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                          2002 HEALTH CARE PRACTICE GROUP SEMINAR
                             Westin Hotel – June 5-7, 2002 – Chicago, Illinois
                            HEALTH CARE 2002: Squarely Facing the Issues

                                         FINAL PROGRAM OUTLINE

The American Law Firm Association is pleased to announce a cutting edge seminar designed to
educate clients as to changes in the regulatory and legal landscape, and to provide solutions to
current and future problems faced by specific businesses affected by these changes. The program
for the June 5-7, 2002 seminar includes:

         A panel discussion on issues regarding confidentiality, privacy and security
          provided by a panel of top health care executives, information technology
          consultants, attorneys, and information specialists
         An update on litigation issues regarding new and expanding theories of liability in
          the areas of EMTALA, negligent credentialing, restraint/behavior management
          and other issues
         An update regarding managed care companies, contracts and liability issues
         A panel discussion from leading thinkers regarding future developments in health
          care law focusing on drug discount programs, government-sponsored prescription
          drug benefit programs, new insurance products and quality of care issues

The American Law Firm Association is pleased to announce that its keynote speaker for the
upcoming 2002 ALFA Health Care Practice Group Seminar is Tommy G. Thompson, Secretary
of Health and Human Services, who will be providing an informative and up-to-date presentation
regarding recent government initiatives.

This exciting program will explore developing topics of interest to you and provide you with an
advantage in addressing these developments.

ALFA is the premier global network of law firms comprised of 118 member firms with over
8,000 lawyers located in 150 major metropolitan areas worldwide. It is the oldest organization
of its kind. ALFA's goal is to educate its members and their clients in the issues and problems
faced by specific businesses and industries. This workshop and its prestigious faculty are
designed to meet that goal.
Wednesday, June 5, 2002

6:30 p.m.                        RECEPTION AND BUFFET

Thursday, June 6, 2002

7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST

                                 GENERAL SESSION

8:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. SEMINAR INTRODUCTION

                                 Deborah Lydon, Esq.
                                 Chair, ALFA Health Care Practice Group
                                 DINSMORE & SHOHL LLP
                                 Cincinnati, Ohio

                                 Charles Johnson, Esq.
                                 Program Chair, ALFA Health Care Practice Group
                                 ROBINSON & McELWEE PLLC
                                 Charleston, West Virginia

8:45 a.m. – 12:00 noon           FOCUS ON HEALTH CARE PRIVACY: Beyond the HIPAA

                                 Unlike the multitude of HIPAA seminars that are either designed
                                 to make HIPAA compliance seem so daunting that it cannot be
                                 accomplished or so simple that it means no more than revising
                                 your patient consent forms, this seminar focuses on what really
                                 matters without the hyperbole. We have assembled a panel of top
                                 health care executives, information technology consultants,
                                 attorneys and a Special Agent with the FBI's National
                                 Infrastructure Protection Center to focus on the real issues
                                 confronting health care providers, payers and insurers alike --
                                 CONFIDENTIALITY, PRIVACY and SECURITY. Guided by
                                 the experience of individuals who manage, implement or oversee
                                 the protection of confidential health care information, the panel
                                 will address everything from trouble-shooting advice from
                                 compliance officers who have overcome HIPAA pitfalls to data

                                 Bruce G. Arnold, Esq.
                                 WHYTE HIRSCHBOECK DUDEK S.C.
                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                          Page 2
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
                                 E. Kelly Hansen
                                 President and Chief Executive Officer
                                 SUN TZU SECURITY
                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                                 Jay R. Fisher, C.P.A.
                                 Senior Partner
                                 MILLENNIUM PARTNERS LLC
                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                                 Mark Bowling
                                 Special Agent
                                 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                                 Nancy L. Lehninger
                                 Director of Benefits
                                 EXTENDICARE HEALTH SERVICES, INC.
                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

10:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.          BREAK

12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m.           LUNCH

                                 Tommy G. Thompson, Esq.
                                 Secretary of Health and Human Services
                                 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES
                                 Washington, D.C.

1:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. LITIGATION ISSUES: Responding to Developing Theories
                           and the Resulting Risk

                                 Health care personnel and administrators are facing an increasingly
                                 hostile environment with new theories of liability and damages
                                 developing continually. Those who provide risk financing face the
                                 resultant crisis of a hardening market. This session will provide
                                 survival tips for the current market, discuss new or expanding
                                 theories of liability in the areas of EMTALA, negligent
                                 credentialing and restraint/behavioral management and will
                                 explore ways of identifying and responding to jurors' perceptions.

