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                  GUIDELINES for ESTABLISHING


1.   The University may establish Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for Academic Cooperation (including
     staff exchange) with an overseas institution to cover activities on one or more of the following levels:

     •     School only
     •     Faculty level
     •     Whole of University

2.   MOUs should be aligned to University and Faculty planning objectives, and country strategies as defined
     by the DVC International.

3.   MOUs must be established according to the attached Procedures and can only be signed by the Vice-
     Chancellor after the following approvals have been obtained:

     (i)   From the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor, approval in writing to establish the institutional link
           and a commitment to provide resources to support the agreement.

     (ii) Approval by the DVC International, who will also seek approvals as appropriate from the following:
             - other Faculties, where the University as a whole, or in part beyond the proposing Faculty, is
                 bound by the MOU/Agreement.

     (iii) Legal Office approval for progression to the Vice-Chancellor for signature.

4.   If a signing ceremony is planned for the MOU, in order to allow time for correct procedures to be followed,
     the draft MOU must be received in the Office of the DVC International at least two weeks prior to the date
     of the signing ceremony.

     For further information, including copies of standard templates for MOUs contact:

     International Contracts Officer
     International Office
     Phone: 9266 1243
     Fax: 9266 3960

MOU Guidelines                                      1                                                11/12/08
Procedures for Establishing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)
(Note: People actioning points are highlighted in blue bold font)

1)      Before negotiating an agreement with another institution, the initiating School/Faculty officer should
        obtain ‘in principle’ approval from the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor for the proposed
        linkage. The linkage should be consistent with University and Faculty strategic objectives and is not
        likely to conflict with any existing agreements with the Faculty.

2)      A register of all past and current agreements with overseas institutions is maintained by the
        International Contracts Officer in the Office of the DVC International. The officer in the
        School/Faculty responsible for initiating the proposed agreement is advised to check for details of
        any existing agreements with the overseas institution before proceeding.

3)      Subsequently, the School/ Faculty should liaise with the specific overseas institution to seek to
        i)       the financial viability of implementing an academic cooperation (MOU) with the institution
        ii)      the area of academic cooperation (MOU) a, i.e. whether the MOU is required to establish links
                 within the School/ Faculty only, or whether links are being sought for Curtin as a whole.

4)      On completion of these investigations, the School/ Faculty should provide details in writing to the
        DVC International requesting a formal agreement to establish an MOU. The attached table (Appendix
        A) must be completed for all applications, providing details of staff responsible for the administration
        of the agreement at each institution.

5)      The International Contracts Officer in the Office of the DVC International will prepare a draft MOU
        and forward the document to the proposing School/ Faculty for confirmation of content.
        NB:      Schools/ Faculties can prepare their own draft agreement using the standard template, an
        electronic copy of which can be obtained on request from the International Contracts Officer.

6)      The School/ Faculty should forward background information and any other relevant information (such
        as institutional information, rankings, history, etc) to the International Contracts Officer. The
        International Contracts Officer will also provide information on the institution via NOOSR and/ or

7)      The International Contracts Officer will circulate the MOU and relevant information amongst
        members of the Regional Strategy Group (RSG) and obtain approval from the RSG Chair (via

8)      The School/Faculty should return the draft document (which has been approved by the RSG Chair) to
        the DVC International, together with written approval (via email is sufficient) from the Faculty PVC.
        The approval should include a statement confirming commitment of the necessary resources (including
        financial) for the implementation of the MOU.
        NB:      If the School/Faculty does not proactively provide this written approval, the International
        Contracts Officer is to send out the request to the Faculty PVC.

9)      Optional:           The Office of the DVC International may request endorsement of the proposed
        agreement from individuals within the University with country specific knowledge and, in the event the
        proposed agreement involves other/all teaching Faculties of the University, written agreement to
        participate will also be sought from the relevant Faculty PVCs.

10)     On receipt of relevant approvals, the International Contracts Officer in the Office of the DVC
        International will progress the document(s) through Legal Office for their review/approval. Upon
        approval, Legal Office will arrange for signature by Curtin’s Vice-Chancellor.

11)     Office of the DVC International collects signed originals from Legal Office and couriers both
        originals to the external participating institution for signature and execution, requesting one copy by

MOU Guidelines                                     2                                                11/12/08
12)    On return of Curtin’s copy of the signed original from the participating institution, the original
       document is stored in the vault by Legal Office. A copy is filed under “Academic Links” in the Office
       of the DVC International and copies forwarded to all relevant parties at Curtin (including the person in
       charge in the initiating School/Faculty).
       Point 12 is to be actioned by the International Contracts Officer.

13)    Details of the agreement are entered on the Register of International Links, which is maintained by the
       International Contracts Officer in the Office of the DVC International.

MOU Guidelines                                   3                                                11/12/08
                         Curtin University of Technology

                           [University Name & Country]

                          Contact Information for MOUs

 Name of Overseas Institution &        Curtin’s Level of Cooperation       Type of Cooperation
         contact details

Institution Name:                        School level only                Academic Cooperation
                                                                          Staff Exchange
                                                                          Student Exchange
President:                               Faculty
                                     Specify:                             Study Abroad
Position:                                                                 Other: …………………..
Fax:                                     University wide

  Curtin’s Initiating Academic             Curtin’s Additional                  Comments
School / Faculty & contact details   School / Faculty & contact details

Contact Name:                        Contact Name:

School/Faculty:                      School/Faculty:

Address:                             Address:

Position:                            Position:
Telephone:                           Telephone:
Fax:                                 Fax:
E-mail:                              E-mail:

MOU Guidelines                                    4                                      11/12/08