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                                                    Volume 26 Number 1
Welcome to the                                                                                         ed Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast chronicle                                                                               Chronicle
                                                                                                            VoLuME 26 No 1
Pamela is the author of 8 travel guides in
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                        2010 brings promise of
                        increased business for you!
     Many signs point to a strong improvement                            Couples travel is the backbone of the B&B industry and
                                                                         will only increase as a romantic getaway remains one of the
     in drive-to tourism this year – including                           best ever tonics for a relationship. Couples are feeling the
     the improving economy.                                              pressure form the economy, kids, elder care -you name it and
                                                                         the respite and pampering you provide is a boon to these folks.
     B&B “kept their bounce” better than other businesses and
     much better than many other lodging and tourism sectors.            Marie and I had the pleasure to attend and speak at many
     Why? Simply because people still need a respite from their          conferences this past year form ontario to Nebraska – Mexico
     daily cares (actually more than ever when times are difficult)      to New York City and the pictures above confirm that inn-
     and B&Bs have delivered beautifully with a great travel ex-         keepers are a lively group, the conferences were terrific!
     perience at a very solid value. We forsee 2010 bringing even
     more guests to your doors–be ready!                                 We look forward to seeing many of you in 2010...see a list
                                                                         of where we’ll be at our newest web site
      Many North Americans will continue to travel near to home
     and this is a very good thing for our industry. We are predicting
     an upsurge in Rural tourism as more folks look to enjoying
                                                                         Please remember that the work you do and the hospitality
     nature and experiencing such hot trends as increased family
                                                                         you provide makes a very positive difference – in your
     travel by car with urban families introducing the kids to
                                                                         community and in the world – upward and onward!
     the country and the great outdoors-being “family friendly”
     will be an occupancy driver for innkeepers who choose to            Pamela
     accommodate them. See the article on “Putting Heads in
     Rural Beds” for tips from successful country innkeepers.
I Would Like My
Bed and Breakfast Real Estate
by Dan Duffy
                                                                               Over Easy
If only acquiring or selling B&B                                    are passed on to the right     properties in front of the right buyers, and
properties were as easy as                                          buyers.                        our agents have access to resources and
ordering your breakfast                                                                            marketing tools available only at united
eggs! As many of us know,                                               “our goal is to match      Country,” said Dan Duffy, chief executive
finding and acquiring the right                                          B&B buyers and sellers    officer of united Country Real Estate.
property that fits our individual                                        to promote an ongoing
dreams can be a daunting                                                  healthy lifecycle        The significant majority of united
task. Equally challenging is the                                           for B&Bs, inns          Country’s advertising budget is spent
process of passing your treasured                                           and guesthouses.       on advertising their offices’ listings in
property on to the next owner in                                            As we looked for
a way that everyone’s expectations                                           the right partner
are met or exceeded. Knowing this                                             to accomplish
challenge has been faced many times                                           this goal, it
by successful B&B operators in the                                 became clear that united
past with a great deal of uncertainty             Country Real Estate’s marketing reach is
and tribulation, Pamela Lanier’s Bed              unmatched. We are thrilled to announce
and Breakfasts, Inns and Guesthouses              that BBIGI is partnering with united
International (“BBIGI”) has recently              Country Real Estate as the association’s
announced its exclusive partnership with          exclusive real estate partner. The
the nations largest and most respected            collaboration provides dominant national
lifestyle real estate company, united             marketing on both the web and in print
Country Real Estate to better serve the           of lifestyle real estate and local real estate
needs of BBIGI’s clients and friends.             expertise to BBIGI members through
                                                  united Country’s nearly 650 affiliates
The united States is home to thousands            located across the country and in Costa
of bed & breakfast inns, each with its            Rica,” said Pamela Lanier.
own unique characteristics. Inevitably,
however, the time comes when these                Since 1925, united Country Real Estate
properties must change hands and selling          has been a foremost expert in country,
or purchasing a bed and breakfast/inn             historic, recreational and lifestyle
can be a complex task – especially in the         properties across the united States. In
                                                  1928, the company’s founder, Roscoe              hundreds of newspapers and specialty
                                                  Chamberlin, created the nation’s first           magazines. Additionally, the company’s
    Our goal is to match B&B                      real estate catalog, which is currently          No.1-ranked portfolio of owned and
    buyers and sellers to promote                 housed in the Smithsonian Institute, and         operated web sites attract 3 million visitors
    an ongoing healthy lifecycle for              has been a huge success. In recent years,        every month. Its 1,000+ company-
                                                  united Country has built on Chamberlin’s         owned Web sites, which specialize in
     B&B’s, inns and guesthouses.                 innovation with the introduction of              particular regions and property types,
                                                  numerous lifestyle catalogs that focus           ensure that buyers can find the company’s
current market. To best navigate a B&B            on specific types of properties including        listed properties with speed and ease.
transaction, the first and most essential         Coastal & Waterfront, Mountain, Premier          Currently, united Country is offering
step is securing a real estate partner who        Properties and American Treasures. More          hundreds of bed and breakfast, inns and
possesses the distinct set of skills, localized   than a million of these publications are         lodge properties for sale across the united
knowledge, experience and resources               printed and distributed nationwide and           States and Costa Rica. united Country’s
necessary to ensure a timely and mutually         overseas.                                        Bed and Breakfast Specialty site, www.
advantageous outcome.                                                                    , allows
                                                  “united Country has always had a clear
                                                                                                   visitors to search all of united Country’s
Just as the livelihood of the Bed and             understanding that the unique nature of
                                                                                                   B&B, inns and lodge listings with ease,
Breakfast industry hinges on providing            each property truly matters and the ideal
                                                                                                   by key property features and provides
the best resources to allow innkeepers            buyer for a particular property might live
                                                                                                   targeted exposure to interested buyers
a competitive advantage and the ability           on the farthest coast, not just down the
                                                  road. This is especially true for bed and        from over 140 countries.
to promote these lodgings to potential
inngoers, it’s also vitally important that as     breakfast properties, which are not just