                                 David J. Loughnane, Esq.
                                 JOHNSON & BELL, LTD.
                                 Chicago, Illinois

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                           Page 3
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
                                 Jane A. McAtee, Esq.
                                 Associate General Counsel
                                 Instructor, Department of Medicine
                                 THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO HOSPITALS
                                 Oak Park, Illinois

                                 Kevin Quinley
                                 Fairfax, Virginia

                                 William Bower
                                 Vice President Claims
                                 CNA HEALTH PRO
                                 Chicago, Illinois

                                 Michael Hendriksen
                                 Senior Vice-President
                                 GALLAGHER HEALTH CARE INSURANCE SERVICES
                                 (A Division of Arthur J. Gallagher)
                                 Oakbrook, Illinois

3:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. BREAK

3:30 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. MANAGED CARE COMPANIES: Contract and Liability Issues

                                 Managed care companies continue to attempt to minimize health
                                 care costs while at the same time trying to limit their legal liability
                                 related to the delivery of patient care. This session will address
                                 both liability and contract issues associated with these efforts. We
                                 will examine recent developments in issues of liability of managed
                                 care companies in connection with the delivery of patient care and
                                 the impact of the Patient Bill of Rights legislation. We will also
                                 present the perspectives of both managed care and provider
                                 representatives on a number of specific issues that the parties must
                                 resolve in the negotiation of a participating provider agreement.

                                 Thomas M. Hoy, Esq.
                                 WOODWARD, HOBSON & FULTON, L.L.P.
                                 Louisville, Kentucky

                                 Matthew Y. Biscan, Esq.
                                 HALL & EVANS, L.L.C.
                                 Denver, Colorado

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                               Page 4
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
                                 Connie Breihen
                                 HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS, INC.
                                 Houston, Texas

                                 Howard A. Cutler, Esq.
                                 Manager, Network Contracting and Strategy Department
                                 Houston, Texas

                                 Ann Triebsch
                                 ANTHEM BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD
                                 Louisville, Kentucky

6:15 p.m.                        RECEPTION AND DINNER

Friday, June 7, 2002

7:45 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST

                                 GENERAL SESSION

                          CARE LAW – Panel Discussion

                                 Legal and public policy issues facing the health care industry are
                                 constantly changing and expanding. Keeping abreast of current
                                 issues, and anticipating future developments and trends, are critical
                                 to success in the health care arena. This session includes several
                                 presentations on various topics likely to have an impact on all of
                                 us. The focus will be on drug discount card programs, government-
                                 sponsored prescription drug benefit programs, new insurance
                                 products available in the health care market, and the interface of
                                 quality of care issues with new technology.

                                 Richard L. Sharff, Jr., Esq.
                                 BRADLEY ARANT ROSE & WHITE LLP
                                 Birmingham, Alabama

                                 James R. Ruger, Ph.D., Esq.
                                 Associate General Counsel, Region 1, and
                                 Divisional General Counsel
                                 SIEMENS CORPORATION
                                 Iselin, New Jersey

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                             Page 5
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
                                 Stephen C. Shepherd, CHE
                                 Vice President, Medical Insurance Division
                                 GEO F. BROWN & SONS, INC.
                                 Plano, Texas

                                 James H. Dickerson, Jr.
                                 President and Chief Operating Officer
                                 CAREMARK RX, INC.
                                 Chicago, Illinois

                                 Matthew K. Wynia, M.D., MPH
                                 Director of Institute Affairs
                                 INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS
                                 Chicago, Illinois

10:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.          BREAK

11:45 a.m.                       ADJOURNMENT

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline           Page 6
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM

TOMMY G. THOMPSON, ESQ., is the U.S. Secretary of Human and Health Services in
Washington, D.C. He has dedicated his professional life to public service, most recently serving
as Governor of Wisconsin since 1987. During his 14 years as governor, Secretary Thompson
focused on revitalizing Wisconsin's economy. He also gained national attention for his
leadership on welfare reform, expanded access to health care for low-income people, and
education. As Secretary of Human Health and Services, he is the nation's leading advocate for
the health and welfare of all Americans. He is the 19th individual to serve as Secretary of the
department, which employs more than 60,000 personnel and has a fiscal year 2001 budget of
$429 billion. Secretary Thompson is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Law.


