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					              myTrack is a Windows-based online trading and market data system.
              myTrack gives you access to online trading, streaming quotes, breaking
              company news, historical data, and charting for technical analysis.
              Although myTrack is designed as a direct access trading platform, you can
              use it solely as a market data tool.
              Overview ........................................................3         Symbol Monitor ................................16
              Installing and Setting up myTrack ..........4                              Changing Data Columns ..................17
              Navigating myTrack                                                         Setting Alerts ......................................17
                   The 3 Faces of myTrack......................6                         Quoteline ............................................17
                     The Market Data Screen ................6                            Scrolling Ticker ..................................17
                     The Chat Screen ..............................6                     News Headlines..................................17
                     The myTrade Screen ........................6                    Right-Click for Information on a Security ....18
                   The Toolbar............................................7              Today’s News ......................................18

Quick Start   Online Trading ..............................................8
                  The Screen Layout................................8
                  Opening an Account ............................9
                  Online Trading Support ......................9
                                                                                         Charting ..............................................18
                                                                                         Option Display....................................18
                                                                                         Extended Quote ................................18
                                                                                         Nasdaq Level II ..................................19

                  How to Place a Trade ........................10                        Transaction Log ..................................19
                  How to Cancel an Order ..................10                            3rd Party Information ......................20
                  One-Click Trading ..............................11                     Symbol Lookup ..................................20
                  Retrieving Account Information ....12                              Real-Time Market Data ............................21
                  Trade Routing......................................12               Upgrading Your Market Data Plan ......21
                  Trading Options, Futures, & Currencies..13                          Market Data Service Plans....................22
              The Chat Screen ........................................14                    Basic ..................................................22
                  The Screen Layout ............................14                          Silver..................................................22
                  Sending a Message in Chat ............15                                  Gold ..................................................22
                  Tell Track ..............................................15               Platinum ..........................................22
              The Market Data Screen ..........................16                    Obtaining Help ..........................................23
                  The Screen Layout ............................16                   Frequently Asked Questions ..................23

