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					                 Business Model - Android Applications

AADI has designed client- friendly business models for delivering its services across
diverse businesses. You could conveniently choose from simple modes of services to
strike project deals to have our experts work for you and hand over your applications
perfectly in time.

Fixed Price Model
We could give a fixed price estimate, if the client requirements are reasonably clear and a
detailed specification could be made before hand. Projects with clearly defined scope,
schedule and requirements could be ideal for a fixed price model. It ensures prompt
delivery in accordance with every condition and fixed budget agreed upon during
entering the contract. Skilled and expert professionals are assigned proportionately as
demanded by the task, to ensure timely completion with optimal costs, much below your

Time and Material Model

If there are chances of great variation in determining the scope, specifications, and efforts
required beforehand for any project, then this model seems to be perfectly suitable. The
cost is worked out in the end based on time and material inputs and hence the name, time
and material model. Monthly or weekly fees are evaluated depending on the use of hourly
based development efforts. Reports that monitor every minute of work done are
maintained to control costs. In- house project management and online reporting tracks the
exact number of hours spent with ready access to one and every human resource. A
separate development team and infrastructure commensurate with the project load is
offered which ensures seamless completion with assured success.

Dedicated Development Center Model
This model works as an extension of the client's software engineering facility or
development center. Dedicated developers / Development Teams as per your selection
work exclusively on your project under your remote supervision. The size of the team or
skills required could be changed anytime during the project without any administrative or
overhead costs. The dedicated developer/development team reports directly to you or to a
project contact person at your end. In this model, the cost is worked out per person for a
month or a fixed monthly rate for the team.

Build-Operate-Transfer Model
We build an offshore facility for the customer, operate the offshore facility and customize
it as per the customer's needs and when the model reaches maturity; we transfer the
complete ownership of the facility and resources to the client.
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