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									Tips To Searching For A Job While You Are Employed

If you are employed and would like to move on from your current company, searching
for a job while you are employed is difficult. It can be tricky. However, it is possible as
long as it is done with respect to your current employers. There are a few key points that
need to be considered when engaging in job hunting while you are employed.

You do not want to lose your current job while you are job searching. That means that
you must conduct your search confidentially. This means you will need to limit who you
tell about your plans. Do not tell the people at your current company or any of the
contacts that you have gained from this company.

Also, you will need to make sure that you are using your own time and resources when
conducting a job search. You should not be using company resources to conduct a job
search. On your resume and cover letter, you should only have your personal information.
Use your paid time off for interviews that have to take place during hours you should be

If you are using social media sites to conduct a job search, be careful and make sure to
update your privacy settings. Also, make sure you are not broadcasting your plans on
these sites. Other people can view your comments and information can easily get back to
your current company.

Even though you are searching for a job while employed, it is important to remain
dependable and trustworthy to your current employer. It is very important to stay silent
about your status until you have actually been given a job offer. Once the new job is
confirmed, follow the proper steps to leave your current job and give adequate notice that
you are leaving.

Searching for a job while you are employed is necessary sometimes. You do not want to
burn the bridges and destroy the relationships that you have garnered. Leave your current
job with grace and dignity is an indication of how successful you will be at your new job.

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