Overview                                                                                                        Installing and Setting up myTrack
myTrack Places the Power of an Integrated Trading System into the Hands                                         Step 1. Install myTrack software from the CD
of the Individual Investor                                                                                      1. Place the myTrack CD in your CD Rom drive.
                                                                                                                2. Click Start to open the Start menu and then click Run.
• Direct Access Trading                                                                                         3. From the Run dialog box, click Browse.
      Direct Access to Market Makers and ECNs                                                                   4. Click on the down-arrow located all the way to the right of the Look In box and double
      Easy order entry                                                                                             click on the drive that is designated as your CD Rom drive (usually D:). Click once on the
      Order status
      Immediate on-screen notification of orders and executions                                                    myTrack self-extracting file (mtkrxxxx.exe) and then click Open. The Run dialog box will
      Transaction history                                                                                          reappear with the file name displayed in the Open box.
      Free Market Scan, and Excel link with an Active Trading Account*                                          5. Click OK to open the myTrack Setup program.
      Trading Available in
         Equities                                                                                               Step 2. Run Setup Wizard to complete installation
           U.S. Stocks                                                                                          1. The Setup Wizard completes the installation process. The Welcome screen appears first.
           Foreign Stocks                                                                                          Click Next and follow the instructions on each of the following screens.
           ADR’s                                                                                                2. On the User Information screen, enter your name and the name of your company, if
           OTCBB & Pink Sheets                                                                                     applicable. Click Next.
         Funds                                                                                                  3. The screen titled Choose Destination Location is used to specify a folder for the myTrack
           Exchange-Traded Funds                                                                                   program. The default (automatic) location is C:\Prog ramFi l e s \ myTra ck. It is recommend-
           Mutual Funds                                                                                            ed that you use the default setting and click Next. If you desire, you may customize your
         Currencies                                                                                                setting by using the Browse button. After entering your customized location, click Next.
         Futures                                                                                                4. The dialog box titled Select Program Folder will appear. The default folder name is
                                                                                                                   myTrack. You can accept the default, type a new name, or select one from the Existing
• Data Displays make tracking prices and news easy                                                                 Folder list. Again, it is suggested that the default settings be used. To accept the entered
      Symbol Monitor Window displays dynamically updating market information for up
      to 200 symbols, dependent on service level.                                                                  name, click Next.
      Quoteline displays dynamically updating market information for a market symbol.                           5. The next screen is titled Start Copying Files. On this screen, click Next.
      Scrolling Ticker d i s p l ays block trade data as trades occur for ticke rs entered in Symbol Monitor.   6. Once all files have been copied, the Setup Complete screen will appear. Select “Yes,
      News Headline Window displays breaking news headlines with access                                            restart my computer now” and click Finish.
      to complete news stories. See our Market Data Plans on p.22.                                              7. In the second Setup Complete screen, make sure the “Yes, launch the program” box is NOT
                                                                                                                   checked and click Finish.
* Active Trading Account is defined as a brokerage account that has at least one
  commission-generating trade in the last 90 days OR over $25,000 in Account Equity.
                                                    -3-                                                                                                      -4-
Step 3. Launch myTrack and enter Login information                                              The Three Faces of myTrack
1. Log onto the Internet.
2. Click Start, then Programs. Click on the myTrack submenu and then click myTrack to           There are 3 “home pages” for myTrack. There is the Market Data Screen, which is the first
   start the program.                                                                           page you’ll see when you launch myTrack. There is the Chat Screen, which you can view by
                                                                                                clicking on the gray Chat button in the toolbar at the top of the page. And there is the
3. The Welcome to myTrack dialog box will appear. If you are a new user, click New. If you
   already have a User Name and Password, and are reinstalling the software, click Existing.    myTrade Screen, which you can get to by clicking on the gray myTrade button (if you have
                                                                                                an online brokerage account).
           New Users:
           • A dialog box asking if you are behind a firewall will appear. If you are not
             behind a firewall or are unsure, click No. Yes should be clicked only if you are
             connecting through a company server or your first attempt using No was
             unsuccessful. If you are behind a firewall, you will need to email
    for further instructions.
           • At the Terms and Conditions form, read then click I Accept.
           • The New User Form will appear. Fill in all necessary information, including a
             user name of your choice and a password that is at least 6 characters long.
             Once you have filled in all the required information, click Accept. If the user
                                                                                                          Market Data Screen
             name that you have selected is already in use, you will be prompted to select
           Existing Users:
           • At the myTrack Login screen, type in your user name and password. The Host
              ID and Port ID information are as follows:
              Host ID:
              Port ID: 9983                                                                                                              Chat Screen
           • Once you have entered all information, click OK.
           • Note: If you are behind a firewall, you will need to email
     for further instructions.
                                                                                                                                                                  myTrade Screen

                                              -5-                                                                                          -6-
The ToolBar                                                                                                  Online Trading

