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Is your computer running slow? Is it getting hanged? Is it not functioning normally? Well then this is
the time to get your computer repair. There can be the various reasons for the computer for not
functioning in normal way. Here are some of the things that you should check out when your
computer is not functioning properly.

Virus Scan:
One the most common reason for improper functioning of the computer is viruses and Trojans. It is
advisable to scan the computer regularly with the antivirus to avoid the threat of viruses for that it is
also recommended that the antivirus you use is capable and efficient enough to make those viruses
removed from your computer. Also it should be updated regularly. It is the most efficient way to
make your computer protected when the use of internet is very often.

Spyware and Adware Removal:
Anyone who surfs the net have some kind of spyware or adware in their system unless they already
have the necessary precautions in place. Websites would drop little programs into your computer
and you have no idea that they have. A Spyware program is basically to spy on you, your surfing
patterns and your keystrokes. These will all be feed-backed to the original website where the
spyware was planted and you would not even know. With all these programs functioning behind
your back, no wonder your computer is processing so slowly. It is important to have spyware and
adware removal software to make all these spyware out of your computer.

Registry Cleaning:
Registries files contain the information on how your software and hardware is suppose to function in
your computer. You have to constant clean out your registry. These files often get corrupted and
make you to format or restore your system, so the various data and valuable time can be lost. It is
recommended to have good window registry repair programs to avoid such abnormal conditions.

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