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									               THE ERA-ARAMEX FUND

Former founding chairman, Amanah Islamic Bank [1992-1998]
                                       FUND CONVENOR

                                Professor Abdel Dimapunong

The ERA-Aramex fund was organized right after president Noy Aquino delivered his first state
of the nation address on July 2010. There, the president called for a public private partnership
and we responded accordingly by organizing a private fund. The fund was organized as the
President Noy Aquino III private development assistance fund. Immediately we informed the
president about this development assistance fund by submitting a formal letter that was
accompanied by some pertinent documents that would establish proof of funds.

Private funds in the amount of 10 billion Eurodollars was initially placed by ERA Investment HK
limited and the ERA Global Securities of Spain with the Islamic banking institute as the fund

In a short time, other capitalists came in to join the funder’s consortium indicating renewed
investors confidence in the Philippines with its brand new government. Notable among the new
entries is the renowned Barings capital of London. The name of the fund transformed into many
variations for some reasons; when Barings capital came in to join, the fund became to be known
as ERA - Barings fund. Then the Aramex Investments of Hong Kong came in to join the group and
the Fund came to be known as ERA-Aramex Funds. The ERA-Aramex Funds is represented in the
Philippines exclusively by Prof. Abdel Dimapunong, president of the fund convenor

For independent advice on your projects requiring equity release, venture capital, secured loans,
or large-scale money management, contact Professor Abdel Dimapunong only by email. Contact
me only if you are seeking large sums of money, usually involving equity investments huge
money lending. Our financiers are handling high-rise projects as in the Burj of Dubai, as in
nuclear power plants, expansive oil refineries, large-scale investing, bullet trains and extensive
railway transport system.
 Then, if your project deserves and you are qualified as a proponent under the Philippine BOT
system, you are also qualified under the       ERA-ARAMEX FUND. Should you possess the
qualifications; you shall have your financial needs through our financiers. Let us do Swiss

                             FINANCING TERMS OF REFERENCE
                                   VERSION 11/16/10

                                    ERA-ARAMEX FUNDS

      ERA-Aramex private funds are exclusively represented in the Philippines by
                             Prof. Abdel dimapunong
                              In his capacity of being
                         The exclusive capital intermediary

                                 THIS FTOR INTRODUCES
                            A CIVIC FINANCIAL ENGAGEMENT
                                   IN THE PHILIPPINES

A response to the inaugural address of president Noy Aquino III; as reiterated by his
Excellency in his first state of the nation address; and finally as institutionalized by his
Excellency when he signed executive order no.9
There are many ways in which people participate in civic actions, in community and political life
and, by doing so, express their spirit of citizenship. From volunteering to voting or be voted
upon, from community organizing for community development to political advocacy. This kind
of civic and political and financial engagement has been manifested with success in many
countries, notably the United States, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Kuwait and Dubai. The United States
led the financial engagement with the participation of the Federal Reserve Bank, a bank that is
funded by highly net worth private individuals - not by the United States government.

In Islam, the defining characteristic of active civilian political and financial engagement is the
commitment to participate, in many ways that are mandatory such as the institution of zakat or
forcible tithing. Every person is required to contribute zakat equivalent to .25 percent of ones
wealth- not just based on income. This mandatory contribution was introduced by Prophet
Muhammad peace is upon him. A number of his trusted followers move around town to collect
the zakat and deposit them in a fund that is known as dar al maal al islami. In addition, there is
always income from tourism as a result of the mandatory pilgrimage to the two holy cities of
Mecca and medina by all Muslims all over the world. The funds so collected are used for the
sustenance of the welfare state. Together with revenues from oil, the revenues now are
managed by the Saudi Arabian monetary agency or Sama

Generally in Islam, everybody contributes financially to the welfare and improvement of one’s
family, community, neighborhood, government and country. In Islam, this truly is a character of
prophets and every Muslim is enjoined to do well for the welfare of many, of neighbors,
community and nation. That duty is known as amarah. ”amarah” means dutiful and responsible
citizenship. As a Muslim, this too is my commitment.