                                                                                                             Click the myTrade button on the toolbar and myTrack’s online trading window will appear.
                                                                                                                                                                         (if you have a trading account)
Click toolbar buttons for special myTrack functions                                                          myTrade menu commands for printing, changing settings                 Scrolling Ticker displays
                                                                                                             (configuration, password, etc) and opening your account               a running tape of trades
      Special functions are easily accessed by clicking the toolbar buttons                                                                                                        for the symbol shown in
                                                                                                             Placing a trade                  Click Send button to submit trade           the Symbol box.
      myTrade: Access your trading account. OR Open An Account—If you don’t have a
           brokerage account yet, click here to open one.                                                     Select your account
      Chat: Edit your services/profile, chat with other myTrack members and hosts, and
           obtain customer support.
                                                                                                              Select Trade Type
      Portfolio: Check theoretical or real portfolio values.                                                  Enter symbol and other
      Currency: View current market data on all the curre n cy pairs that can be traded through myTra ck .      trade information in
      Market Pulse: A database of market summary information.                                                   these boxes
      News Roundup: See current and historical news.                                                            Enter Limit/Stop Price, if
      Simulated Trading: Get accustomed to online trading using this simulator.                                 applicable.
      Market Scan: The ability to search for traded securities in real-time that meet
           parameters (price, volume, etc.) set by user. (Free with active trading account.)                 Quote Line displays quote
      Referrals: Find out about myTrack’s Referral Program. Get cash for referring others                    for symbol in box above
           to myTrack.
                                                                                                             Order status window
      Tell Track: Send a direct e-mail to support or other myTrack departments.
                                                                                                             Account information
NOTE: If the Toolbar is not visible, go to the top of the myTrack screen, click on View, and
     check Toolbar in the drop-down box.                                                                     Use Tabs to toggle between
                                                                                                             orders, transactions,
                                                                                                             positions, etc.
                                                                                                             Click Request button to retrieve specified    Requested account information is displayed here
                                                   -7-                                                                                                     -8-
Opening an Online Trading Account                                                             How to Place a Trade
                                                                                              1. From the Account box at the top, select the account in which you want to trade.
Before you can trade using myTrack, you must establish and fund an online                     2. From the Trade Type section, click on Stock (the default), Option, Conditional, Future,
brokerage account.                                                                               Mutual Fund, Option Spread, or Currency to select the type of instrument and trade.
To open your online trading account:                                                          3. Use the next row of boxes to make the following entries:
                                                                                                  • Enter Symbol for the instrument. The Scrolling Ticker and Quote Line will begin to
• Select Open Account from the menu, then select the type of account you want to
                                                                                                     display market information for the symbol entered.
   establish. An online account application form will appear.
                                                                                                  • Enter Quantity and select Action (Buy, Sell, etc.).
• Complete all information and click Submit. You will receive a package by Priority mail
                                                                                                  • Select Order Type, Duration, and Condition.
  delivery with information forms, and instructions telling you how to transfer funds into
                                                                                                  • For limit and/or stop orders, specify a Limit and/or Stop Price.
  your account so that you can begin trading.
                                                                                              4. Click Send button to submit trade. The window located immediately below the Quote
• You can also download the New Account Forms from
                                                                                                 Line will display information regarding the receipt of your order.
                                                                                              5. When asked to review your order, you will need to click Confirm.

                                                                                              To Cancel an Open Order Last Entered
                                                                                              1. Click the Orders tab.
                                                                                              2. Click cancel.
Online Trading Support from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Time
1. For general questions:
                                                                                              To Cancel an Open Order Other Than the Last Entered
    • From the main myTrack screen, click Chat.
                                                                                              1. Click the Orders tab.
    • At the bottom of the Chat window frame, click the number 9.
                                                                                              2. Select Open from the top of the Orders page, then click Request. A list of your open
    • Channel 9 provides all the answers you will need to get started. Just type your
                                                                                                 orders will appear in the lower window.
       question and press Enter.
                                                                                              3. Left mouse click on the order you wish to cancel, then click OK to confirm.
2. Once you sign up, you can ask questions on our Members Only Assistance channel,
   number 3.
3. You can also e-mail your questions to
4. For questions and broker assistance, call 1-800-myTrack (698-7225), or, Internationally,

