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									August 7, 2009

Dear Agent:

Premiere Asset Services is partnering with Home Depot in an effort to increase marketability and
reduce marketing timeframes. Properties located in GA, CA, FL, MI and NC will be reviewed for
participation in the Home Depot Express Repair process (carpet, paint, curb appeal).

If the properties are in high risk neighborhoods, are less than property value threshold, or you do not
recommend them for participation due to other factors, we may decide not to have them participate in
this process. However, assuming the property is a good candidate, paint, carpet; appliances and
curb appeal updates will be initiated. Home Depot will also begin performing the trash-out and
winterizing (if applicable). The Agent will still be responsible for securing the property and re-key.
Even though the trash out and winterization will now be handled by Home Depot, you will still be
responsible for completing these tasks in the Agent Portal once Home Depot completes the work.

An Express Renovation Authorization (ERA) form has been created and will be used on all properties
in this program. This will allow you to work with Home Depot to replace carpet, paint and update front
curb appeal immediately as long as they stay within our pricing limits. The pre-marketer will complete
the ERA form once it has been agreed upon by the agent and the pre -marketer that repairs are
needed. The work is expected to be completed in 7-10 business days therefore; this requires all
utilities to be functional immediately in order to prevent delays in initiating these repairs.

After repairs have been completed, the invoice along with before and after photos should be
uploaded in the Agent Portal. We ask that you take the same views for both before and after photos
so the asset manager can compare actual work completed and easily identify the improvements. The
asset manager will then instruct you to upload the completed "ERA" form and all related invoices to
the agent portal using the 'Home Depot / ERA Services” payee. You are not to pay the invoice. In
addition, we currently have a valid W9 on file for Home Depot therefore; you do not need to request a
W9 from the contractor.

Please do not allow any work to be performed if there are property conditions that could damage our
efforts or if there is more than $5,000 in hazard claimable damage. If either of these conditions exists,
please contact the asset manager right away.

The listing agent should not show the property until all repairs have been completed.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact your asset

We appreciate your cooperation.

Premiere Asset Services

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