BRUCE G. ARNOLD is a shareholder in and Managing Director of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ALFA law firm of Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. He chairs the Firm's Health Care Practice
Group, and serves on the Firm's multidisciplinary HIPAA Implementation Task Force. Mr.
Arnold represents clients in all aspects of the health care industry, with a special emphasis on the
managed care sector. Mr. Arnold is also a frequent lecturer on the impact of the bankruptcy laws
on health care entities, and has represented hospitals, nursing homes, medical office builders,
laboratories and insurers in state and federal insolvency proceedings.

MATTHEW Y. BISCAN, ESQ., is a partner in the Denver, Colorado ALFA law firm of Hall &
Evans, L.L.C. He is a graduate of St. John’s University and The George Washington University
School of Law. Mr. Biscan’s practice emphasizes the representation of medical professionals,
health care institutions, insurance companies, and managed care organizations. His
representation includes matters ranging from licensing issues and business operations to
malpractice and private and government insurance issues.

WILLIAM H. BOWER, ESQ., is Vice President and Claims Counsel for Global Specialty Lines
in Chicago, Illinois. He is responsible for national management and oversight of high-severity
medical malpractice claims involving institutions and practitioners. Prior to joining Global
Specialty Lines, Mr. Bower was a partner in the Chicago, Illinois ALFA law firm of Johnson &
Bell, Ltd. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbanan-Champaign and the Loyola
University of Chicago School of Law.

MARK BOWLING is a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and is currently
the primary FBI National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) Investigator for the State of
Wisconsin. He has been a Special Agent for over seven years, serving in the areas of
Counterterrorism, Computer Crimes and Financial Fraud. Special Agent Bowling previously
worked as a consultant in information technology, is a six year veteran of the US Navy, and
served as a Naval Reserve Officer in the areas of Intelligence and Information Warfare. Special
Agent Bowling is currently working on a graduate degree in Computer Engineering at Marquette

CONNIE BREIHEN is President for Healthcare Solutions, Inc. in Houston, Texas. She has over
19 years in the healthcare field, with experience in health planning, new facility development

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                           Page 7
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
(surgery centers, acute care hospitals and specialty hospitals), acquisition analysis, managed care
negotiations and strategies as well as experience in hospital joint ventures, physician relations,
and physician partnerships. She is a graduate of the University of Texas and the University of
Texas at Austin.

HOWARD A. CUTLER, ESQ., is a Manager in the Network Contracting and Strategy
Department for Aetna in Houston, Texas. In this capacity, he oversees the development of
Aetna's standard physcian, hospital and ancillary provider contracts and compensation schedules.
 He also manages the development of contracting toolkits for over 700 professionals nationwide.
 Mr. Cutler guides Aetna's oversight of risk and delegation contracting, as well as Aetrna's
network-related HIPPA compliance initiatives. He is a graduate of Wharton School and the
University of Pennsylvania. He received his J.D. and M.B.A. from Temple University.

JAMES H. DICKERSON, JR. is President and Chief Operating Officer of Caremark Rx, Inc.
Mr. Dickerson joined Caremark in 1998 as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1999. Mr. Dickerson previously served as Chief
Financial Officer of Aetna U.S. Healthcare in Hartford, Connecticut, a position he held since
July 1996 when Aetna merged with U.S. Healthcare. He had served as Chief Financial Officer of
U.S. Healthcare previous to the merger. Mr. Dickerson also spent fifteen years in various senior
management positions with AT&T and Bell Atlantic and was a partner with Deloitte, Haskins &
Sells. Mr. Dickerson received a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from Rider University
in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

JAY R. FISHER, C.P.A., is a senior partner in Millennium Partners LLC in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, a nationally recognized information technology-consulting firm that specializes in
managing the implementation of information technology projects, including HIPAA compliance.
 Mr. Fisher previously worked for over 13 years with one of the "Big Five" public accounting
and management-consulting firms, and served on the Governor's Blue-Ribbon Task Force on
Year 2000 Preparedness. Mr. Fisher has managed dozens of information technology projects in
the health care industry, including the interaction between health insurers and providers. Mr.
Fisher received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin, and his graduate
degree in Professional Accountancy from Georgia State University.

