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Important information
This brochure is intended to provide general information only. Any advice in this communication has been prepared without taking account of
your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this you should, before acting on any advice in this communication, consider whether it is
appropriate to your objectives, financial situation and needs. You should make this assessment with the help of a financial adviser. No responsibility
is taken for any decision made by any person on the basis of information provided in this brochure. Any person acting on the information in this
brochure does so at his or her own risk.
MLC Nominees Pty Limited (ABN 93 002 814 959 AFSL 230702 RSE L0002998) is the Trustee of MasterKey Custom Superannuation. MLC Limited
(ABN 90 000 000 402 AFSL 230694) is the issuer of the insurance available through MasterKey Custom Superannuation. MLC Investments Limited
(ABN 30 002 641 661 AFSL 230705) has been appointed as the Administrator of MasterKey Custom Superannuation, responsible for the day-to-day
administration and investments of the Fund on behalf of the Trustee.
You should obtain a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for MasterKey Custom Superannuation issued by MLC Nominees Pty Limited and consider
it before making any decision about whether to acquire or continue to hold the product. A copy of the PDS is available upon request by phoning the
MasterKey Custom Service Centre on 1800 647 009, on our website at or from your financial adviser.
An investment in any MasterKey Custom product or service does not represent a deposit with, or liability of National Australia Bank Limited or other
member company of the National Australia Group of companies and is subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss
of income and capital invested. None of the National Australia Bank Limited, MLC Investments Limited, MLC Nominees Pty Limited or other member
company of the National Australia Group of companies guarantees the capital value, payment of income or performance of any MasterKey Custom
product or service.
MasterKey Custom
Superannuation a super
retirement planning tool
For most people, superannuation is one of the best ways to accumulate
wealth. The government has created tax benefits such as concessional
tax rates on investment earnings and being able to withdraw your money
tax free if you are over age 60. You can also use your money so that you
have a regular income in retirement.

MasterKey Custom Superannuation combines accumulation and pension
options within the one product, providing you with further flexibility and
tax advantages.

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What is MasterKey Custom?

MasterKey Custom is an award-winning investment administration service
which helps you and your financial adviser build custom made solutions
for your financial needs. We offer investment, superannuation, pension and
self managed super solutions via the following products and services:

                                                    MasterKey Custom

           MasterKey Custom                              MasterKey Custom                        MasterKey Custom
           Investment Service                           Self Managed Super                        Superannuation

     The MasterKey Custom Investment               MasterKey Custom Self Managed           MasterKey Custom Superannuation
     Service is an Investor Directed               Super is an Investor Directed           is a public offer superannuation
     Portfolio Service (IDPS). It offers           Portfolio Service (IDPS) tailored for   fund. It’s a flexible and convenient
     consolidated reporting on your                trustees of self managed super          way for you to save for your
     ASX Listed Investment Options,                funds. It offers a fully packaged       retirement, with a broad range
     Managed Investment Options and                service including tax reporting         of ASX Listed and Managed
     Private Assets.                               and audits for all assets held in       Investment Options in the
                                                   the fund, including certain private     tax-effective environment of
     The MasterKey Custom Investment
                                                   assets such as direct property,         superannuation combined with the
     Service is a premium solution
                                                   shares in private companies             benefit of consolidated reporting.
     for investors who have diverse
                                                   and mortgages.
     investment needs and want to be                                                       Because MasterKey Custom
     involved in the management of                 MasterKey Custom Self Managed           Superannuation has a built-in
     their investment portfolio.                   Super is a convenient and               pension, it’s simple to convert your
                                                   efficient solution for investors        superannuation investments to an
                                                   looking for the flexibility of a self   income stream when you retire.
                                                   managed super fund without the
                                                   complexities of running it.

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Why choose MasterKey Custom
MasterKey Custom Superannuation is a first class superannuation service.
Some of the key features of MasterKey Custom Superannuation include:

• Experience           • Choice and Flexibility

• Value for money      • Convenience and Control

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MasterKey Custom has over 15 years experience in investment and superannuation administration.
MasterKey Custom is owned by MLC. MLC has been operating for more than 120 years and is one of Australia’s
oldest investment, superannuation and insurance companies. MLC is also a member of the National Australia
Group of companies (one of Australia’s largest banks), with more than 1.4 million customers and $107.8 billion in
funds under management#.
# As at 30 June 2007.

