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Political Cartoon for the Progressive Presidents


									Name:                                       Melissa Preston
School Building:                            Union City High School
School District/Other School Agency:        Union City Area
Submitting Interme diate Unit:              I.U.#5
E-mail Address:                   

Project Name: TAS 2005

Planned Instruction Title: Political Cartoon for the Progressive Presidents (T. Roosevelt,
                            Wm. Taft, W. Wilson)

Grade Level:
         Primary (K-3)
         Intermediate (4-6)
        High School

Expected Instructional Time: 2 blocks (168 minutes)

Key Words: Progressive presidents, T. Roosevelt, Wm. Taft, W. Wilson, Thomas Nast,
           political cartoons

Standard Content Areas: To access the PA State Standards visit the following Web site|5467| (Check all
that apply.)

           Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
           Science & Technology
           Environment & Ecology
           Civics & Government
           Arts & Humanities
           Career Education & Work (proposed)
           Health, Safety & Physical Education
           Family & Consumer Sciences
           World Languages (proposed)

PA Standard or Proposed Standard Academic Standards for History (2002)

Standard Category Number and Name:

8.1.9          Historical Analysis and Skills Development
8.3.9          United States History

Standard Grade Level, Letter, and Standard State ment:

Grade 9        8.1.9.C and 8.3.9.A
Grade 12       8.1.12.C and 8.3.12.A
PA Standard or Proposed Standard Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, and Listening (1998)

1.6.11 A, C        Speaking and Listening

Technology Standard: To access the ISTE Standards visit the following Web site,

PA Standard or Proposed Standard:

    1.   Basic operations and concepts
    2.   Social, ethical, human issues
    3.   Technology productivity tools
    4.   Technology communications tools
    5.   Technology research tools

Learning Objectives and Summative Assessment:

                                                         PERFORMANCE                    SUMMATIVE
                         LEARNING                          INDICATORS/                 ASSESSMENT
                        OBJECTIVES                       STUDENT WORK                       TOOL
                  *Research and create a              *Completion and              *See rubric below
                  political cartoon on an             presentation of their
                  assigned progressive                political cartoon

                  *Individual objectives
                  will vary depending on
                  what president is being
                  *Objectives: see other

                                               Place Your Assessment Tool Here
Ms. Preston
9th gr. U. S. History
Political Cartoon

    CATA GORIES:                                                              GRA DING SCA LE:

    1.   Creati vity                                                          10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

         *Ext remely clever to little creat ive energy used

    2.   Content Accuracy                                                     10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

         *Co mpletely accurate to inaccurate facts

    3. Presentati on/Write -Up                                                10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

         *Engaging and interesting to not organized, prepared

    4. Ti me on Task                                                          10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

         *No off topic conversation to not utilizing class time efficiently
    5.   Overall Appearance                                           10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
         *Work worthy of a 9th grader

COMMENTS: __________________________________________________

STUDENTS’ NAME(S); __________________________________________ Block___________
GRA DE_______________

Overvie w:

The students will be divided into dyads or triads and create a political cartoon of one of the Progressive
Presidents. The students will research political cartoons on the internet and will present their cartoons to their


         Day 1: *Divide students into dyads/triads
                *Assign groups a section from chapter 9 in the textbook
                *Students will read the assigned section as a group
                *Students will complete the written assignment for their specific section
                *Students will brainstorm and create a rough draft of their political cartoon

         Day 2: *Students will present their rough draft for approval
                 *Students will create their group cartoon
                 * Students will present their cartoons for their classmates
                **Students will have internet access in order to research their group topic and to locate sample
                political cartoons that pertain to their topic.


Textbook, Examples of Political cartoons, lab time, white construction paper, colored pencils, (art supplies)

Instructional Activities:

Creating a political cartoon

Inte rventions :

Follow accommodations from the student’s IEP, if applicable


Identify a website that is pertinent to the progressive presidents and share your findings with the class.

Cartoonist Techniques
Caricature- distorting or exaggerating an individual’s physical features.

Stereotyping- making oversimplified, exaggerated, or unfavorable generalizations about a particular group of

Symbols- using signs or objective to stand for an idea.

Labels- using words to identify elements of the cartoon

Exaggeration- portraying an individual or situation as “larger than life”


Section 1      *Explain how Roosevelt tried to balance the needs of both business and labor.

               *Describe what Roosevelt did to regulate businesses and railroads.

               *Identify why Roosevelt and others contributed to the conservation movement.

Section 2      *Explain how William Howard Taft’s administration was similar to and different from
               Roosevelt’s administration.

               *Examine why the Progressives turned against President Taft in the 1912 election.

               *Identify the events that took place during the election of 1912.

Section 3      *Describe some characteristics of President Wilson’s administration.

               *Identify the economic reforms Wilson pursued.

               *Explain how Wilson tried to regulate corporations.

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