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                                    TENDER NOTICE


Dear Sir,

      Our Bank is planning to carry out some electrical work in 2nd floor, Zonal Office,
Bank of India Building, 30, Erabalu Street, Chennai – 600 001.

       We invite competitive sealed tenders for the captioned work from the electrical
contractors in the panel. You are invited to submit your tender as per details given
hereinafter below:
1.     Sealed tenders should be addressed to The Zonal Manager, Bank of India, Zonal
Office, Administration Department, Chennai Zone, No. 17 Errabalu Street, Chennai –
1, Attn: Mr. P. Nadarajan, Senior Manager.
2.     Sealed Tender in envelope, to be submitted to the Zonal Manager, Bank of
India, Zonal Office, Administration Dept, Chennai Zone, No. 17 Errabalu Street,
Chennai – 1.
3.     Copies of the tender form can be purchased from Bank of India, Zonal Office,
Administration Dept, Chennai Zone, No.17, Erabalu Street, Chennai – 600 001 from
06.08.08 to 09.08.08 during office working hours between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm (10.00
am to 1.00 pm on Saturdays). The interested firms may also download prescribed
tender forms from our website
4.     The last date of submission of tender, duly filled in Sealed Cover in 09.08.08.
The rates shall be filled in the bill of quantities both in words and in figures. No tender
will be accepted after the aforesaid date and time under any circumstances
5.     The tenderer should submit his tender in Single Sealed Cover super scribed by
‘Quotation for Electrical Works in Bank of India, Zonal Office’ - Last date of
submission of Tender is 09.08.08 up to 2.00. PM.
6.     Tenderer are advised to refrain giving any clues in regard to their tendered
rates/price amount only.
7.     The tenders received in prescribed time limit will be opened on 11.08.08 at
11.00 AM in the office of The Zonal Manger, Bank Of India, Zonal Office, Chennai
Zone, No. 17 Errabalu Street, Chennai – 1 in the presence of Concerned Bank
Authorities and Authorized Representatives of the tenderer who can take decision on
the spot in the matter. The time and date of opening of the tender may be changed at
discretion of Bank Authorities and will be intimated to tenderers at above said office.
Part B of the tender containing priced bill of quantities will be opened immediately
after opening of Part A provided all the tenders are found unconditional or conditions
are withdrawn by the tenderer.
8.     If the Tender Form cost (if tender form is downloaded by the tenderer from Web-
Site) in prescribed form as above are not found along with submitted Tender, the
tender will be rejected.
9.     Bank of India reserves the right to accept any (fully or partly) or reject all the
tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
10.    Validity of tenders: Six calendar months from the date of submission of tender.

Yours faithfully

                              TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.    Any damage to the generator before handing over is to be replaced or made
      good at the suppliers expenses to the entire satisfaction of the Bank.

2.    The quantities indicated are subject to change. The payment of the bill will be
      made as per actual number of chairs supplied.

3.    The Officer of the Bank Of India will be free to check/inspect the quality of the
      products supplied.

4.    The tenderer shall sign each and every page of the tender documents.

5.    The amount to be quoted in figures as well as in words. Incase the rates quoted
      in words and figure are in variance, the amount written in words will be taken
      as final.

6.    The contractor shall make own arrangement at his own cost till handing over
      the generator to the bank.

7.    Bank of India reserves his right to accept or reject any tender without assigning
      any reasons whatsoever and the said decision shall be final, conclusive and
      blinding upon the tenderer.

8.    Bank     of   India   may     without   prejudice    to  his    right  against
      manufacturer/supplier, with respect to any delay or otherwise in respect of any
      breach of the Contract, the bank may have the power to determine or resend
      the contract without furnishing any reasons thereof.

9.    Bank of India shall have the power to insist to the manufacturer/supplier to
      submit the samples/colour/test certificate from any Govt. Authorised agent of
      any materials to be used in the work where the expenditure is to be borne by
      the supplier.

10.   Employer shall not be liable for or in respect of any damages or compensation
      payable at low in respect or in consequence of any accident or injury to any
      workmen or other persons in the employment of the contractor or sub

11.   The tender shall remain valid for a period of six months from the date of the

12.   All alteration made while filling the tender must be attested by the initials of the
      tenderer over ruling of figures is not permitted.

13.   Time should be considered as essence of the contract. In case of non-
      completion or delay in completion of work or removal of defects in time. The
      employer shall be free to appoint another agency to get the job at the
      contractor’s risk and cost.

14.   The manufacturer/supplier can submit the bills after satisfactory delivery &
      installation of the generator at the site.

15.   The rates quoted in the tender shall include all charges of any tools and plants,
      railway freight, labour conditions and fluctuations in the rates, sales tax, excise
      duty and other taxes and shall be firm for the duration of the contract. No
      escalation in the rates will be allowed under any circumstance, time should be
      considered as the essence of the contract.

16.   In case of any dispute, the matter will be referred to the Zonal Manager – Bank
      Of India (Zonal Office) Chennai.

17.   For litigations, if any arising thereof, the competent court at Chennai alone will
      have jurisdiction.
                        SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1. Completion Period      : 15 days from the award of order

2. Date of commencement : Immediate after issue of L.O.I and acceptance of order

3. Validity of tender     : Six months after opening of tender

4. Rules/Regulations      : The Supplier shall have the responsibility of complying
                            with the local shops establishments Act and keep all such
                            records/account on payment of wages/ attendance as
                           deemed to be necessary.

5. Co- ordination       : The Supplier shall work in close co- ordination with
                          other agencies to avoid rework/ damage and ensure
                          timely completion.

6. Terms of payment       : Upon satisfactory completion of the work.
Total Amount Quoted :          Rs.
      (Rupees in words)

Signature of the Tenderer with seal :

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