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Reco International Garlic Baker


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									  Reco International Garlic Baker

The Romertopf garlic baker roasts garlic to perfection. The special porous clay allows the garlic to
breathe during the cooking process and enhance the flavor.
For centuries food has been cooked in earthenware pots over open fires or in brick ovens. Römertopf
carries on this tradition by crafting clay pots and dishes specifically intended for cooking a variety of
vegetables, meats, casseroles, and breads in the home oven. Manufactured in Mexico, each vessel is
made from unglazed and porous terra cotta containing no lead or cadmium. Before each use, the pot is
soaked in water in order to absorb a certain amount of moisture into the permeable clay. This moisture
is slowly released during cooking, sealing in natural juices and increasing flavor and tenderness.
Shaped like a head of garlic, the adorable garlic baker from Römertopf is perfect for roasting garlic to
be used as a spread on bread or in soups, sauces, and gravies. Standing 5 inches tall and measuring
4-1/4 inches wide, this small baker can also be used as a serving dish. Intended to be used only in the
oven, Römertopf recommends washing all clay pots by hand. Due to their porous and unglazed
nature, the pots should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes. --Lea Werbel
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