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									Best Vacuum For Pet Hair : An Honest Dyson Animal Vacuum
- written by Flo Flint.

                 So, you wanna find out what the best vacuum for pet hair is? Well,
                 I can help you with that. After many hours of research I've discovered that
                 the title of the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair definitely goes to Dyson
                 DC25 Animal. You can read my honest review of this tool below. I hope I'll
                 make your buying decision easier.

              What makes Dyson Animal Vacuum an ideal pet hair cleaner? Let's
              start with the ball technology. Both you and me realize how hard it is to
twist around furniture and corners, right? You also know that your pet can sneak into
places that you probably didn't know existed in your house or apartment. Well, with ball
technology you can easily move left-right / front-back with great ease, thus removing
the pet hair that would be almost impossible to reach with common vacuums.

What about the design? Well, simply put, the design of Dyson Animal Vacuum is
great; it fits perfectly for what it's built for. Guys at Dyson really had pet hair in mind
when designing this baby; it's very focused on cleaning hair. That's not to say that it
isn't fit for other cleaning tasks though. The motorized brush bar removes pet hair from
carpets and the mini turbine head helps in clearing it off of confined places (a car comes
to my mind). Add in a built-in quick-draw telescope wand for high places that are hard
to reach, and you get a really good vacuum for pet hair. You get a 16 feet reach wand –
perfect for upholstery, stairs and drapes. Remote cord rewind is a standard as well.

Don't worry about the loss of suction or clogging. The Dyson brand is known for
outstandingly strong suction. This pet hair cleaner is no different. It totally SUCKS ( you
know what I mean, lol).

Effective cleaning is also assured by the Root Cyclone Technology. It uses
centrifugal force and thus separates the air from dirt. You will actually get a cleaner air
then the one you're breathing ( the reason for this is that you get a lifetime washable
HEPA filter - the air expelled is 150 times cleaner than the one you breathe). I also
have to mention that the expelled air is asthma friendly (certified by Asthma and
Allergy Foundation of America). This is one of the top features of Dyson DC25 Animal
Pet Hair Vacuum.

Okay, okay, but what are the bad things about this cleaner you ask? Well, there
were only 3 bad things that I've noticed, and they are quite subjective (at least I think

       1. First, the dust bin is quite small. Prepare yourself to empty the dust bin 3-4
          times when cleaning an apartment with 3 bedrooms.

       2. The wand is kinda hard (I'd say awkward is more precise) to detach. It's a bit

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair : An Honest Dyson Animal Vacuum Review
      3. The power cord is short. For each floor on which you plan to clean the pet
         hair (or anything else for that matter), you will need at least 2-3 power

Conclusion : Dyson Animal Vacuum Is The best vacuum for pet hair. I know I
might sound like someone who's trying to sell you something, but trust me, I will never
try to sell you something that is worthless just to get the money out of you (I guess
you'll have to take my word for it). The thing is, if you're looking for an efficient pet hair
cleaner, you really have to look no further. Just check out the reviews from buyers on
Amazon, they are RAVING. There are also other options like Hoover Windtunnel or
Bissel Healthy Home Vacuums, but if pet hair is your main focus, you won't go wrong
with this one.

If you hurry up, you just might get on time to get a 40% discount on Dyson Animal
Vacuum. Free super-saver shipping is also available.

If you are more into hand held vacuum cleaners there is also a great (and I mean
GREAT!) alternative in Dyson DC31 Handheld Animal Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner. You can
get a 10% Discount HERE.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair : An Honest Dyson Animal Vacuum Review

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