Choice and Flexibility
MasterKey Custom Superannuation offers you:

•   A wide range of Investment Options, so you and your financial adviser can design a portfolio
    to suit your investment needs
•   Pension options that give you flexibility near or at retirement
•   Protection for you and your beneficiaries

Designing a portfolio to suit your retirement planning needs
So you can make the most of your super, MasterKey Custom Superannuation allows you to structure your
investments across a range of Investment Options, in line with your risk profile, financial circumstances and
retirement planning objectives.
With MasterKey Custom Superannuation you can include the following types of assets in your portfolio:
•   Over 190 Managed Investment Options from over 40 Investment Managers
•   The top 300 ASX Listed Investment Options
•   Direct Fixed Interest (including Term Deposits, Bank Bills and annuities)

Pension options that give you flexibility near or at retirement
Changes to legislation in recent years mean that you have more options for investing your money
as you near or reach retirement. MasterKey Custom Superannuation allows you to easily move your
assets from the super accumulation environment to your choice of our pensions. With MasterKey
Custom you can make a seamless transfer without the need to sell your assets, so no CGT is incurred.
Ready to Retire?
When you retire, MasterKey Custom Superannuation allows you to transfer your accumulated
superannuation money into a pension, generating a potentially tax-efficient income while you
still have access to your capital.

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Starting a pension if you haven’t retired
If you have reached your preservation age and want to reduce your working hours but not your
income, you may be able to take advantage of the Transition to Retirement Pension. This pension
enables you to top up your reduced income with a regular income stream from your pension account.
To find out more about these pension options and if you are eligible to apply, we recommend that
you speak to your financial adviser.

Protection for you and your beneficiaries
We understand that you and your loved ones could be financially disadvantaged in the event of your
death or if you become unable to work due to disability or illness. MasterKey Custom can help ease
this burden by:
•   Giving you the flexibility to nominate beneficiaries to receive your super money in the case
    of your death
•   Providing a choice of insurance options

Estate Planning Options
Everyone should consider the way their superannuation monies can best be used in the event
of their death. With MasterKey Custom Superannuation you can choose a:
•   Binding death benefit nomination which, when valid, binds the Trustee to pay your benefit
    to the dependant(s) or estate as nominated
•   Non-binding death benefit nomination which notifies the Trustee of your preferred beneficiary
    but is not binding
•   Reversionary beneficiary which, as a pension member, results in your regular pension
    payments being paid to your beneficiary in the event of your death

Access to Insurance
MasterKey Custom Superannuation offers you insurance that can protect you or your dependants
against the financial disadvantages that can result from your death or disability.
Insurance options available through MasterKey Custom Superannuation include:
•   Death Cover – Can enable an additional amount to be paid to your nominated beneficiaries
    in the case of your death (separate to your superannuation benefit)
•   Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover – Can enable an additional amount to be paid
    to you if you become totally and permanently disabled (separate to your superannuation benefit)
•   Salary Continuance Cover – Could help you replace up to 75% of your income if you become
    unable to work because of illness or disability for a period of time

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Convenience and Control
We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why MasterKey Custom makes setting
up your account and managing your super simple by providing your adviser with:
•   Simple investment instruction processes
•   Easy transaction options
•   A sophisticated direct equities trading service
•   Easy tracking of your investment information

Save time with our simple investment processes
Once your MasterKey Custom Superannuation account has been established, your financial adviser
can buy, sell or transfer between Investment Options on your behalf online. Our online trading service
saves you and your adviser time by eliminating the need to submit trade requests manually.

Easy transaction options
You can make contributions to your MasterKey Custom Superannuation account easily,
quickly and conveniently through:
•   Bpay® (on the phone or internet via your bank);
•   Direct Debit (for regular savings plans); or
•   Cheque.

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A sophisticated online direct equities trading service
MasterKey Custom could potentially save time and increase your exposure to the market when
your adviser trades ASX Listed Investment Options through our online direct equities trading service.
Your choice of broker, ‘fast tracked’ trading, no online transaction fees
With MasterKey Custom, your adviser can trade ASX Listed Investment Options online with a broker
of your choice, potentially saving you money on brokerage costs. Your adviser can also trade ASX Listed
Investment Options with some brokers within 10 minutes, thereby accessing the share market faster
and reducing the time you have to wait for the trades to settle. Plus, we don’t charge you transaction fees
when your financial adviser places your ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ instructions for you online^.
^ Brokerage and other expenses may apply.

