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									  December 09 | Your CoMMuniTY GoLf nEWSLETTEr

         Winners                     Important Notice
                              If you have a handicap with the SCGA you                   CaLEnDar of EvEnTS
                              need to know that the cut off to keep your                 SavE ThE DaTES
      Larry Duignan           handicap active and to guarantee the same
      Canyons Survey
                              number* is Tuesday, December 15, 2009.
    Sharlene Tracana          The SCGa will be converting to the Ghin                    December     31     new Years Eve Dinner
      Golf Shop Email
                              handicap system and will be accessible                                         and Dancing Celebration
                              virtually nationwide.
       Cliff Kinney
                                                                                         January      29     around The World
    The Crossings Survey      To obtain a handicap through The Crossings                                     Wine and food Tasting
                              at Carlsbad you must join The Crossings Club.
       Dean Mast
 Canyons Business Card Drop                 Memberships for:                             February     4      The Super Bowl of
                                                                                                             Golf Tournament
                                        Carlsbad Residents $149,
                                    San Diego County Residents $159
                                                                                                      14     valentines Day
                                            and Others $199
                                                                                                             5 Course Dinner
                                  *Your number will most likely have an addition of
                                     a new pre-fix (the number 3) in most cases.         All events open to public

                                    M usic
Congratulations to             Live
                                    New Years Eve                                          The Super Bowl
David Emerick                      Dinner & Dancing
    Awarded the
                                 Thursday, December 31st, 2009                           of Golf Tournament
                                             7:30pm - 12:30am
 Junior Golf Leader               $70 per person (tax & tip not included)                 Sunday, February 7th, 2010
of the Year for all of                                                                      Morning Shotgun Start
                                  Dancing & Celebration Only
Southern California
  by the Southern                            9:30pm - 12:30am
                               $25 per person (includes drink tickets & entertainment)
   California PGA
                                Reservations Required, call 760.444.1881 or
      December 09 | THE CROssInGs AT CARlsBAD
                                                THE HIsTORy BEHInD
                                                THE CROssInGs AT CARlsBAD PART Iv
                                                                   Jef f Perry
                                                                   General Manager

                                                               This is the final part of a 4 part      The course design incorporates a multitude of
                                                               series on the history of The            features that allow the player to choose not
                                                               Crossings at Carlsbad. Part III         only the length of the hole but also the manner
                                                               can be found in our October             in which they play it. Different options for club
                                                               Issue of The Currents. Avail-           selection from the teeing area and approach
                                                able at the Clubhouse or online at w w w .             shots will compel players to think twice before
                                                thecrossingsatca r l s b a d . c o m .                 making their choices as they move through the
                                                     Golfers aren’t the only ones who benefit          golf course surrounded by the natural coastal
           Butkys wins                                                                                 habitat environment which has been painstak-
     Carlsbad City Amateur                      from The Crossings at Carlsbad. The new facil-
                                                ity offers a place for the community to meet,          ingly conserved by the course designer. The
         Championship                                                                                  contrast of color and design of “nature vs.
                                                recreation in the form of expansive walking
                                                trails and a golf experience utilizing a parcel of     man-made” presents a unique artist’s palette
                                                land that would not have otherwise been de-            perspective. While the predominant theme of
Published: December, 2009                                                                              the design was to preserve the existing habi-
                                                veloped with such a focus on preserving the
     Kris Butkys won a pair of prominent
                                                natural beauty and open space. The venue’s             tats and expansive City trail system, the course
local amateur events in november — the                                                                 offers an aesthetically pleasing yet challeng-
Carlsbad City at The Crossings at Carlsbad      design encourages active recreation without
                                                disturbing nature.                                     ing and fun experience.
in san Diego County and the High Desert
Amateur at Green Tee Golf Course in
                                                    Bridges – or crossings – were designed into            The two decade development process
victorville.                                                                                           included working with multiple government
                                                the course to meet specific existing environ-
     On november 7-8, Butkys shot a
                                                mental and topographic conditions. The five            agencies and community stakeholders to
7-under-par 137 at the par-72 Crossings                                                                deliver an exemplary product for not only the
layout to win the overall net title. Jim Mun-   crossings span protected areas and include
yon won the overall net flight and Richard      environmentally sensitive design elements. The         golfers who will enjoy a challenging, recre-
Trejo captured the overall senior flight also   large rock and waterscape feature at holes 2           ational and beautiful golf experience, but for
with scores of 137.
                                                and 7, visible to passersby on College Boule-          the community as a whole.
                                                vard and Palomar Airport Road, recycles more                To help pay for the project, two large
  Other scores from the second annual
     Carlsbad City Championship:                than 6,500 gallons per minute.                         industrial pads have been set aside for future
                                                     The City’s approach to developing the             development. They are located on both sides
              Batiquitos Flight
                                                golf course gave careful thought to ensuring a         of College Boulevard near the intersection of
        (up to a 1 handicap, gross)                                                                    Palomar Airport Road. Those pads are zoned
                                                quality product for the end-users -- the people
            sejoon yoon, 138
                                                and organizations that work, play and visit the        Planned Industrial and currently valued at over
            Raghan Wahi, 140                                                                           $15 million. The sale of both pads could pay
            Greg Garcia, 146
                                                City throughout the year. The golf course was
                                                carefully incorporated into an important core          back much of the debt to the City of funds it
                                                area of the City of Carlsbad’s Habitat Man-            advanced to the Golf Course Enterprise Fund
               San Elijo Flight
                                                agement Plan. This plan protects important             for this worthwhile community project.
            (2-8 handicap, net)
            Parker Huston, 144                  environmental areas of the City and provides
             Mark niess, 145                    linkages with open space corridors. The trails
             Martin Junor, 146                  system that weaves through the course is only
                                                one component of a much larger part of the
             Palomar Flight                     City wide trail system. It is the hub of an exten-
      (8 and above handicap, net)
                                                sive, connected trail system that will link with all
             John Usilton, 138                  City parks and provide an alternative mode of
           John Ackerman, 146
                                                travel to citizens.
          David Pennington, 150

