labyrinth has one pathway, which leads to the center where benches
    are placed to allow individuals to sit and meditate. It is this lack of complexity that helps so many people to use it as a meditative and
    devotional tool. Once we are on the path, our minds are freed from the need to mak e decisions. We can quiet our minds and focus on
    our breathing. The Labyrinth is essentially intuitive. Psychologists would call it a right -brain experience. Most of us live primarily in
    a left-brain world, a rational intellectual problem-solving environment. Walking the Labyrinth gives us balance and assists us in
    discovering a deeper truth.
    The Petschl’s are busy planting the surrounding field in rows of Lavender for future harvesting. Lavender is the quintessent ial
    healing herb. Assisting us in many ways; one being to calm and sooth us, thus making the Labyrinth a more effective place for us to
    be. When the Lavender field has matured you will be able to purchase fresh or dried bouquets as well as products made from

                                                                                                                              Leanne Petschl
    Gerri Logan, Regional Director, RDOS Report
    Greetings Tulameen:
    Once again congratulations are in order for your co mmunity on its initiat ive with the Spruce Bud Worm. I have to say that in a culture
    where so many people want someone else to take on their responsibil ity, you all are a refreshing reminder of what a communit y really
    is. Nothing that your community takes on surprises me any more.
    Now onto the elephant in the room. The Water System. By now everyone should have received the newsletter announcing the res ults
    of the survey that was done. As you can see it was fairly close and I really feel at this time we should be looking at a ref erendum just
    to put this issue to the test once and for all.
    Some fo lks have asked me why we chose the water and not the sewer and here are some of the reasons that we had to consider.
      It woul d cost roughly twice as much to operate and capi talize a sewer system.
      The residents who are near the water front, have shallow wells or are in areas that have high water table coul d be at risk if a
    new water system is not installed. These wells are subject to surface contamination, irrespecti ve of sewer being installed.
      Water system woul d at least provi de safe water.
      A water system woul d provi de fire protection and some reducti ons insurance
      The community coul dn’t afford both
    So we tackled the water issue and at this point we are waiting to hear if Tulameen has been successful in getting the infrastructure
    grant needed to move on with decision making in this project. Will keep ev eryone posted.
    For those of you wondering why you seem to be seeing many more people in the area it is because our population increased by 1 2%
    since the last census. This is record breaking for Area H and I welco me all new residents of Area H.
    The Official Co mmunity Plan for Ru ral Princeton is well underway and for those who wish to follow along you can find information
    on under the Planning Section. We have 4 meetings now under our belt and we are g etting into the nitty gritty. With
    the push for more developable land we are taking a close look at what we have now and the impacts that increased development will
    take on our rural lifestyle.
    One issue that seems to have taken the lead in our area is th e problem of dirt bikes. Osprey Lake for examp le wh ich is a fishing area
    has been dealing with the noise and the other issues of dirt bikes on the public roads and racing along the Trail System. Ma n y of the
    bikers do not make use of the Crown Land but prefer to ride up and down the trail and around populated areas the majority of the time.
    I do know that in one area last year the RCM P laid down some heavy fines and I do hope to meet with our local detachmen t to s ee
    what more can be done. I am all for fun in the sun and people getting out enjoying our superb recreational areas but let‟s do this with
    some common sense and basic courtesy to our fello wman.
    I am a strong advocate of ATV‟s and I have met many responsible riders along the Trail which I trav el often on my ATV. If
    responsibility and courtesy are kept in mind, such as stopping your ATV until walkers, hikers, horses and bikers are safely p ast then I
    do believe that we can all co exist on our Trails. But we do not need to race around in small c o mmunities disturbing residents and
    causing a ruckus.
    Well so much for my su mmer sermon. Again I wish you a safe and prosperous Tulameen Days, the people of Area H are contributing
    once again to send funds your way to assist with the security and from what I heard it has begun to help a bit with the behavior of your
    guests. Now all we have to do is get them to take their garbage home with them and life would be good.
    Cheers everyone and have a super summer.