E. KELLY HANSEN is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sun Tzu Security in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sun Tzu is the Midwest's premiere provider of strategic information
security and computer forensic solutions, including network penetration and vulnerability
studies, forensic testimony and PRISM™ (Proactive Remote Information Security Monitoring).
Ms. Hansen is a graduate of the University of Rochester, and holds a master's degree in
Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. In November 2000, then Governor (now
Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services) Tommy Thompson appointed Ms.
Hansen to the Wisconsin Information Technology and Entrepreneurship Council, a non-profit
corporation established to implement programs crucial to the future success of Wisconsin-based
high tech companies.

MICHAEL HENDRIKSEN is Senior Vice-President of Gallagher Health Care Insurance
Services, a Division of Arthur J. Gallagher, in Oakbrook, Illinois. He is an insurance and risk
management executive with over 15 years experience in multiple arenas, including sales and
marketing, brokerage, risk management, claims management, and captive insurance company

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                          Page 8
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
operations. Mr. Hendriksen is responsible for managing healthcare practice for physicians and
healthcare systems, including marketing and provision of medical malpractice insurance and risk
management services. He is a graduate of North Park College.

THOMAS A. HOY, ESQ., is a partner in the Louisville, Kentucky ALFA law firm of
Woodward, Hobson, and Fulton, L.L.P. He practices in the areas of general business and
corporate work with an emphasis on hospital and health care clients. His practice experience
includes regulatory work in the areas of licensure and Certificate of Need, credentialling and other
medical staff matters, purchase and sale of various lines of business and physician practices, and a
variety of other contract and transactional matters involving hospitals and other health care
providers. Mr. Hoy received his undergraduate and law degrees from Vanderbilt University.

CHARLES M. JOHNSON is a member of the Charleston, West Virginia ALFA law firm of
Robinson & McElwee PLLC, where he coordinates the Health Care Practice Group. The primary
focus of Mr. Johnson's practice is health care matters involving hospitals, long-term care and
assisted living facilities, physicians, behavioral health care providers, and other health care
providers; insurance and managed care organizations; and other health care related businesses.
Mr. Johnson represents health care providers and affected parties in certificate of need and rate
matters before the West Virginia Health Care Authority together with administrative and judicial
appeals. Mr. Johnson is also involved in administrative and civil litigation regarding
reimbursement and licensure issues. Mr. Johnson regularly advises his clients regarding
development of compliance plans, consistency with referral, fraud and abuse and other
regulatory requirements, contractual agreements and commercial transactions. Mr. Johnson
previously served as counsel to the West Virginia Health Care Authority, and frequently lectures
and writes on numerous health law issues.

NANCY L. LEHNINGER is the Director of Benefits for Extendicare Health Services, Inc., in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Extendicare is one of the largest providers of long-term care in the
United States, with 200 facilities in sixteen states served by approximately 23,000 employees.
Ms. Lehninger designed and implemented "EHS Group Health Plan," which is Extendicare's
self-insured, self-administered employee benefit plan, which paid approximately $30 million in
claims for 11,000 lives this past year.

DAVID J. LOUGHNANE, ESQ., is a shareholder in the Chicago, Illinois ALFA law firm of
Johnson & Bell, Ltd. His practice focuses on hospital law and medical liability, medical and
pharmaceutical products, commercial liability, and general personal injury. He is a graduate of
the University of Wisconsin and the University of Southern California & Loyola University.

DEBORAH R. LYDON, ESQ., is a partner in the Cincinnati, Ohio ALFA law firm of Dinsmore
& Shohl LLP. Her practice focuses on health-related legal issues, the defense of health care
providers drawn into litigation, product liability cases, and general litigation involving medical
issues (including antitrust claims, RICO allegations, fraud and abuse claims, claims involving
drugs and medical devices, etc.). Ms. Lydon is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and the
University of Cincinnati College of Law.

JANE A. McATEE, ESQ., is Associate General Counsel for the University of Chicago Hospitals
in Chicago, Illinois. She is also an Instructor in the Department of Medicine at the University of
Chicago. Ms. McAtee is responsible for the management of all professional liability litigation

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                             Page 9
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
involving the Hospitals and its employed physicians, with primary emphasis on medical
malpractice matters, including factual investigation of cases. She has primary responsibility for
evaluating strategy in all cases and negotiating all cases for settlement. Ms. McAtee is a
graduate of Ohio State University and the University of Michigan Law School.