innkeepers leave the business, properties         a home or a business, but also a lifestyle.                             continued on page 2
                                                  We’ve designed our system to put our
          Enjoy this delicious recipe
            provided by
            Sunflower Hill Luxury inn in Moab, ut

                 Sunflower Hill Granola
                 I ngredien ts                                    d ir e c t io n s

                 6 cups regular rolled oats                                                      .
                                                                  Preheat oven to 300 degrees F In a
                 2/3 cup sunflower seeds                          large stainless steel bowl, mix: oats, sunflower
                                                                  seeds and sesame seeds. In another bowl mix coconut
                 1/3 cup sesame seeds                             and almonds. In a microwave-safe bowl mix butter, brown sugar, honey and
                 1 2/3 cups (3 oz.) ‘ribbon’ coconut (also        salt. Bake the rolled oat and seed mixture for 6 minutes, stir and bake an
                 referred to as ‘chips’)                          additional 6 minutes.
                 1 ½ cups (5 oz.) coarse chopped
                 (or sliced) almonds                              Heat butter and sugar mixture in microwave until butter completely melts,
                                                                  mix thoroughly with a wire whip and then add 1 teaspoon pure vanilla
                 ½ cup butter (1 square)
                                                                  extract (whip together to make a thick sauce).
                 ½ cup brown sugar
                 ½ cup honey                                      Add coconut and almonds to the baked oat mixture. Pour contents of
                                                                  microwave bowl over mixture and stir until entire mixture is coated.
                 ½ t salt
                 1 t pure vanilla                                 Bake in a 300 degree F oven for 12-15 minutes. Stir mixture every four
                                                                  minutes so granola will toast evenly.

      I Would Like My Bed and Breakfast Real Estate “Over Easy” - continued from page 1
      By combining the marketing power                 In order to provide sales professionals       As you flip through one of your
      of united Country’s system with the              access to property-specific resources and     favorite magazines, you come across an
      expertise of its more than 4,000 local           experts, united Country has recently          advertisement about united Country’s
      sales professionals nationwide, specialty        launched Specialty Marketing Groups,          specialty magazine, American Treasures.
      properties such as B&Bs receive the              with each group consisting of a private,      upon calling the toll free number, you
      customized marketing care they require.          online resource center accessible by its      receive your magazine and the customer
      united Country sales associate, Matt             brokers and agents, led by a Practice         care representative provides you with
      Gallimore, of united Country – Blue Ridge        Group Leader who is available to              the information regarding property
      Land & Auction in Floyd, Va., believes it’s      provide advice and counsel to agents.         in the specific state of interest from a
      a combination of effective marketing and         The consumer side of united Country’s         knowledgeable united Country agent
      agent knowledge that creates successful          Specialty Marketing Groups culminates         that meets all of the criteria you specified.
      B&B transactions. In the past few years,         through specialty Web sites focused on        You’ve found your dream property and
      Gallimore’s office has sold a number of B&B      specific property types such as historic      the current owners have found a seriously
      properties and he believes that the leads        properties, commercial, farm and ranch        interested buyer.
      received from the property being advertised      and, of course, B&Bs.                         According to Bill Baker, owner/broker
      in a united Country print publication, on        As potential buyers inquire about united      of united Country – Virginia Realty in, its specialty property        Country listings seen through both print      Clarksville, Va., united Country’s buyer
      web sites and the office’s local Web site were   and online advertising, potential buyers      database allowed him to find the right
      instrumental in consummating a successful        are matched with the perfect property.        match for two of his property owner clients.
      transaction between his buyers and sellers.      How does it work?                             “In our area, we have several B&Bs. I had
      Buyers of specialty properties need specific     Let’s imagine that you have always            the opportunity to list what was actually
      information and a knowledgeable agent            dreamed of owning a Bed and Breakfast         the first B&B to open in our area. The

      serves an important role in navigating what      and as your retirement approaches, you        seller had run a popular and successful
      can be a complex process.                        begin to search for potential properties.
                                                                                                                          continued on page 6
the Heartstone inn’s
Heartstone Muffins
In g r edi ents
                                                                        Muffin Madness
5 cups flour
3 cups sugar
12 oz. raisin bran cereal
1 cup golden raisins
5 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons salt
½ teaspoon allspice