In the last 3 decades, many countries applied the concept of PPP. Generally, the objectives of
public private partnerships are: to:

•to deliver improved services and better value for money through appropriate risk sharing
between public and private sector parties,
•to encourage private sector innovation,
•to optimize asset utilization, and
•to integrate management of public infrastructure.

Usually the public private partnerships policy applies to public infrastructure projects where the
expected capital value will exceed $30 million or the whole-of-life cost of delivering the facility
will exceed $50 million. in some cases, total investments would reach the $100 million mark, at
this level of investments in some developing countries like the Philippines, local companies
including financial institutions and even local banks could hardly put up this much cost of
delivering certain facilities thus the need for foreign funding

Public private partnerships relate to the delivery of hard and soft infrastructure facilities, such as
roads, rail, IT service delivery, redevelopment of existing facilities and delivery of non-core
services including maintenance and security. Providing core public services that involve direct
delivery to the public are not included in the policy.
                                   THE ERA-ARAMEX FUND

The president Noy Aquino private assistance fund, now simply known as the ERA-Aramex fund is
a volunteering civic financial engagement for nation and government. it is a civilian volunteering
assistance for good governance sans corruption as president Noy Aquino iii said time and again”
”walang Mahirap kung walang kurakot” [there is no poverty where there is no corruption’].
there is no corruption in the implementation of the Aramex fund because all financial
considerations are based on existing laws in the Philippines without violations of the provisions
of the anti corrupt practices act.

Our Private Assistance Fund is a manifestation of the famous statement of US President John F
Kennedy when he said, “Ask not what your government can do for you but ask what you can do
for your country”.

Doing what civilians are able to do well for the government is also a manifest indication of
democracy in action in the concept of another US famous President Abraham Lincoln who
defines democracy as a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

On current events in the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino III has this to say about his
leadership as the president in his relation to the people: “kayo ang boss ko” [you, referring to
the people, are my boss] this statement from the president has been viewed by many on many
angles. Some consider it as an outright joke. Others view the statement as a humorous remark
that was intended to provoke laughter. Perhaps the president was speaking humorously. Yet
perhaps he was teasing. And perhaps he was in playful vexation. But in our view we took it as
an expression of thanks to the people who voted for him. The president was being grateful to
those who supported him while he was a candidate. And now as a president he could, in this
same vein appreciate the things that will support his administration. That made me move to
organize the President Noy Aquino Private Assistance Fund in support of the new Administration
of His Excellency with the principal philosophy of PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP as he calls it or
what is internationally known as PPP

                                  FROM BOT TO PPP CENTER
                                  BY PRESIDENT NOY AQUINO

Consistent with his call for partnership with the private funders the president issued Executive
Order no. 8, reorganizing and renaming the build-operate and transfer (bot) center to the
public-private partnership (ppp) center of the Philippines and transferring its attachment from
the Department of Trade and Industry to the National Economic and Development Authority
and for other purposes

Executive Order No. 8 was issued to stir renewed interest from private investors to partner
with the Aquino administration.
"Things are looking bright for the county," said Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. in a press
statement following the signing of the Exec Order. "This executive order, he said is just the first
of many steps this administration will take to provide our people with the infrastructure they
need, the infrastructure required to make our country more attractive to investors," he added.

Executive order no. 8 features the following provisions:

SECTION 1. THE PP CENTER— The Build-Transfer (BOT) Center is hereby renamed as the
Public- Private-Partnership (PPP) Center and transferred as an attached agency from the
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to the National Economic and Development
Authority (NEDA)