KEVIN M. QUINLEY, CPCU, ARM, AIC, ARe, AIM, is Senior Vice President of Risk
Services for MEDMARC and is Senior Vice President, Risk Services for both MEDMARC
Insurance Company and Hamilton Resources Corporation, in Fairfax, Virginia. He teaches
classes in insurance, claims and risk management for the Washington D.C. Chapter of the
Society of CPCU. He is also a frequent writer and speaker on topics relating to risk management
and claims-handling. Mr. Quinley is a graduate of Wake Forest University and the College of
William & Mary.

JAMES R. RUGER, Ph.D., ESQ., is Associate General Counsel, Region 1, and Divisional
General Counsel for Siemens Corporation in Iselin, New Jersey. He is responsible for managing
all Siemens Region 1 attorneys and support staff in providing legal services to subsidiaries. He
provides oversight and counsel on mergers and acquisitions, anti-trust matters, SEC issues, FDA
and other regulatory matters, HCFA reimbursement, Federal antikickback laws and Stark
Amendments, international legal issues, corporate compliance programs, risk management,
litigation, employment / human resources issues and intellectual property matters. Dr. Ruger is a
graduate of St. John's University College of Pharmacy and St. John's University of Graduate Arts
and Sciences. He received his both his Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Pharmacology from St.
John's Graduate School of Pharmacy and his Juris Doctorate from St. John's University Law

RICHARD L. SHARFF, ESQ. is a partner in the Birmingham, Alabama ALFA law firm of
Bradley Arant Rose & White, LLP, where he is a member of the Health Care, White Collar
Crime/Health Care Fraud, and Litigation Practice Groups. He advises a number of different
types of health care clients, but particularly hospitals and physicians, with regard to the complex
laws and regulations applicable to the health care industry. While he has extensive experience in
regulatory and transactional areas, Mr. Sharff focuses on defending health care industry clients in
litigation matters, including health care fraud and qui tam cases brought under the federal False
Claims Act, and medical malpractice defense. Mr. Sharff is a graduate of the University of
Virginia and the University of Virginia School of Law.

STEPHEN C. SHEPHERD, CHE, is Vice President, Medical Insurance Division, for Geo. F.
Brown & Sons, Inc. in Plano, Texas. He has over 14 years of experience in turnaround
management of hospitals and seven years experience in management and consulting for
physician practice and home health agencies. For the past two years, Mr. Shepherd functioned
as a compliance insurance consultant before joining Geo. F. Brown & Sons, a Chicago-based
commercial brokerage firm. He has been instrumental in development of the Compliance
Assurance Program, an innovative approach to indemnification of health care organizations
against allegations of fraud and abuse. Mr. Shepherd is a graduate of Mississippi State
University and received his MSHHA degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

ANN FELDKAMP TRIEBSCH is Senior Counsel for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in
Louisville, Kentucky. She specializes in the area of provider contracting, including negotiation
of contracts and issues arising after the ink has dried. Ms. Triebsch also handles credentialing,

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                         Page 10
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
quality improvement and regulatory issues. Prior to working at Anthem, she represented
physicians and facilities in a variety of matters as an associate at law firms in Washington, D.C.
and Louisville, Kentucky and was in-house counsel for Columbia/HCA. Ms. Triebsch graduated
from Centre College of Kentucky and Northwestern University School of Law.

MATTHEW K. WYNIA, M.D., MPH, is Director of Institute Affairs for the Institute for Ethics
in Chicago, Illinois. As such, he oversees the Institute's Fellowship and Visiting Scholar
Programs and a wide range of research projects. Research that Dr. Wynia has led at the Institute
for Ethics has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, and other leading
medical journals, and featured on news programs including ABC News Nightline, NPR's All
Things Considered, and the BBC World Service. Dr. Wynia also practices internal medicine
with a subspecialty in infectious diseases at the University of Chicago Hospitals, where he is a
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and the
Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine. Dr. Wynia received his MPH from the
Harvard School of Public Health in Health Policy and Management.

2002 Health Care Practice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                        Page 11
As of February 2, 2011 - 1:36 PM
ealth in Health Policy and Management.

2002 Health Care Pract ice Group Seminar Preliminary Program Outline                       Page 11
As of November 24, 2010 - 1:23 PM

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