                                              -9-                                                                                         - 10 -
One-Click Trading                                                                               Retrieving Account Information
On the myTrade screen, go to the Settings button at the top and select Configuration from       1. From the row of tabs located near the center of the window, select the information you
the drop-down menu.                                                                                want displayed by clicking the appropriate tab.
                                                                                                2. In the line below the row of tabs, complete the required selections and entries.
These are the settings you use to to adjust myTrack’s pre-population of your trading screen.
                                                                                                3. Click Request to retrieve the information. The requested account information will appear
Pre-population lets you double-click on a security in Level II or Order Book and pop it into
                                                                                                   in the lower window.
your trading screen (instead of typing in the symbol, current price, etc.)
                                                                                                Trade Routing
Checking the Stop Loss box will result in a Stop Loss box and a Take Profit box automatically   You do not need to do anything about routing. The default routing system, iRoute, will
popping up on your trade screen when you do a stock or currency trade.                          automatically route your trades for you. However, if you are comfortable routing your trades
                                                                                                and want to include or exclude specific destinations, there are two ways to route your trades.
In addition, myTrack offers you true one-click trading, which allows you to jump from the
monitor straight to an order (without seeing an order confirmation window).                     1. First, you can manually route a trade on a trade by trade basis. Click on the Settings button
                                                                                                   in myTrade and be sure the “Enhanced Functionality”
                                                                                                   button has a check next to it. Then, when you enter a
                                                                                                   trade, after you choose a Trade Type and Symbol, you
                                                                                                   will see a Routing Box pop up if there are multiple
                                                                                                   routing destinations available.
                                                                                                2. Second, you can pre-configure your default routing
                                                                                                   choices by clicking on the Settings button and
                                                                                                   selecting Routing from the drop-down box. You can
                                                                                                   enable or exclude destinations. Please be aware that
                                                                                                   some destinations charge for executions.

                                                                                                                                                           The Routing Co n fi g u ration scre e n
IMPORTANT: Keep a check next to the “One Click Confirmation” box as that will allow you                                                                    contains your default settings. Your
to review the trade before it is sent to the market. Unchecking the box will mean that                                                                     t rades will not be routed to
double-clicking on a security’s symbol in Level II or Order Book will immediately send an                                                                  destinations that charge unless you
order to the market.                                                                                                                                       enable them by ch e cking the
                                                                                                                                                           appropriate box.
                                             - 11 -                                                                                          - 12 -
Trading Options, Futures, & Currencies                                                           The Chat Screen
Options — Requires pre-approval.You need to fill out some paperwork and tell us about your
  prior experience trading options.
Futures — Requires separate account paperwork (though not a separate account). Please visit
  the myTrack web site — — for details on how futures trading works
  and what the risks are.                                                                        Access the Chat Screen by clicking on the gray Chat Button in the Toolbar.
Currencies (“Forex”) — Requires separate account, though trading is integrated into the
  myTrack platform. Please visit the myTrack web site — — for details on
                                                                                                 Chat Provides Chat Rooms for talking with other users and myTrack Hosts.
                                                                                                 Chat is a valuable source of customer support with hosts available on market days from
  how currency trading (“Forex”) works and what the risks are.                                   8 am until 5 pm Eastern Time.

                                                                                                 Chat is also where you go to make changes to your account.
                                                                                                                                                       Toolbar buttons display pop-up
                                                                                                                                                        windows for specific functions

                                                                                                 Chat menu commands for
                                                                                                 making changes to your
                                                                                                 service plan, entitlements,
                                                                                                 or user profile