1 teaspoon cinnamon
4 beaten eggs
4 cups buttermilk
1 cup oil
                                                              uffin Madness has overtaken America with muffin shops springing up in cit-
dir e cti ons                                         ies but we know you have a treasure trove of muffin recipes being served at your inn
(For best results, prepare batter the day before.)    -so please send us your recipe and you may win the Muffin Madness contest being
Preheat oven to 400 degrees when ready to bake.       voted on by our viewers. Please submit recipes to by the March
Mix all dry ingredients together. Add eggs,           15 deadline. Many member recipes will be included in the next edition of our series
buttermilk and oil to dry ingredients and mix         of best-selling cookbooks and the winner will be widely promoted to the food press.
well. Pour into lined muffin cups ¾ full and
bake for 15 minutes or until brown. Dip tops of       This yummy recipe is from the winner of the 2010 Inn of the Year contest voted on
muffins in melted butter, then in sugar-cinnamon      by our editors, The Heartstone Inn of Hot Springs Arkansas–way to go!
mixture (1 cup sugar and 1 teaspoon cinnamon).
                                                      All member inns are eligible for this award, the highest Award in the industry with a
This recipe makes almost a gallon of batter and       26 year history. Some winners have been featured on television and one was even read
will keep, covered tightly, in the refrigerator for
                                                      into the Congressional Record–get your inn in the running at
up to 6 weeks. Just use as needed. Makes 40
muffins. This is probably our most asked for

                                                                        Calling all furry assistant innkeepers!
                                                                          We are collecting           time mascot at Clay Corner Inn. This is
                                                                         pictures for inclusion in    Solomon’s second career, after twelve
                                                                         the next edition of this     months training to be a leader dog for
                                                                         magazine. The picture        the blind. Solomon has gone on to help
                                                                         to the left was taken in     his person, Joanne Anderson, per the
                                                                         August when Pamela           book “Solomon Says: observations of an
                                                                         was speaking at the          Innkeeper Dog” (ISBN#09706542-0-0).
                                                                         Texas Bed & Breakfast        He’s caught napping in one of his
                                                            Association annual meeting held           favorite positions, snuggling up with
                                                             in Granbury. The little lady’s name      one of his favorite books! So please
                                                             is Belle, and she is the mascot for      send your inn mascot’s picture to
                                                            American Heritage House where    and keep
                                                      she keeps Ron and Karen on their toes.          an eye out for the next edition.
                                                      The other fellow is Solomon, the long

                    innKeeper news & Events

       Congratulations to the de Bruce                 The cover story in Washingtonian              Congratulations to Blooming Garden
       Country inn in De Bruce, New York!              Magazine was one of our members,              inn! Innkeepers of The Blooming
       They are celebrating their 26th year in         congratulations to the Black Horse inn        Garden Inn (Durham, North Carolina),
       business!                                       in Warrenton, Virginia!                       Frank and Dolly, will be hosting all
                                                                                                     sixteen members of the Aurel Pleasure
                                                                                                     acappella group from Emory university
       the Honey House in Phoenix Arizona              Celebrating their 20th year in business       for the Sojam Final Competition. They