SECTION 2. Powers and Functions of the PPP center— The PPP Center shall cover all the
PPP programs and projects including all the variants or Arrangements under the BOT Law
and Joint-Venture agreements, among others, and shall have the following powers and

    a) Conduct project facilitation and assistance to the national implementing agencies,
       including government corporations, and Local Government Units (LGUs) in
       addressing impediments or bottlenecks in the implementation of PPP programs and

   b) Provide advisory services, technical assistance, trainings and capacity development to
Agencies/LGUs in PPP project preparation and development;

    c) Recommend plans, policies and implementation guidelines related to PPP in
    consultation with appropriate oversight committees, implementing agencies, LGUs and
    the private sectors;

d) Manage and administer a revolving fund to be known as the Project Development and
Monitoring Facility for the preparation of business case, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
and tender documents of PPP programs and projects;

e) Monitor and facilitate the implementation of the priority PPP Programs and Projects of
the agencies/LGUs which shall be formulated by respective agencies/LGUs in coordination
with the NEDA Secretariat;

f) Establish and manage a central database system of PPP Programs and Projects;

Public–private partnership (PPP) describes a government service or private business venture
which is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private
companies. These schemes are sometimes referred to as PPP.

PPP involves a contract between a public-sector authority and a private party, in which the
private party provides a public service or project and assumes substantial financial, technical
and operational risk in the project. In some types of ppp, the cost of using the service is borne
exclusively by the users of the service and not by the taxpayer. In other types (notably the
private finance initiative), In the case of our fund, capital investment is made by our funders
from the private sector on the strength of the bot law and the local government code that
allows bonds that may be issued by local governments [ lgus] .

Investments are being made based on contracts with government to provide agreed services
and the cost of providing the service is borne wholly or in part by the government. Government
contributions to a PPP may also be in kind (notably the transfer of existing assets under various
privatization laws). In projects that are aimed at creating public goods like in the infrastructure
sector, the government may provide a capital subsidy in the form of a grant, so as to make it
more attractive to the private investors.

 In some other cases, the government may support the project by providing revenue subsidies,
including tax breaks as in cases of those registered with the Board of Investments [BOI] or by
providing guaranteed annual revenues for a fixed period as in the cases of independent power
producers [IPP].

                                  10 BILLION EURODOLLAR
                                 PRIVATE ASSISTANCE FUND
                              FOR THE NEW GOVERNMENT OF
                            H.E. PRESIDENT BENIGNO AQUINO III

                                    THE FUNDERS GROUP:
                                 ERA INVESTMENT HK LIMITED
                              ERA GLOBAL SECURITIES (SPAIN) S.L.
                                  BARINGS CAPITAL, LONDON


Let me introduce a new participant/ contributor to our Private Fund who just joined this first
day of September 1, 2010, who pledged to increase the Fund.
 ARAMEX Investments Ltd. (“AIL”) and its associated international investment group and
investing partners such as the ERA Group and/ or any of its affiliates are equity participating (=
to or > 50%) project financiers specializing in commodities related market industries with
particular emphasis on emerging markets and the energy sector.

 AIL, like our original funders, seeks financing applications from start-up and/or existing project
developers or established small enterprises seeking to enlarge their project and production
base. Strategic assets underlying any project of interest must have a current marketable position
in any jurisdiction which permits equity and capital repatriation and those assets have an
applicable assessment /valuation/appraisal, specifically attesting to the value of such assets
tenders for the project realization. Notably such appraisal must be capable to verification under
due diligence, registrable with any supervising government agency or department and
“available” for the render of any financier assignment, charge or encumbrance which may be
necessary to secure project finance. Any corporation or individual may qualify for project
financing applications from suitable projects (start-up or existing) requiring investments of US
$10 Million to US $500 Million meeting our lending criteria as discussed in the Aramex lending

The Aramex lending protocol is available upon request; contact me exclusively by email only.
The Aramex lending protocol is available to any corporation or individual that has been invited
or recommended for project financing after a diligent investment review by the exclusive
financial intermediary.