                                                                                                       Chat Room area

  You can access currency quotes by clicking on the gray Currency Button in the Toolbar.         Chat options:
  Set up one-click trading (see p.11) and you can click on the currency pair you’re interested   Say/Tell
  in and it will pre-populate a trade request.
                                                                                                 Chat Room buttons:
                                                                                                 Public/Private    Comment Line for                                 Chat Channels are
                                                                                                                     entering messages                              accessed by clicking
                                                                                                                                                                    the numbered buttons
                                             - 13 -                                                                                           - 14 -
To Send a Message to a Chat Room:                                                              The Market Data Screen
    • Select a Chat Room (three types) by clicking one of the buttons at the base of the
         Public is the Community Chat Room.                                                    Scrolling Ticker
         Private Chat Rooms are available for private conversations with other users.
         Channels are where you can discuss specific topics with other users & hosts.          Breaking News
         (SysInfo subject in functions menu item shows topics.)
                                                                                               5 Pages of Quote
    • Post your comments by typing your message in the Comment Line, and pressing
      Enter. The box at the left end of the line designates the Chat option selected.
      Press the down arrow to select an option. To select one of the Channels, click on
      the Channel number or Channel window, the number of the Channel then appears             Dynamically
      after the word Tell.                                                                     Updating
         Say accesses the Public Community Chat Room.                                          Symbol Monitor
         Tell is used for Private chat rooms and for the Chat Channels.                        Dynamically
              • To send a private message, first type the username in the Comment Line         Updating
                 followed by a space and your message. This message will appear only in        Quoteline
                 the private chat room of the recipient.
              • When you select one of the Channels, the number of the Channel appears
                 after the word Tell.                                                          Symbol Monitor
                                                                                               Allows you to monitor groups of securities (20 lines per page , multiple symbols per line
Tell Track Send direct e-mail to myTrack support                                               available) with continu o u s ly updating prices and other market information of your choice.
• Press the toolbar button to open the Tell Track window and use the pull-down “To” menu       Depending on your Market Data Service Plan, up to 5 pages of quotes can be displaye d .
  to select a support department (when not sure where to send your note, please send to        Unless you are a subscriber to real-time quotes, all quotes are delayed 15-20 minu t e s .
• Press Tab until a cursor appears in the main window and type the note. Then click Send.      To Add/Remove/Change Symbols:
• A response will be sent to the e-mail address on file for your account. If changed, please   • To add a symbol, click on the leftmost cell in an empty row to display the Monitor
  update your Profile through the Chat function. E-mail is answered from 8 am until 5 pm         Maintenance dialog box, type the symbol, and click Add.
  EST market days.                                                                             • To remove a symbol, click on the symbol and choose Remove.
                                                                                               • To change a symbol, click on the symbol, type in a new one, and choose Change.

                                             - 15 -                                                                                          - 16 -
To Change/Add/Delete Columns:                                                                          Right-Click for Information on a Security
• With your right mouse button, click on the heading of a column you want to change.                   To display a menu of functions providing special information for a security, simply right
  A menu lists the 40+ data items available. Click on the item you want with the left                  mouse click on the symbol in the Symbol Monitor. This information includes news, charts,
  mouse button. To create another symbol column, click Insert new securities strip.                    option and future prices, extended quotes, and third-party databases such as Morningstar.
• To add a data column, c l i ck on the heading of an existing column and select Add Column from the   Left click on selected information
  menu. Click on the empty header of the new column to select the type of data you want to display.
• To remove a column, c l i ckon the column heading and select Remove Column from the menu.            Today’s News displays current day headlines from news
                                                                                                       stories pertaining to the selected symbol. To display a news
To Set Alerts:
• If your Market Data Service Plan includes Alerts, left click the Symbol on the Monitor               story, double click the headline. You can also retrieve head-
                                                                                                       lines and stories from Yesterday’s News and Historical
  Page and Alerts (text, sound, e-mail, or pager) can be set based on price, volume, or news.
  To see which Market Data Service Plans include which features, turn to page 22.
                                                                                                       Charting To view Charting, right mouse click on a symbol
Quoteline, at the base of the myTrack window, provides dynamically updating information                and select either Historical or Intraday Charting. Historical
for a user requested symbol.                                                                           Charting is a powerful analysis tool with an Indicator Library
                                                                                                       of 25 popular technical indicators using end of day prices.
To access a quote in the Quoteline, simply type the symbol and press Enter. To change the              Intraday Charting provides dynamically updating real-time
symbol, type in a new one and press Enter. Use the right mouse click menu to change data               charts with technical indicators.
columns (choose from over 40 data fields).
                                                                                                       Option Display provides option premium prices for
To change a data column, with your right mouse button, click on the heading of the data item           securities, indexes, and futures. You may customize the data
you wish to change. With your left mouse button, c l i ck on the data item you wish to see.            displayed by selecting from over 30 different items of informa-
                                                                                                       tion. To change, remove, or add a column, right mouse click
Scrolling Ticker                                                                                       on a column heading and select from the menu. To change
This display is a running tape of trades of those symbols listed in your Symbol Monitor                symbols, click on the Symbol box in the upper left-hand
pages. You can modify the block size (default 1,000 shares or greater), by selecting                   corner, type a new symbol, and press Enter.
Settings, then Ticker Volume Filter.
                                                                                                       Extended Quote displays a window that provides market
News Headlines                                                                                         information for the selected symbol. The information that
To view an underlying story, simply double click the headline and a story window will                  appears is controlled by the user in the same way that the data in the Symbol Monitor
appear. To view a list of your entitled news vendors, select Settings from the menu, then              columns can be modified.
News Vendors. To include or exclude a news feed, check or uncheck its box.
                                                 - 17 -                                                                                             - 18 -
Nasdaq Level II displays price and market information for Nasdaq traded issues.               3rd Party Information
(Quotes are either static or dynamically updating depending on your service level and         If you’re looking for fundamental information about a company on your monitor page,
requires subscription to the Nasdaq2 exchange.) Up to four Nasdaq Level II windows can be     right-click on the symbol and check out the 3rd party information available — stock
simultaneously displayed. You can customize the data displayed by clicking on a column        reports, earnings estimates, SEC filings, from 10K Wizard — they’re all here. You can even
heading with the right mouse button.                                                          get Morningstar Reports on mutual funds.