       was recently featured in Guidepost              is Youngberg Hill vineyards & inn             are also entering their 20th year in the
       Magazine! Well done!                            from McMinnville, oregon. Keep up             business. Congrats to you both on the
                                                       the great work!                               successful run of your B&B!
                           Top FIVE RulEs
                       for Most Effective, Long-Lasting SEO Results
       By coauthors Marie Lanier,                                      have a personal affinity for lighthouses. Here’s where
       V.P of Business Development, Lanier Travel Guides and           the creativity needs to come in. When you write your
       Thomas Brown, SEO Expert and Psychologist                       description, make sure to list all the reasons someone
                                                                       would choose your property - location (near Boston),
       SEo stands for “search engine optimization.” A search
                                                                       accommodation type (B&B), and any special characteris-
       engine is a software tool that searches the Internet for
                                                                       tics (lighthouse, coastal, gated entry, tranquility, etc.)
       web pages using search terms, also called keywords, that
       describe the content of the web page. Google is the world’s     Here is a (fictional) sample description using the “descrip-
       best known search engine, but there are others, including       tive content” rule: “Located 5 miles outside of Boston,
       Yahoo and Bing. SEo is the art of designing the content         Massachusetts, Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast offers guests a
       of a web page for optimal find-ability by a search engine -     respite from busy downtown Boston while showcasing the
       designing it in a way that makes it easy for a user to find     best of Massachusetts. Stay in a real working lighthouse, a
       using a search engine. For innkeepers, SEo means design-        full size replica of a typical1875 cottage style lighthouse.
       ing an inn’s site in a way that makes it easy for a potential   Climb the spiral staircase to the upper lookout deck. Enjoy
       guest to find the B&B using a search engine like Google,        spectacular views of the bay, ship channel, anchorage,
       Yahoo, Bing, Ask, or any other. SEo matters, because simply     and harbor entrance. As you drive into our front gate, the
       building a website doesn’t mean search engines, and thus        tranquil surroundings, colorful flowers and fresh air will
       potential customers, will easily be able to find you.           immediately put you at ease so you may enjoy your New
                                                                       England bed and breakfast experience, the most delightful
       our combined 30+ years of experience in the online
                                                                       lighthouse in Boston.”
       industry ( went online over 15
       years ago with the birth of the internet) have taught us                          RulE #2
       that while there are dozens of components to any search
                                                                          Looking Good: Your website appearance is as
       engine campaign, these 10 rules cover the fundamentals
                                                                             important as your B&B’s appearance.
       of search engine optimization, positioning you for long-
       lasting, positive SEo results. If we can do it, you can do      The web is a highly visual medium. These days, users
       it, one step at a time. The rules are listed in no particular   of the Internet have grown accustomed to high quality
       order; each is essential to your SEo success.                   photography and easy to use layouts. While the top shelf
                                                                       sites offer “rich” content, web pages are offering not only
                            RulE #1                                    text, clickable links and snapshots, but also weather
                 Search Engines find what is there:                    reports and video walkthroughs, for example.
                   Make the content descriptive.
                                                                       Draw in the customer. People will visit your property
       Think about each individual page where you want a               simply because you look fantastic online. Remember the
       visitor to land. Ask yourself, “What keywords would             old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” use a
       a potential guest type into a search engine to find this        professional photographer if you can afford it; if you can’t
       specific page?” usually, guests start with location they        afford a big cash outlay, offer the photographer a free
       intend to visit. Then they add the accommodation type,          weekend at your inn (or something of equal value) to
       “B&B” or “inn” or “guesthouse”, and finally any special         get the best possible pictures of your inn online.
       characteristics they are looking for, like “pet-friendly” or
       “downtown” or “historic.”                                       Strategically building your SEo does mean optimizing
                                                                       your website so you can convert a viewer into a paying
       For example: your inn’s location is one of your selling         customer. It also means increasing the number of people
       points, and someone interested in staying in your location      who access the web page. The better you can represent
       might use the search term “Boston,” or the nearest big city,    your B&B online, the more enticing it will become to
       combined with “bed and breakfast” for the type of accom-        prospective guests. Therefore, your website should have
       modation they are seeking, and “lighthouse,” because they       no 404 errors or broken frames. We recommend you test
your site by running through an                                                you need your site connected to large di-
HTML validator such as http://                                                  rectories with high page ranking, travel, and checking                                                   blogs, travel news, travel weather, area
to make sure that all browsers                                                    accommodations, destination features
display your web pages correctly                                                   and anything else travel, hospitality
by running through a browser test
such as

Show off your pets, your garden,                                                    People will visit your
local attractions, parties or events                                                property simply
you’ve hosted, and any kudos you’ve
received from previous guests. Scan
                                                                                     because you look
thank you notes and use them to
                                                                com                   fantastic online.
document real guests’ comments (with
                                                       anie rBB.Web Site
guest permission of course). If prospective          L       sign
                                                      y De
guests can imagine themselves at your inn,       Newl                                  or accommodation oriented that
it will be more likely that they will want to                             will help you rise with the tide.
make that imagined visit a reality when the
opportunity presents itself.                                                       RulE #5
                                                                        Be Creative About Getting Found
Side Note: Make sure your listing is
current and has top quality photos in the photo gallery       Ask yourself, what do I want my business to be known
(we include up to 9 for no additional charge, so take         for? Now add a few targeted keywords to a page that
full advantage!).                                             describes what you want to be known for.

                     RulE #3                                  Be known for a few things that set you apart, then build
              use Natural Language uRL’s                      keywords and links around those terms that might
                                                              normally occur to you or an online researcher. Weave this
When choosing your website’s name (or if altering your        information into your site. Make sure it’s contextually,
uRL), make sure your bed and breakfast homepage and           graphically, topically and geographically relevant.
all subsequent pages have a uRL that is written out in
natural language that anyone can understand and the
search engines can recognize as words instead of scribble
and exclamation marks. For example, instead of:                       ChECk In wITh ouR nExT
‘www.southhampton/123????’ use a uRL
that anyone can understand such as:                                 publICaTIon To REad abouT
A sub page would be something like:
                                                                               RulEs 6 To 10! oR                   To VIEw onlInE now go To:
When addressing your uRL’s name, don’t forget your
Metatags. These are words used in html page headers that              (Articles, Category: Computer and Internet)
the page visitor does not see, but the search engines read
and use to catalogue the keywords and descriptions of
your page.

