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Vuylstekeara Fall in Love orchid


Vuylstekeara Fall in Love orchid

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									                                                           Vuylstekeara Fall in Love orchid

  Vuylstekeara Fall in Love 'Lovely Lady' AM/AOS. Near Blooming Size orchid plant, lovely flowers

  This one is an intergeneric hybrid consisting of Cochlioda, Miltonia and Odontoglossum.

  Vuylstekeara Fall in Love 'Lovely Lady' AM/AOS is Vuyl. Memoria Mary Kavanaugh x Oda. Helen Stead.

  But don't let all that orchid-speak put you off. The result is a plant that puts out stunning lavender flowers
  like the ones pictured. The flowers can be up to three inches across and they are long-lasting and mildly

  They are easy to grow, too. Provide bright indirect light and a temperature range of 60 to 85 degrees.
  Allow to get almost dry, but not quite, between waterings, like a phal. Fertilize twice a month or so.

  These are clones of the 85-point award winner. These are near blooming size with one or two
  pseudobulbs. They are freshly repotted in sphagnum moss in 3.5 inch square plastic pots.

  The longest leaves are 8 to 10 inches and we always ship the largest.

  These are likely to flower within 12 to 24 months, which is our definition of blooming size.

  We will ship in the pot.

  Medium light and water are best, fertilize weakly twice a month. You can buy with confidence. Orchids from
  The Orchid Gallery are guaranteed. Period.


      l   Easy to grow
      l   Beautiful lavender flowers
      l   Great beginner plant

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