    This article orginally appeared on
         southland’s Golf website:
                                                                                              THE CROSSINGS AT CARLSBAD | December 09

GOLF TIP                                                   GLASER ON GOLF

                    Steve Vaughan                                            Gary Glaser
                    PGA, Director of Instruction                             PGA, Director of Golf

                    Hitting Fat and thin shots                               Ground under repair and the definition of
                     One of the biggest complaints                           its boundaries often create ruling questions.
                     or problems many people have                            Hopefully, this example will shed some light
                     is hitting the golf ball either fat                     on the situation. Rule 25-1a/1 - Ball outside of
                     or thin. Although these seem                            Ground Under Repair area but tree within area
like very different shots, what causes these shots is                        interferes with swing.
actually the same mistake. The answer is simple; you       Question – I know the margins of Ground Under Repair area do
have too much weight on your back foot at impact.          not extend vertically upward. If my ball lies outside a Ground
Not being able to get off your back foot at impact is      Under Repair area and a tree rooted within Ground Under Repair
usually caused by a few different things.                  area interferes with a my swing, but there is no interference with
    One thing that causes this is having the golf club     my stance, am I entitled to relief?
too open throughout your swing and then hitting            Answer – YES. The definition of Ground Under Repair states: “All
the golf ball to the right. Once the ball starts going     ground and any grass, bush, tree or other growing thing within
to the right you will start staying on your back foot      the Ground Under Repair is part of the Ground Under Repair.
in an attempt to give the club more time to close.
                                                           Therefore, you may take relief under Rule 25-1 as the tree within
Another reason you could be on your back foot
                                                           the Ground Under Repair interferes with the area
could be that you’re moving outside your back
                                                           of your intended swing.
foot during the backswing and then you are unable
to get back to a proper position at impact. Your           As always, good golfing.
weight should stay on the inside of your back foot         Gary
during the back swing and this will give you the best
chance of getting to the proper position at impact.
Remember, staying on the back foot during the
swing is the symptom the actual cause could be
somewhere else in your swing.

This Holiday Season
 Purchase a Gift Certificate for
    a single golf lesson with
  Steve Vaughan and receive
 $10 dollars off, or purchase a
             series of:
       3 – 1 Hour Lessons,
           5 – 1 Hour or
      6 – 1/2 hour lessons
    and receive $25 dollars
          off the Series.

 Purchase gift certificates in the
golf shop or call Steve Vaughan
    directly at 619-540-4653.

    For details and prices visit

 Offer ends Dec. 24, 2009
  December 09 | ThE CrossINgs aT CarlsbaD

                     ask mImI

                     I became engaged earlier this year and am trying to figure out how to plan my wedding on a budget. I was
                     laid off this past summer, which put our wedding planning on hold. I have since found another job, but during
                     the time of unemployment, we used a lot of our money that we had put aside for the wedding. any suggestions
                     for cutting costs?
                     Thanks! angie

                     hi angie,
                        Thank you for your question. We get asked this a lot and, there are quite a few options you can do! There is
                     always the standard of having your wedding on a Friday or sunday, but here are a few more that you may not
                     have thought of…
                         The first is making your date flexible. If you are willing to get married in the next six months, a venue will have
                     a lot more flexibility with you. Usually, venues expect to book a wedding more than nine months in advance, so
                     with a shorter planning window, you have more room for negotiations.
                         If you are looking for a prime saturday, ask what upgrades you can have, instead of how a venue can
                     discount. For instance, maybe ask for additional hors d’oeuvres, upgraded linens, additional room rental hours,
                     etc. Upgrades are sometimes easier for the venue to offer than a discount.
                        look at hosting your rehearsal dinner or day after brunch at the venue as well, and see if these additional
                     events can be applied towards the food and beverage minimums.
                     I hope these suggestions give you a few additional ideas and good luck!

                     If you would like to submit your question, please email

                        From ThE CorNEr                                                                 ChEF’s kITChEN
                        oF ThE bar                                                                      Chef Phil hoy

                        A San Francisco tradition

                        Irish Coffee was originated at the buena vista               Sausage Puff Pastry Appetizer
                        Café in san Francisco, where the late Chroni-                (Great for holiday parties)
                        cle travel columnist, stanton Delaplane, often
                        frequented. on a trip to Ireland in the early fif-           Cut andouille sausage or any other chicken or
                        ties, Delaplane noted the custom of bolstering               pork sausage link into ¼ inch coins.
                        airport coffee with whiskey.
                                                                                     Cut 2’x2’ squares of puff pastry.
                        Intending to elaborate on these crude airport
                        toddies, he and his cronies at the buena vista               Place sausage coin on top of puff pastry and fold
                        settled on a recipe; three sugar cubes, an                   the puff pastry over the sausage.
                        ounce and a half of Irish whiskey, coffee, float             Cook at 350° for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
                        of whip cream.                                               serve with a whole grain honey mustard.

                          5800 ThE CrossINgs DrIvE | CarlsbaD, Ca 92008 | 760.444.1800 | WWW.ThECrossINgsaTCarlsbaD.Com

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