                     RulE #4
               Acquire Highly Targeted,
               Relevant Inbound Links
The number and quality of 3rd party websites that link
to your website (in essence, recommend your website)
might just be the defining factor that boosts your website                                            Marie Lanier
into the public’s view. In the bed and breakfast industry,
I Would Like My Bed and Breakfast Real Estate “Over Easy” - continued from page 2
operation for years and was ready to sell.        but Wilbur has important tips to offer             “First, when you look at a B&B listing, do
I was able to find her buyer directly from        innkeepers who are thinking about selling.         your research and get to know the market.
united Country’s buyer database. I have sold       “In today’s market, I can’t overemphasize the     Think about whether the market will allow
that property again since then and again, the     importance of illustrating the operational         you to secure a niche. It’s also important
buyers were from the database. The current        value of a particular property. When it comes      to closely review the B&B’s financial books
owners have a wonderful business and are          to B&Bs, the property’s value is broken            and be aware of details such as property
thrilled with their purchase,” Baker said.        down into three components: value of the           tax laws. Thirdly, be aware of financing
Steve Wilbur, co-owner/managing broker            real estate, value of the personal property (if    options and be prepared with information
with united Country –Theurer Auction/             being included with the property) and the          lenders will require of you. And, I have to
Realty in Wichita, Kan., has made bed and         value of the book of business,” Wilbur said.       stress the value of research, whether through
breakfast properties one of his specialty areas                                                      professional associations or organizations
                                                  “one of the most challenging aspects of            like Pamela Lanier’s BBIGI.”
in recent years and in doing so, has              selling a property such as B&Bs in today’s
a wealth of information on the subject.           market is securing financing. That makes           Whether buying or selling a B&B,
“I have a great listing inventory of B&B          it extremely important that sellers ensure         understanding and overcoming the
properties currently and I find the company’s     that not only the property itself is in the best   complexities is key in order to be
specialty magazine, American Treasures, and       condition possible, but that their financial       successful. “Partnering with Pamela
the traffic received from       records indicate that it has both future           and BBIGI makes perfect sense for our
to be invaluable,” Wilbur said.                   potential for and past proof of profitability.”    business model. When we consider
                                                                                                     partnerships in any segment, we look for
The process of selling a bed and breakfast        For people interested in buying their first        the dominant player in that niche,” said
can be met with its own unique challenges,        B&B, Wilbur also has advice to offer.              Duffy. “Pamela is a key ambassador of the
                                                                                                     bed and breakfast industry, and we could
                                                                                                     not ask for a better, more qualified and
                                                                                                     focused partner. We are truly blessed and
                                                                                                     honored to be exclusively partnered with
                                                                                                     Pamela and BBIGI and its members.” O

                                                                                                     Winners of our Inn of the Year contest, which is the
                                                                                                     oldest and most prestigious in the bed and breakfast
                                                                                                     industry, have been read into their states congres-
                                                                                                     sional records, appeared on television, and received
                                                                                                     massive publicity. Having been voted by our readers
                                                                                                     both online and in print as the Inn Of The Year, we

                                            Finally a B&B
                                                                                                     urge you to get your inn in the running by going to
                                                                                                     the form at Print out the form and
                                                                                                     place it near checkout so that your happy guests may

                                            Real Estate
                                                                                                     fill it out online or in print and vote for your inn!
                                                                                                                   inn name and State
                                                                                                     2010          Heartstone Inn, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

                                            Solution!                                                2009
                                                                                                                   Amid Summer's Inn B&B, Utah
                                                                                                                   Devonfield Country Inn B&B, Massachusetts
                                                                                                                    Tyee Lodge Oceanfront B&B, Oregon
For over 25 years Pamela Lanier has been your trusted source for information about                   2006          Daughter's Inn, California
running a successful B&B operation. The purchase and sale of one’s B&B is a critical                 2005          Amore by the Sea, British Columbia
                                                                                                     2004          Cornerstone Victorian, New York
part your endeavor. It requires a real estate professional that truly understands the                2003          The Boothbay Inn, Pennsylvania
very “heartbeat” of these unique properties.                                                         2002          Rosewood Inn, New Hampshire
We have partnered with the nations largest real estate company focused exclusively                   2001          Candlelite Inn, New Hampshire
                                                                                                     2000          Albergo Allegria, New York
on lifestyle properties across the U.S. and Costa Rica, United Country Real Estate.
                                                                                                     1999          Black Friar Inn, Maine
With over 50 specialty web sites dedicated to marketing B&B properties, a National                   1998          Calico Inn, Tennessee
B&B Specialty Marketing Group, 675 offices and 4,000 agents, combined with the                       1997          The Legacy of Williamsburg B&B, Virginia
Lanier’s 35 years of combined experience in the B&B market, our strategic partnership                1996          Chicago Pike Inn B&B, Michigan
                                                                                                     1995          The Williamsburg Sampler B&B, Virginia
stands uniquely ready to serve you today.                                                            1994          The Captain Freeman Inn, Massachusetts
To learn more about our real estate offering or to                                                   1993          The Whalewalk Inn, Massachusetts
receive our free magazine of historic properties and                                                 1992          The Lamplight Inn, New York
                                                                                                     1991          Kedron Valley Inn, Vermont
B&B properties, United Country’s American Trea-
                                                                                                     1990          The Veranda, Georgia
sures, please contact Victor Castro at 954-237-4910                                                  1989          Wedgwood, Pennsylvania
or                                                        1988          Seacrest Manor, Massachusetts
                                                                                                     1987          Governor's Inn, Vermont
Find Your Freedom™                                                                                   1986          Carter House, California
                                                                                                     1985          Joshua Grindle, California

