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THIS IS THE LAST WILL notwithstanding any will made by me at any time
heretobefore made and I declare this to be my will and Testament of me Smt.
_________,        Aged        ___        W/o        _______________,           R/o
_________________________, made on this                     ___day of _________,
2010, at _______________. It will be effective after my death. It is my wish and
desire that after my death, my ____________ W/o Mr. _________ currently R/o
___________ shall be entitled to my house ______________ and thereof
absolutely and forever. I declare her as my sole beneficiary and universal legate of
this will.

Life is uncertain and nobody knows when one’s end may come, I therefore, make
this Will in my perfect state of health and sound disposing mind without the
pressure, influence, persuasion of anybody.

WHEREAS I reside with my Husband, Son and Daughter in Law,

AND WHEREAS I am the legal owner and in possession of the property
situated at ___________, bearing khasra no. ________, which was purchased by
me vide registered sale deed dated ________ (to be referred to as House);

AND WHEREAS I have purchased above said House from the savings of my
self earned income through a ______________ (profession) and no one except
me have the complete right over the Property;
AND WHEREAS it is necessary to prevent disputes or any problems which may
arise with respect to the House, I am now bequeathing the above mentioned
Property to my ___________.

AND WHEREAS It is my wish and desire that the abovementioned Property,
shall go to _________, my ________, who shall be the sole beneficiary of the
above said House. I hereby leave, give, devise and bequeath absolutely and forever
to my daughter, her heirs, executors, administrator, for her use and benefit
absolutely and forever. I hereby appoint my daughter sole executor of my will who
will be entitled to obtain probate without being required to furnish any security.

1. This Will has not been obtained through fraud, coercion or undue influence
     and the same has been made by me and the same reflect my true intentions.

     This DEED OF WILL has been made today on this           of ____, 2010


We,      s/o ……………, r/o. ………, and ……………. , s/o ……………, r/o.
………, do hereby state that we have singed as attesting witnesses to this last will
of            Smt.__________________,           Aged       about      ___       W/o
_____________________________ made on this                 day of ______, 2010, at
……………, at her instance and in his presence after she signed it and affixed has
named as the Testator and in the presence of each of us, [____________] and
Shri      , S/o ……………., r/o. ……………

Shri      , S/o ……………., r/o. ……………

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