                              THE OTHER FUND CONTRIBUTORS

there are many more highly net worth individuals who also volunteer to join the president Noy
Aquino iii private assistance fund, [now simply Aramex fund]. They contribute to this private
fund by contributing bank guarantees and financial securities. By the process of Swiss banking,
the result is more strengthened established credit lines with top rated European banks including
the top two major banks: the credit Suisse and the union bank of Switzerland, Geneva, and bank
of china, Geneva. And duetche bank, Zurich. Their names however do not have to be printed in
bold in respect to their privacy and of the tradional bank secrecy laws in our financial
environment. In Switzerland, the country’s tradition of bank secrecy dates back to the middle
ages. In most countries where we source most of our funding, it is prohibited to divulge
information about bank depositors and holders of financial instruments. And we follow the
provisions of the Swiss law and other traditions of secrecy. in like manner the Philippines also
has a law on the secrecy of deposits and though overshadowed by the enactment of the anti
money laundering law the secrecy remains a cultural business practice in banking and finance.

Toward this end, it is a fundamental part of our protocol that we hold confidential all
information relating to our transactions. During negotiations to arrive at a binding final
definitive agreement and while information is being exchange between the parties through the
intermediary, we consider the following as present binding agreements:


 The Parties agree to be bound as follows:

    (a) All confidential financial or business information and trade secrets (except publicly
        available or freely usable material otherwise obtained from another source) respecting
        any Party (“Confidential Information”) shall be used solely by the other Party in
        connection with the Proposed Transaction, shall be revealed only to the owners,
        directors, managers, officers, employees, contractors, and agents of such other Party
        who are necessary to the conduct of such transaction, and shall be otherwise held in
        strict confidence and treated with due care.

    (b) Upon the earlier of the closing date or the termination of discussions and negotiations
        by any party, all such confidential information shall be returned immediately upon
        demand to the other party. The provisions of this paragraph shall survive the
        termination of any issued letter of interest to invest directly from the funder [the
        funders’ letter], unless superseded by a more formal agreement in conjunction with
        the proposed transaction. The identity of investor and its principals, affiliates
        intermediaries and/or agents shall be deemed confidential and shall not be disclosed
        except as may be required by law.

   (C) In order to arrive at a final binding agreement, the investor funder shall be entitled to
due diligence and to make a full investigation of the business. The parties shall cooperate in
good faith, and in a timely fashion, to facilitate this due diligence investigation.

     (d) For the comfort of the project proponent and in order to be assured of the availability of
funds, a request in writing maybe made verifying the authority of the intermediary and the
financial capability of the funder. If requested in writing, the Aramex fund headquarters in Hong
Kong will issue said comfort letter, confirming the authority of the intermediary and the
investor-funder will provide bank capability letter [the funders; letter stating the funder’s
capability to close the transaction, which information shall also remain confidential pursuant
to the remaining terms of negotiation.

    (e) except as otherwise mutually agreed by the parties in writing, each party shall bear its
own legal, accounting, and other fees and expenses incurred in connection with any proposed
transactions and all that relates to the negotiation, the funders letter of interest to invest, the
due diligence performed pursuant to it, whether or not an agreement is executed.
       (f) The letter of interest to invest directly from the funder shall be an expression of
       interest only and the statements of intent or understanding contained therein shall not
       be deemed to constitute any offer, acceptance, or legally binding contract, and such
       statements do not create any rights or obligations for or on the part of any party.

       (g) The funders’ letter represents the entire understanding of the parties as of the date
       of its execution, and supersedes and replaces all prior agreements, written or oral.
       Any dispute concerning the funders’ letter or the proposed sale shall be settled by and
       interpreted in accordance with the international arbitration association.

                                 Definitive Agreement.

All of the terms and conditions concerning any Proposed Project shall be finally stated in a
DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT and other appropriate documents necessary or desirable to carry
out such Agreement, which shall be subject to the good faith negotiation and approval of
the Parties, and which shall, unless otherwise mutually agreed, contain the terms described
in THE FUNDERS LETTER, which terms may be more definitive and detailed than they appear
in the FUNDERS LETTER, as well as such other terms, covenants, representations,
warranties, and conditions

OUR FUNDERS are known as “private banks” otherwise known as investment bankers, or
sometimes known as merchant bankers.
                 EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFO AT

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