                  Fashion and Function
What exactly is “basic bedding?” Basic               for instance. Not long ago, most pillows had
bedding or “white goods,” as they’re                 a low thread count cover and a polyester fill.
commonly called, can be best described as            They’d “go flat” in a relatively short time,
underwear for the bed. It’s what’s beneath           were seldom if ever made from stain or water
the pillowcases and the sheets and generally         resistant materials and could not be cleaned
includes products such as bed pillows, fiber         effectively. Today, your pillow sleeps cooler
beds, mattress pads, enhancers and toppers.          because it’s made of latex, provides natural
It’s also the focus of a new bedding collection      allergy relief, maintains its “loft” for many
from Pamela Lanier, a recognized travel expert       years, helps protect you from allergens and
who is well known for her contributions to           can be easily cared for. Look at mattress pads.
the Bed and Breakfast industry.                      Not long ago, pads were viewed as protectors
                                                     only, providing waterproof protection and
                                                     not much more. Today, mattress pads are as
    For most people, a comfortable                   much about comfort as they are protection,
    night’s sleep is extremely important             offering layers and layers of luxurious fills
    but, for you, it’s a living.                     that increase comfort. They can be zoned to
                                                     support different muscle groups in your back,
                                                     are often constructed with stain resistant
Now, if you’ve recently spent some time in           fabrics and anti-bacterial fiber fills and made
the bedding department of your local retail          to fit mattresses of nearly any size.
store, you know that buying a pillow, a              You’ll see all of these innovations in the new
comforter or a mattress pad isn’t what it used       Pamela Lanier Bedding Collection. With this
to be; it’s a much more complex purchase             discriminating new collection, Ms. Lanier
nowadays. What happened? Well, in the                has assembled a portfolio of basic bedding
not-too-distant past – just a few years ago,         products that are the absolute best in class,
really – these products offered just a short list    offering the latest in sleep technologies at
of features and benefits. Some of the typical        tremendous values that are available only
considerations were, for instance, whether the       to the innkeeping industry. Every pillow
product was made of cotton, polyester or a           and mattress pad is of high thread count
blend of both? What’s the thread count? How          construction, providing your guest with
do I care for the product? Is it wash and dry        unparalleled comfort. All are luxuriously soft
or dry-clean only? Lastly (and importantly!)         and generously overfilled with specialty fibers
how much is it? Today, the many advances             that offer not only luxurious softness and loft,
in basic bedding – innovations in types of           but natural protection benefits such as allergy
fabrics, weaves, treatments and technologies,        relief and dust mite resistance. All are made
for instance – offer consumers many, many            to exacting standards so that, no matter your
more choices and go a long way in meeting            mattress height for instance, the product fits
the ever-increasing demands of the consumer.         perfectly… no slipping, no sliding. Lastly, the
As an innkeeper, your basic bedding needs            products in the Pamela Lanier Collection are
and demands are much greater than the                made to last. Ms. Lanier chose the products
average consumer’s. For most people,                 in her collection not just for their ability to
a comfortable night’s sleep is extremely             deliver on comfort, but for their ability to
important but, for you, it’s a living. For most      consistently perform over time as well. In
people, the ability to easily care for their basic   short, the pillows and pads in the Pamela
bedding product is a matter of convenience           Lanier Collection are the kind of products
but for you, it’s critical to the success of your    that, at the end of the day, offer your guests a
business.                                            better night’s sleep. And with their products
                                                     in your guest rooms, they’re not the only ones
 Fortunately, many of the innovations in this        who will sleep better at night. So will you.

category are of tremendous benefit to the
hospitality/innkeeping industry. Take pillows,                                     continued on page 8
        continued from page 7

        Following are just a few of the
        basic bedding offerings which make up
        the new Pamela Lanier Collection:
        300 thread Count Latex quilted topper
        Innovative sleep technology meets Mother Nature in the oodles
        quilted topper.
        oodles’ latex “comfort springs” offer floating support for any
        sleep position as well as long-lasting durability. Features:
        •   300 thread count, 100% cotton quilted baffle box topper
        •   2” gusset
        •   Fill: 60% oodles engineered comfort springs, 40% puffball
        •   Made in the uSA of latex from natural origins

