; Chef's Design 12-by-10-Inch Lasagna Pan
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Chef's Design 12-by-10-Inch Lasagna Pan


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									  Chef's Design 12-by-10-Inch Lasagna Pan

Lasagna Pan Plus
At 3 inches deep, this baking pan is ideal for layered dishes, such as lasagna or scalloped potatoes,
and its generous 10-by-12-inch rectangular shape makes it equally as useful for baking a large ham or
roasting six Cornish game hens. The pan is constructed of heavy, hand-cast aluminum, which is a
superior conductor of heat. For easy maintenance, the pan’s surface is coated with a long-lasting
Excalibur nonstick system, which has a patented stainless-steel alloy for additional durability. For
safety, the pan is designed from one piece of metal and includes wide edges at either end that serve
as handles. --Cristina Vaamonde
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