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Tourist Visa Invitation Letter document sample

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                         INFORMATION FOR FOREIGNER
1) Visa Categories and Types
     diplomatic
     service (official)
     investor
     business
     student
     tourist
     private trip
     for work (employment)
     for medical treatment
     permanent residence
     transit
2) Immigration Rules
3) Customs Rules
4) Attestation
5) Other Information
                            GENERAL INFORMATION

For all categories of visas (except investor, private and transit) applicants should produce
a copy of invitation from Kazakhstan which should bear Visa Clearance No.

Visa Clearance is done by the Department of Consular Service, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Request your inviting party to do the needful.

Visa Clearance No. indicates that the invitation has been accepted, registered and is being
processed as per Kazakhstan immigration rules.

After being processed, the Visa Clearance is sent directly to the concerned Kazakhstan
Missions abroad. You need to quote your Visa Clearance No. while applying for your
visa at the Embassy (Consulate) for the Visa Officer to verify the information.

Processing of the visa at the Embassy (Consulate) takes upto seven calendar days. Urgent
procedure is available on case to case basis.

While applying for your visa you should submit the following documents to the
Kazakhstan Embassy (Consulate):

      Letter of invitation (for business and tourist visas fax copies are acceptable) which
       bears Visa Clearance No.
      Covering letter from the company or working place (for business visas)
      One completed visa application form (click here to avail of it).
      One recent passport size photo of the applicant.
      An original passport.
      Visa fee (click here to see Fees Table).
      Other documents if specified by the Visa Officer (see "Additional Information").


Diplomatic visa
Issued for the holders of valid Diplomatic Passports (UN Laisser Passe). Applicant
should produce a Note Verbal from:
     MEA, Government of India -for the Indian Diplomats
     Diplomatic Missions - for Foreign Diplomats in India

Service (Official) visa.
Issued for the holders of valid Service (Official) passports (UN Laisser Passe). Applicant
should produce a Note Verbal from:
     MEA, Government of India -for the Indian Officials
     Diplomatic Missions - for Foreign Officials in India

Investor visa.
Issued without invitation to a person who is known as an established foreign investor in

Issued on urgent basis without any additional fee. Provides for its holder immigration and
other privileges.

Business visa.
The issuance of business visas to Kazakhstan is based on the invitations from Kazakhstan
legal entities.

The invitation must be registered by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Having the invitation registered, the inviting party should send the same invitation with
registration number to the person applying for a visa.

A covering letter from deputing business house or organization should be additionally
attached to the application.

The letter should indicate sphere ofyour activities and volume of your business in

Student visa.
Invitation from the concerned Education Institute duly attested by the Consular
Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan with registration number.
HIV / VDRL test certificate should be obtained from the Embassy authorized doctor
(clicks here to see the list of authorized medical establishments).

Tourist visa.
The issuance of tourist visas is based on the invitations from Kazakhstan licensed tour ist
companies or hotels in Kazakhstan.

Private visa.
Issued on the basis of the original Certificate of Invitation which is not processed by the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but by the Regional Departments of Immigration Police,
Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Inviting persons (relatives, friends) in Kazakhstan should receive it from the above
Departments and then send directly to the invitee. Prior information (Visa Clearance No.)
is not received by the Embassy (Consulate). Inviting person and applicant should arrange
for their own channel of communication to submit the original to the Embassy


For the citizens of Australia, Austria, Belgium, BRD, the Great Britain, Greece, German,
Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, France, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg,
Malaysia, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore,
Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, Finland, France, Japan, South Korea visiting Kazakhstan
for business, tourism, private purposes, invitation from Kazak hstan side IS NOT
REQUIRED (may apply and obtain the visa without invitation, but it is necessary to
provide the "Letter of Request" in the name of the Embassy of the Republic of
Kazakhstan in India with explanations for the purpose of the visit).

For work (employment) visa.
Additional requirements are: copy of contract and employment license from Kazakhstan
as well as HIV / VDRL test certificate.

Visa for medical treatment.
Visa Clearance should specifically indicate the purpose of the visit.

Visa for permanent residence.
Visa Clearance should specifically indicate the purpose of the visit.

Transit visa.
Transit visas can be issued on the basis of valid visas to a third country, air/rail tickets to
a third country. The transit visas can be issued as a single entry for a period up to 5 days

Inte rvie w.
Personal appearance is preferred. Exception may be granted on case to case basis.
Air ticket.
Preference is given to the holders of tickets of M/s "Air Astana".

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