Contra trading
When you sell ASX Listed Investment Options, you may have to wait a few days until the sale proceeds clear
into your cash account before you can use these monies to buy other securities. In that time, you could be left
out of the market and may miss out on a ‘buy’ opportunity. With MasterKey Custom, you can sell your ASX Listed
Investment Options and use the pending sale proceeds to buy other ASX Listed Investment Options on the same
day, thus maximising your exposure to the market§.
§ An interest charge may apply to your account.

Keep track of your investments
MasterKey Custom makes it easy for you to keep track of your investments.
Online at
Your financial adviser can give you online access to your MasterKey Custom Superannuation account
information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Consolidated reports
Each year MasterKey Custom will send you a Member Statement which provides a snapshot of your
account as at 30 June and details of the activity on your account in the previous financial year, including:
•   the fees you paid throughout the year
•   any contributions to and withdrawals from your account

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 Value for Money
 MasterKey Custom Superannuation has a competitive, easy to understand fee structure that rewards
 you as your investment grows, featuring:
 •                            Wholesale investment management fees from Investment Managers (including rebates)
 •                            A simple fee structure
 The fees and other costs you pay are disclosed inclusive of GST and net of RITCs*.
 * Reduced Input Tax Credit (RITC) is a rebate of 75% on the GST component of the charge, reducing the overall cost.

 Wholesale investment management fees
 Through MasterKey Custom Superannuation, you can access a range of wholesale Managed Investment Options.
 Wholesale Managed Investment Options generally have a lower investment management fee than the same
 Investment Options which are offered direct to the public (through retail managed funds).
 Investment management fee rebates
 Being part of MLC, Australia’s largest platform business, has its advantages. MasterKey Custom has leveraged
 the MLC group’s scale to negotiate Investment management fee rebates with a number of Investment Managers.
 MasterKey Custom passes back 100% of these rebates and credits the amount to your cash account on a
 monthly basis, reducing your investment costs even further.

 Simple fee structure
 Our simple and competitive fee structure can help you reduce the administration costs of managing your
 Stepped Administration fees
 MasterKey Custom charges Administration fees on a stepped scale. This means that as your investment balance
 grows, the Administration fee rate applicable to your entire balance can decrease significantly. A maximum
 Administration fee of $9,600 pa presently applies for larger account balances.
fee charged on whole portfolio (%)

                                                        < a minimum administration
                                                          fee of $1,200 pa applies
      Annual administration



                                            $100,001   $250,000        $500,000       $750,000         $1,000,000   $1,500,000   $3,000,000 >>>

                                                                                     Account balance

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Multiple Account Pricing
If you have money invested in multiple personal superannuation and/or pension accounts within MasterKey
Custom Superannuation (eg a superannuation account and a Transition to Retirement Pension), the applicable
Administration fee rate will be determined by combining the balance of these accounts. The higher the combined
balance of your accounts in MasterKey Custom Superannuation, the lower the applicable Administration fee
rate can be.
Joe has a superannuation account and a Transition to Retirement Pension within MasterKey Custom
Superannuation. The superannuation account has a balance of $200,000 and the Transition to Retirement
Pension has a balance of $200,000.
If the Administration fee was calculated on the balance of each account, the Administration fee rate applicable
to each account would be 1.15% pa. However, with Multiple Account Pricing, the Administration fee rate applies
to the combined balance of $400,000. Therefore, the Administration fee rate reduces to 0.75% pa.
MLC Manager of Managers (MoM) Discount on Administration fees
If you hold $1 million or more in MLC MoM Investment Options across MasterKey Custom’s products,
you will receive a 0.10% pa discount on your Administration fees.
Family group linking discount
If you and up to four family members have money invested in any of the MasterKey Custom suite of products,
you can each receive a discount of up to 10% off your Administration fees on each account.

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MasterKey Custom Superannuation offers you flexibility,

convenience and value for money and can help you

access the many benefits that superannuation provides

as a savings and investment vehicle.

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Find out more
For more information on MasterKey Custom Superannuation,
please refer to the MasterKey Custom Superannuation Product Disclosure Statement,
speak to your financial adviser or contact us on 1800 647 009.

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                    How to contact us
                        MasterKey Custom
                For more information call the
           MasterKey Custom Service Centre
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