Three best bid and ask                                                                        Symbol Lookup finds ticker symbols and company names.
prices with size of offering                                                                  • Press the Toolbar button to open the Lookup window.
and the number of                                                                             • To find a Ticker Symbol from the Company, Index, or Future Name, select Search by
Market Makers offering                                                                          Company Name. Enter the company name and click Send. If you don’t know full name,
these prices.                                                                                   enter a partial name to see all symbols of companies containing the letters.
                                                                                              • To Find a Company Name based on the Symbol, select Search by Ticker, enter the
                                                                                                symbol and click Send.
Market Maker quotes -
bids sorted by best bid,
and asks sorted by best
ask. Market Maker Code
appears in the first bid
and ask columns.

Transaction Log tracks all trades and quotes for the present day for a variety of market
instruments. Today’s Log displays all transactions and quotes for the day up to the current
time. All quotes are delayed except for users paying real-time fees. Also displayed are an
Exchange Code and a Transaction Log Code (if applicable). Additionally, you can display
Top Volume Trades (trades in order of volume) and Volume Weighted Average Price
(volume, average price, and number of trades).

                                             - 19 -                                                                                       - 20 -
Real-Time Market Data                                                                            Market Data Plans
myTrack provides the following real-time data:                                                                                       Morningstar QuickTake        GOLD PLAN
                                                                                                 BASIC PLAN
• Dynamically updating quotes for stocks, options, indices, and futures                                                                Mutual Fund Report         $39.98 per month plus exchange
• Dynamically updating Transaction Logs and Nasdaq Level II information                                                              E-mail/Chat customer         fees
• Dynamically updating intraday charts                                                           Delayed pricing on Equities,          support                    Everything in SILVER plu s . . .
                                                                                                 Futures, Indicies & Options
                                                                                                                                                                  Historical News
To obtain real-time data, you must subscribe to a Real-time Plan. You must also subscribe        Custom monitor (20 Symbols)         *FREE with funded active     Alerts
to one or more Exchanges.                                                                        Portfolio                             trading account, otherwise Additional 80 Monitor
                                                                                                 Company ticker look-up                $4.98 per month               Symbols
                                                                                                 Dynamic quote line
        See page 22 for Market Data Plan Details                                                 Market Guide
                                                                                                                                                                  Snap Option Chains
                                                                                                                                                                  Snap Future Chains
                                                                                                   1-page fundamental report         SILVER PLAN
                                                                                                                                     $19.98 per month plus        Market Guide 10-Page Report
                                                                                                 Scrolling News-Business Wire
                                                                                                                                     exchange fees                Intraday Charting
                                                                                                   & Comtex Top 70
Upgrading Your Market Data Plan                                                                                                      Everything in BASIC plus...  OTC Bulletin Board (Level II)
                                                                                                 Full News Stories for today
Open the Chat window and follow these steps:                                                                                         Dynamic real-time quotes     Order Book
                                                                                                   and yesterday
