Top 10 ways to increase your pagerank

					 Top 10 Ways to increase your PageRank ™
Use lots of meta keyword tags. Use it WITH Commas. Make sure you don't
repeat the same word more than 3 times in a row. Google only indexes the first
101K of the document - so don't use TOO many.
Make sure you include at least one link to Google. They need quality traffic as
well. Don't be greedy and hog it all to yourself. This can do wonders for your
pages. Remember - Google may be going public soon - so the more traffic you
send them the better.
    Use invisible text but make it close - colors like 00FF33 & 00FF66 are both
browser safe, but are so close most humans can't tell the difference. Even though
 Google has over 50 Phds on staff - none of them probably know this - so use it -
the bottom of the page is a good place - right above what you will learn in number
   4. Use your mouse to highlight what is written in the box below to see what I

                                 SEE IT IS

            Table above using <td bgcolor="00FF33"><font color="00FF66">

Dots, Dots, and More Dots. Put them at the bottom of your document like this:
Then link each one to your pages - make sure you link one to Google and for
good measure another to Yahoo. Don't link to other sites (other than your own)
that aren't search engines. Don't even link to sites that used to be search engines
- like AltaVista.
This tip is probably the most powerful one on here. Make at least three pages on
your site and link them as follows:
Page 1 >>>>>> Page 2
Page 2 >>>>>> Page 3
And this is the kicker
Page 3 >>>>>> Page 1

Google will give points to page 2 from page 1, then to page 3 from page 2, and
then - if you link it back to page 1 - it starts all over again. I can't even count how
many points this will end up giving you. Just don't abuse it too much - or the big
sites will complain you are taking too much PR from them.
Use H1 Tags for your entire page (except the title and other header information).
You can use CSS Style sheets to make them look smaller and Google will give
you bookoo points for having everything so big on the page (even though it
doesn't look big to the user).
Submit early and submit often. I prefer to submit on a Sunday. That way - on
Monday morning - the Googleplex will be swamped with so much to do - my
submits will slip by. See the Googleplex hard at work. Would you work to ban
submits if you could get FREE goat cheese (especially after doing two days
without). Wouldn't you rather play "chopsticks" on a grand piano while getting a
massage? Or look at pages all day of Britney Spears?
Link back too other people linking to your page using
This is similar to the technique in #5, but not as powerful.
Be careful spelling. Words like "PENS" and "ANGINA" can easily be mispelled to
be words of the male and female anatomy respectively. This will cause Google to
mistake your site for an ADUL† Site - and get it banned. Noticed how I used a
special character to look like the letter "T" in the word before site. Use clever
tricks like this throughout your documents.
If all else fails - mail a 10 spot wrapped inside a number 10 envelope (make sure
you wrap one layer of aluminum foil around it). Write your URL above the serial
number on the front. If it won't fit, then that's THE problem - as Google hates long

Send it to:

Mr. Güg L. Baht
c/o Larry & Sergey
2400 Bayshore Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

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