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									     The 9 th ACG Cross Training Seminar

The Importance of ‘Business
Continuity Plan’
Lots of interesting stories reported by ACG members relate to their experiences in
executing ‘Business Continuity Plan’. Starting from evacuation efforts for SARS
overcoming in Hong Kong up to coup de’tat in Thailand that caused transaction
halting in capital market.

                he annual activity of 9th   in dealing with unpredictable condition      system to be rescued but also the op-
                Asia-Pacific Central Se-    was also conversed in the presentation.      erational capability to run the business
                curities Depository                   The program was followed by        normally. Also, the evacuation effort for
                Group (ACG) Cross           presentation of Prabha Ramanathan who        the employees.
                Training Seminar was        was the founder as well as member of                   They also said that BCP is a
held on July 5-6, 2007 in Kuala Lumpur,     Business Continuity Institute and has        process and human is the designer. 40%
Malaysia. The topic being discussed         experienced in assisting companies on        of which consists of technology, hard-
in this information exchange forum          designing, developing and implement-         ware and software designs. The rest of
among Central Securities Depository         ing business continuity & disaster re-       60% covers the process of designing,
(CSD) in Asia Pacific was Business          covery plans.                                compliance & continuous recovery, and
Continuity Plan (BCP) in capital mar-                 The guest speaker who ended        people comprising of regulation & re-
ket industry.                               the program was Giles Elliot from Asia       sponsibility, management, skill improve-
          Totaling 20 companies from 14     Pacific HSBC Securities. In his presen-      ment and discipline.
countries participated in the event, and    tation, Elliot had a chance to explain                 The delegate of Hong Kong
they are Indonesia, Bangladesh, China,      about BCP implementation in HSBC             performed a presentation with the head-
Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, India,         which has custodian services network         ing of “Precautionary Measures dur-
Japan, Maldives, Pakistan, Taiwan,          around the world. BCP became an inter-       ing Outbreak of SARS”, that is about
Thailand, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia as       esting issue since the attack of WTC         SARS virus occurred in Hong Kong in
the host of the event.                      twin building in USA on September 11,        2003. BCP was performed by conduct-
          KSEI was represented by In-       2001. The attention of CSD member            ing isolation of the office as well as the
formation Technology Division (Asep         upon BCP issue has made it interesting       people who were already infected and
Permata Suryana and Syarief                 to be further discussed considering that     potentially infected by SARS virus, iso-
Bastaman), Central Custodian Service        CSD has important role in capital market     lating work space and having infected
Division (Hartati Handayani), and In-       industry.                                    employees to stay at home, conducting
ternal Audit & Risk Management                        The initial presentation of ACG    health check-up to employees, and hav-
(Rasmi M. Ramyakin).                        member was presented by delegate of          ing employees perform the administra-
          ACG secretariat for the period    Malaysia Berhad Stock Exchange, as the       tive works from home.
of 2006-2007 which is carried on by Pa-     host of the event, with the heading of                 Experience sharing on BCP
kistan, in his speech said that there are   “BCP Pandemic Influenza.” The pre-           implementation is presented by delegate
two new members in 2007 and those           sentation explained about the know-          of Thailand Securities Depository
are The Central Securities Depository       how of BCP implementation, consisting        (TSD) conversing about Coup de’tat
of Kazakhstan and Vietnam Security          of problem classification in certain         carried out by the military against the
Depository Centre (VSD).                    phases through protection, response,         Prime Minister of Thaksin on holiday,
          First day activity on July 5,     and critical function classification.        September 19, 2006. The next day, on
2007 was opened by Japan Securities                   The next presentation was          September 20, 2006 was declared as na-
Depository Center (JASDEC) presen-          Central Depository Company - Paki-           tional holiday that made Bank of Thai-
tation, represented by Mr. Juri Tanaka.     stan, presenting BCP when a chaos oc-        land closed for the day, and the trans-
It was explained in his presentation the    curred as the country political condition.   action settlement of bank as well as
history of certain cases occurrence in      They said that BCP did not talk only         stock exchange or other finance insti-
finance institutions from 1970 up to        about disaster recovery centre. When         tution was down. Accordingly, the
2007. The importance of having BCP          a disaster happens, it is not only the       settlement was entirely accomplished


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