1. Left mouse click Administrative and left click on Credit Card. Enter your credit card                                             Market Guide 3-Page Report
                                                                                                 Historical charting
   information and left click Submit. Then click Done.                                                                               Scrolling News Headlines:
2. Left mouse click Entitlements and left click on Plans. Make your selection click then
                                                                                                 Today’s time and sales                                           PLATINUM PLAN
                                                                                                 Technical and market stats          Full News Stories            $95 per month plus
   Exit. Log off myTrack and then restart the program. Go back to the Chat window.                                                    (Yesterday & Today)         exchange fees
                                                                                                   (Market Pulse)
3. Left mouse click Entitlements and left click on Exchanges. Make your selection[s] and fill                                           PR NewsWire               Everything in GOLD plus...
                                                                                                 Scrolling ticker
   out any applicable contracts. Then click OK/Exit.                                                                                    Reuters Delayed
                                                                                                 Composite display                                                Dynamic NASDAQ Level II
4. Select additional Features (not part of your selected plan): From the Chat menu, select                                              Comtex Top 70
                                                                                                 Historical Prices (Daily, Weekly,                                   (requires nasdaq2
   Entitlements/Features. Choose the features you want to subscribe to and click Close.                                                 Business Wire
                                                                                                   Monthly)                                                          exchange)
5. Restart myTrack. You will be immediately enabled for your upgrades.                                                               Yesterday’s Time & Sales
                                                                                                 Volatility Display                                               Dynamic Option Chains
By changing your account to real-time access, you agree to pay Track Data Corp. the applicable   Community Chat Room                                              Dynamic Future Chains
fees in accordance with the posted pricing Plans and Exchanges.                                  Simulated trading                                                Dynamic Time & Sales
                                                                                                 10K Wizard                                                       Market Scan
                                                                                                 Earnings Calendar                                                Pink Sheets Level II
                                                                                                 Simply Stocks                                                    Excel Link
                                              - 21 -                                                                                           - 22 -
Obtaining Help
• Help command (or F1) provides extensive online help information.
• Symbol Lookup toolbar button provides online help finding symbols.
• Chat toolbar button opens a window that allows you to chat with myTrack hosts from 8
  am until 5 pm EST market days and intermittently during off hours. You can ask questions
  on the Public Channel or you can use Channel 1, which is devoted exclusively to
  answering users’ questions.
• Tell Track allows you to submit questions via e-mail directly to the myTrack support staff.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the symbols for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and for the Nasdaq Composite?
The symbols are DJI and COMPX, respectively.
Why doesn’t the Scrolling Ticker show every trade?
Only trades of 1000 shares or more are shown and only symbols that are entered in your
Symbol Monitor will appear, unless you edit Settings/Ticker-Volume filter delayed.
Why do some stocks show bid & ask and others do not?
The Nasdaq stock exchange is the only ex ch a n ge that allows ve n d o rs to display delayed bid
and ask. The other major ex ch a n ges do not allow us to display bid and ask on a delayed basis.
How do I make changes to my account?
Click on the “Chat Button” to get to the Chat Screen (see p.14) and then select
“Administrative,” “Entitlements,” or “Functions.”
What constitutes an “Active Trading Account”?
One commission-generating trade in 90 days OR over $25,000 in Account Equity.
How do I get stock reports, earnings estimates, SEC filings, etc?
Right-click on the security’s symbol and select 3rd Party Information (see p.20).

                                               - 23 -
                                                                                                    Quick Start Guide

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