American Bike Trails by elenidemetriou


									American Bike Trails
by Eleni Demetriou

As an avid cyclist, I consider myself lucky to live in a country with
such a wealth of pristine mountain biking trails. The bike-friendly
section of the Finger Lakes Trail, arguably one of the best (albeit
least-known) trails in the country, is located in Letchworth State Park
in New York. Consisting of 22 miles of singletrack, the trail runs along
the rim of the Genesee River Gorge, a 600-foot deep chasm known as the
“Grand Canyon of the East.” In addition to the spectacular views offered
by the trail, bikers also enjoy a challenging ride over rocks and roots
while navigating blind switchbacks and downed logs. For experienced
cyclists looking for a way to push themselves to the limits, the Finger
Lakes Trail is the perfect challenge. For cyclists seeking a less
grueling ride, Fisher Creek in Ketchum, Idaho offers a scenic ride in the
picturesque Sawtooth Mountains. Although Fisher Creek lacks many of the
natural obstacles of other trails, it requires an altitude climb of over
8,000 feet. During the first portion of the trail, bikers pass by beaver
ponds and cabins before encountering the steep incline. When riders
finally reach the top, they are treated to panoramic views of snow-capped
mountains, sprawling meadows, and clear blue skies. After completing the
singletrack descent, riders reach the asphalt and can enjoy a one -mile
coast back to the trailhead. Dubbed “the perfect trail” by many, the
Downieville Downhill trail in California’s Tahoe National Forest offers a
highly technical ride that acts as one extended adrenaline rush. The
trail itself descends 4,200 feet in under 14 miles, winding through old
growth forests, wild flower-filled meadows, and cliffs overlooking
roaring rivers. Although many riders scoff at the idea of taking a
shuttle to the top of the trail, Downieville Downhill is taxing in its
own way, often leaving riders completely exhausted by the time they reach
the bottom.

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