        Magic Loft Mattress topper
        Increase the loft and comfort of your mattress with the
        luxurious comfort of a Magic Loft Mattress Topper, featuring:
        • ultra-smooth 200 thread count
        • 100% cotton
        • Individually-quilted squares, hand-stuffed with 7 oz.
          of Perfect Puff polyester fiberfill
                                                                             300 thread Count Allergy reduction Pillow
        • Available in twin, full, queen and king                            Filled with ultraFresh® anti-microbial fiber, these anti-allergen
                                                                             pillows provide not only a comfortable sleep, but also protection
        • Fits mattresses up to 15’’ thick                                   against odor-causing bacteria and allergy-inducing dust-mites.
        • Machine washable and dryable                                       Covers are tightly woven with a special 180 thread count fabric.
        • Imported by Perfect Fit Industries
                                                                             250 thread Count quilted White
        the Crypton® Mattress Protector                                      duck Feather pillow
        The Crypton® Total Protection 400 Mattress Pad offers                Light as a feather, this luxuriously soft pillow feels like you’re
        everything you could possibly want in a mattress pad; it’s stain,    sleeping on a cloud.
        moisture and allergen-resistant, it’s comfortable and it’s easy to   This elegant pillow features:
        care for. The mattress pad features:
                                                                             • Luxurious White Duck Feather fill
        • A patented, permanent, integrated barrier that helps keep
          moisture, dust mite allergens and other debris and germs        • Quilted protective cover that enhances comfort and
          from entering the mattress                                        gives firm support
        • Impervious to dust mites and other harmful allergens            • 250 thread count quilted cover
                                                          and you need. When you need it.
        • Resistant to microbes, bacteria, mildew, fungusWhatodors
        • 400 thread count
                                                                          233 thread Count Gusset density Pillow
                                                                          for Stomach, Side or Back Sleepers
        • 100% cotton
                                                                          Choose the pillow firmness that’s best for you. Gusset design
        • High stain resistance                                           helps support the neck.
        • Excellent liquid repellency
                                                                          233 thread count, 100% Cotton cover with a colored quilted
        • Machine wash or spot clean, tumble dry                          gusset. Filled with 100% Polyester fiberfill. Machine washable
        • Filled with 100% polyester fiberfill                            and dryable. Made in the u.S.A. from
        • Machine wash, tumble dry or spot clean                             1. Density Pillow Medium Firm - Green Gusset- Medium
        • Made in uSA                                                           density for stomach or back sleepers.
                                                                             2. Density Pillow Firm- Blue Gusset - Firm density for back
        400 thread Count down Alternative Pillows                               sleepers or all-round firmness.
        Sleep better knowing that you’re getting a great value with          3. Density Pillow Extra Firm - Purple Gusset- Extra -Firm
        these high thread count, down alternative pillows featuring:            density for side sleepers. O
        • 400 thread count zipper cover

        • Soft Surround™ fiber polyester fill                                the Bed and Breakfast Collection Bedding may
                                                                             be viewed and ordered at:
Julia Child
 Julia Child was a great lady, an excellent educator, and a very
 warm and generous person as well. When I first thought
 to put together a bed and breakfast cookbook in 1985,
 our mutual friend Marion Cunningham (author of Fannie
 Farmer Cookbook and Lost Recipes: meals to share with family
 and friends), wrote an introduction. Julia was kind enough        which when cooled may be used in place of the lemon juice
 to give me some very practical advice about what readers          to make a classic sauce for meats. Julia Child mentions sauce
 want and tips on how to write a successful cookbook - who         recipes from Mastering The Art of French Cooking several times
 would know better? A recipe of Julia’s that I use all the time    in her memoir, My Life In France. There’s a photocopy of a
 and one of the first “French” recipes I learned as a teen         piece of paper that contains her hollandaise sauce recipe
 watching her show was for Hollandaise Sauce. I still use the      that she typed herself. It’s marked, “Top Secret!” on a side
 original recipe, but it can also be varied by using tarragon      note, if you’re thinking about reading My Life In France, you
 vinegar and a little dried tarragon made into a reduction,        definitely should! Great lady, fun read.

                H o llan d ai s e sa u c e r e c ip e f r o m
             M ast e r i n g t h e Ar t o f F r e nc h c o o k in g
                      IngredIents                                         BLender H oLLAndAI se sAUce
            3 egg yolks                                                        Start to finish: 5 minutes
            1 tablespoon water                                                   Makes about 3/4 cup
            1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, if needed (or more)                         IngredIents
            6-8 ounces very soft unsalted butter
            1 dash cayenne pepper                                           3 egg yolks
            Salt, to taste                                                  1/4 teaspoon salt
            Fresh ground white pepper, to taste                             Pinch black pepper
                                                                            1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice
                       dIre ctIons                                          8 tablespoons (1 stick) butter, cut into small pieces
 1. Whisk the yolks, water, and lemon juice in the saucepan                             dIre ct Ion s
    for a few moments, until thick and pale (this prepares them
    for what is to come).                                          In a blender, combine the egg yolks, salt, pepper and 1
                                                                   tablespoon of the lemon juice. Set aside.
 2. Set the pan over moderately low heat and continue to
    whisk at reasonable speed, reaching all over the bottom        In a small saucepan over medium-high, add the butter and
    and insides of the pan, where the eggs tend to overcook.       heat until foaming.

