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					                                                                                  IM/ICT Issues in Divisions
                                                                                  Agenda & Registration Form

                                                Thursday 05 June 2008

                                                       10.00am – 3.45 pm
                                               Registrations commence at 9.30am

                                                    Arrow on Swanston
                                                     488 Swanston Street
                                                      Carlton VIC 3053

                                                      Venue Details

                    Car Parking:                                                    Public Transport:
There is a car park situated below the venue at 488               If you catch a train, alight at Melbourne Central
Swanston Street Carlton. Cost is approximately                    station on the City Loop and catch any tram that
$10.00 per day. If you plan on parking at the venue               travels north up Swanston Street, alighting at the
please complete the car registration section on the               Queensbury Street intersection, and walk two blocks
registration form to allow quicker access.                        east to Lygon Street.

Process for entering Arrow car park:                                               Accommodation:
 Drive up to the metal gate                                      Arrow on Swanston (488 Swanston Street Carlton):
 Get out of your car & go to reception                           Approximately $95 per room per night. Please
 If you have filled in the car registration details a            contact the hotel directly 9225 9000 and mention
   ticket for your dashboard will be ready. If not                GPV.
   you will need to fill in a form.
 You will then need to pay before you are given                                    Convenors:
   access to the carpark                                          Brendon Wickham:
                                                                  Ross Nable:
Please note parking is subject to availability                    Phone: 03 9341 5200

                                                      Target Group
       Divisional IMIT Officers                                          Nursing in General Practice Officers
       Divisional Practice Support Officers                              Practice Managers
       CEOs                                                              APCC Program Managers

   1. To share knowledge and advice about IM/ICT issues in divisions and general practice.
   2. To update participants on State and Commonwealth IMIT developments.
   3. To update participants on the changing policy environment affecting CDM, and the subsequent scope for IMIT.
   4. To get progress updates on key work areas of IMIT.
   5. To provide a networking forum for those working in the e-Health and general practice IM spaces.

                                   IM/ICT Issues in Divisions
                                       05 June 2008
Chair: Brendon Wickham

10.00 – 10.15      Welcome

10.15 – 10.45 am   Session 1 : National and Statewide Update
                        Changes and way forward for GPV IMIT team
                               o Introduction: Ross Nable
                        National update
                               o Federal budget
                        Statewide update

10.45 – 11am       MORNING TEA

11.00 – 12.30      Session 2 : CDM and IMIT
                   Merrian Oliver-Weymouth, GPV: This session will provide an overview of CDM and how
                   IMIT fits in (including Pen Clinical Audit Tool and Practice Health Atlas). The session will
                   include an opportunity for the group to discuss implications for divisions.

12.30 – 1.15pm     LUNCH

1.15pm – 1.40pm    Session 3: Medicare Easyclaim
                   James Elliot and Ari Spierings,Medicare: With the impending closure of the Medclaims
                   system, Medicare is promoting the new EFTPOS-based claiming system: Easyclaim. This brief
                   session will advise of the support Medicare is supplying to divisions and the incentives to

1.40pm – 2.15      Session 4: Practice Health Atlas
                   Paul Macdonald, GPV: Catch-up on the Practice Health Atlas (PHA). Opportunity to discuss
                   the latest information, provide feedback and get advice. Also, to explore the viability and
                   content of a potential PHA masterclass.

2.15 - 2.45        Session 5: Local Developments in IM/ICT
                   Graeme Berry, North East Valley: Presenting the local perspective.

                   Session 6: Networking / Issues for Divisions
2.45 – 3.45
                   Our regular and popular session discussing a wide range of topics. Please contact Brendon
                   Wickham to add items to this session.

                          SecureHealthOnline (Bruce Farnell, presentation & group discussion)
                          Receiving HL7 atomised results from pathology labs (raised by GPV).

                          ISSUES TO BE RAISED WITH CEOS
                          PRESENTATIONS FOR NEXT EVENT?

3.45 pm            CLOSE

                                                                      REGISTRATION FORM
                                                                  IM/ICT Issues in Divisions
                                                                                                    05 June 2008

      Please fill out the registration form and fax back to Eliza Sanneman on (03) 9341 5299
                                      or email

                                             Participant Details
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Position Title: __________________________________________________________________________

Division: _______________________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Direct Telephone: _______________________________________________________________________

Do you require any assistance with mobility or with the use of visual, auditory or other communication
aids? If so, please let us know how we can assist.

          Dietary Requirements                                                     Car Parking
Does the participant have any dietary requirements?                  Do you require car parking at the venue?*

                  Yes              No                                              Yes               No
        If yes, please describe diet details:                      If yes, please provide car registration number:

______________________________________________________           ______________________________________________________
                                                                         *Cost is approximately $10.00 per day

           Registrations close 5:00pm – Friday 30th May 2008

 Information you provide to us in the registration form will be entered into our database for the purpose of processing
      registrations. It may also be used for the purposes of GPV evaluation of annual attendance at GPV events.


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