 3. To moderate the heat, frequently move the pan off the          Blend the egg yolk mixture at top speed for 2 seconds then,
    burner for a few seconds, and then back on. (If, by chance,    with the blender running, remove the cover and pour in
    the eggs seem to be cooking too fast, set the pan in the       the hot butter in a thin stream of droplets. By the time
    bowl of cold water to cool the bottom, then continue).         two-thirds of the butter has been added, the sauce will be
                                                                   a thick cream. Continue pouring, but don’t pour in the
 4. As they cook, the eggs will become frothy and increase         milky residue at the bottom of the pan. Taste and adjust
    in volume, and then thicken. When you can see the pan          seasonings.
    bottom through the streaks of the whisk and the eggs are
    thick and smooth, remove from the heat.                        If not using the sauce immediately, set the blender carafe in
                                                                   tepid, but not warm, water.
 5. By spoonfuls, add the soft butter, whisking constantly to
   incorporate each addition. As the emulsion forms, you may
   add the butter in slightly larger amounts, always whisking      Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck
   until fully absorbed. Continue incorporating butter until the   Mastering the Art of French Cooking
   sauce has thickened to the consistency you want.                40th Anniversary Edition
 6. Season lightly with salt, pepper, and a dash of cayenne
   pepper, whisking in well. Taste and adjust the seasoning,
   adding droplets of lemon juice if needed. Serve lukewarm.
                                                       scientists and other researchers who tend       the same for the community hospital and
                                                       to stay a week or more. other inns in           larger area churches (as she’s a member of
                                                       Nebraska are capitalizing on the oregon         the traveling choir). Jack and Choyce sport
                                                       Trail, the Cowboy Trail, the Mormon Trail,      matching polo shirts with their logo on the
                                                       the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Pony Express     front. It says Quigley’s Log Cabin Inn, but
                                                       Trail and the Gold Rush Trail… Wow they         Jack says to leave off the location… folks
                                                       have a lot of open land out there. Many,        will ask you for it. Everywhere they go
                                                       many people are fascinated with how their       they also carry brochures, cards and pens
                                                       forbearers came to cross this land, so          to hand out with their contact information.
                                                       inns are hooking up with genealogy sites,
                                                       historical sites, etc. to plug into what is          found a number of innkeepers in
                                                       commonly called “heritage travel”.              ontario liaising at their local Rotary and
                                                                                                       Lions Clubs offering local folks special
                                                           n Michigan I stayed with a fascinating      discounts, like 25% off non-peak week-
                                                       couple, Jack and Choyce Quigley, inn-           ends if they send one of their own guests
              ow do you get heads in country           keepers at Quigley’s Log Cabin. Jack is         over (rather than having them stay at their
      beds? This is a question that kept coming        retired police and Choyce worked in a           house)… you can bet there are a lot of
      up as I have spent more and more time            medical office; they both have a lot of         takers for this. Another innkeeper, a rather
      this year speaking at conferences in states      great ideas. Together they have built up a      unassuming fellow, came up to me and
      like Nebraska, Michigan, Texas and               thriving small business that keeps them         said, “I didn’t want to speak up but my
      ontario, where many inns are located off         busy (and busier) than they thought they        secret to staying full is simple - I always
      the beaten track. At each of these conferences   could be. Choyce just reported to me that       answer every phone call and keep a smile
      I opened my presentation to innkeeper            last year, 2009, was their best year ever.      in my voice.” Sure enough his phone rang
      participation and together we all came up        How do they do it? Well Jack is certified       and he took a reservation request on
      with some really useful ideas.                   to train folks to carry firearms (which is      the spot. Yes, he has a print out of his
                                                       legal in the state provided you’re licensed),   reservation calendar with him. Way to go!
             ebraska, for example, is a virtual        so out back they have a full scale shoot-
      case study. The state is visited by 16 mil-      ing range. They’re delighted to host guests         n the next issue of B&B Chronicle,
      lion people, many of whom are simply             who come to learn to shoot, sometimes a         we will continue the fascinating theme of
      transiting on Highway 80. Four out of five       couple will learn together. other couples       marketing rural B&B. until then, if you
      visitors going the Highway 80 route drive        take advantage of the Guns and Roses            want to increase business at your inn I
      straight through. Nebraskan innkeepers           Special - while one member is on the            suggest you take your absolute favorite
      had some great ideas around agri-travel          shooting range, the other is out touring        hobby and spend some time browsing the
      and agri-tourism where the agriculturally        the incredible 900-bush rose farm located       web looking for chat rooms and blogs.
      based local economy forms a solid ground         in a Friesland stud breeding operation          Then decide how you can incorporate
      for building occupancy. How do they do it?       nearby (yes you read that right). Choyce        your passion, be it for golf or quilting, race
      By reaching out to area farms, especially        kicks off every August with a visit to two      cars or making bread, into some special
      the bigger operations where folks are often      nearby colleges where she delivers her          offers for potential guests who share your
      visiting as suppliers and observers. This        famous Buttermilk Cinnamon Bread along          passion for the subject. They will certainly
      can result in some very nice multiple room,      with cards to all the department heads and      make entertaining guests!
      multiple night stays. Ditto for agricultural     their assistants from which she drives a
      research facilities which are actually dotted    great deal of business. The key here is her
      all over the country. Many bring in specialty    persistence in going every year. She does

                                                                                                                        Nebraska Director of Tourism,

                                                                                                                        Christian Hornbaker and Pamela.

                              Jack and Choyce                                                            FOBBA Board of Directors
                     sAv Ings gUIde F or Innkeepers
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                                                                                           Inn Caring
                                                                    Lynda & Howard Lerner
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        FREE Property Management System                                                    Breakfast. You can count of us to handle your innsitting needs whether it be
         FREE Email Based Room Reservation Service                                         for a short break or a longer period of time. We have 15 years of professional
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