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Spring 2008 • Forest City, Iowa
                                   From this end of the road
                                                                late 1950s to current accomplishments. My favorite
                                                                decade to review was the 1970s; especially looking
                                                                at the brochures with all of the bold avocado, rust
                                                                and lemon interior choices to match our models’
                                                                even bolder apparel – what were any of us thinking?
                                                                Obviously, we were following the trends of the times
                                                                and thankfully, things change.
                                                                    If reading the history included in this issue
                                                                has piqued your interest to learn more about our
                                                                Company, there are two other places you can visit to
                                                                see more about Winnebago Industries’ 50 Years on
                                                                the Road. Writer Ken Nordstrom visited the new RV/
                                                                MH Museum and Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana,
                                                                and highlights the history of the museum and our
                                                                new display in a story on Page 12. Don’t forget if you
  Looking back...                                               are out traveling this summer, stop by the RV/MH
        So little did I know when I accepted this writing       Museum or swing through Iowa to see our Forest
  position two years ago that I would be spending               City facility. We are proud of our humble beginnings
  the past six months as a researcher/historian? My             and share our story as well as that of Founder John K.
  co-worker, Kristie, and I were challenged to create           Hanson in the museum at the Winnebago Industries
  an anniversary publication for our employees that             Visitors Center; if you visit you can also check out the
  would reflect upon Winnebago Industries’ 50 years             Winnebago D22 that’s behind me in this photo.
  of motor homes and memories. Now, of course, with                 I heard from many of you who love your
  a task this big, procrastination always plays a little        Winnebago and Itasca motor homes past and present,
  part in getting started. Once we did get started, it was      so this issue is a tribute to you, our loyal Winnebago
  amazing to look at all the product photos, newspaper          Industries product owners. The employees of
  clippings, brochures and past interviews of the people        Winnebago Industries strive to build a more
  of Winnebago Industries. And I have to admit it was a         innovative, quality product for you each day so you
  little bit fun. I can write that even as I sit with archive   can enjoy the RV lifestyle for years to come – that’s
  boxes piled so high that I only have a small path from        something that hasn’t changed for the past 50 years.
  the door to my desk; that might explain why even
  though we have had fun, both Kristie and I have                                             Until next time,
  vowed to not write the 75th Anniversary publication!
        The facts and “fiction” we discovered in the many
  Company archives and interviews are too numerous
  to include in any history publication, but in this                                          Denise Yeager
  issue of Traveling Times we have tried to include                                           Editor
  some of our Company’s highlights from the past 50
  years. We take a look at the Company’s start in the

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2 Traveling Times
                                                          Steve and Jackie-

                                                          We always love hearing how much people love their
                                                          Winnebago Industries motor homes and always love
                                                          seeing pictures of the pets who ride along on the trips!
                                                          Thanks much for sharing the photo of your darling
                                                          dogs. Winnebago Industries motor homes have
                                                          been best selling for seven straight years because of
                                                          people like you who recognize the quality we put into
                                                          our products – I’m happy you found what you were
                                                          looking for in the Winnebago Journey. Enjoy!

Traveling Times,

    We have had many fifth wheels over the course
of our travels but as we near our retirement we
decided to purchase a Class A. Over the years we
have gone to RV shows and spent time on the dealer
lots. We finally found the right one at PleasureLand in   Traveling Times,
Ramsey, Minnesota. It was a new 36' 2006 Journey
with a Cat 350. We love it. We have an enclosed car            I thought your readers might enjoy seeing a
hauler which gives us the option of taking either our     picture of the Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby car entry
motorcycle or our car with us. It works wonderfully       created by my son, Cam, this winter.
and I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the               Everyone else has a sleek racing car, but we
quality of our Journey.                                   chose to build a motor home. As you can see it
     We made two big trips and many small ones over       also celebrates LSU’s National Championship.
the summer of 2007. The first one was to Montana          Unfortunately due to regulations we were not allowed
and the Goldwing Rally in Billings. We had plenty of      to add awnings, or color TVs, but everyone was
room traveling with my sister-in-law and brother-in-      calling it a WIN-abago!! Actually it did win Best of
law. Of course we couldn’t leave the dogs behind and      Show out of over 40 entries!
as you can see by the picture they are always ready
to go. They travel in kennels which keeps them safe.      Jeff Hilliard, sales manager at Miller’s RV
On the bottom step is my in-laws’ dog Oakley, then        Baton Rouge, Louisiana
our dogs Teakers and in the seat is Molly.
     Our second trip was to Sturgis, South Dakota,        Jeff-
in August and the dogs were ready to go. We keep
on looking at motor homes but nothing beats our           This definitely looks like a winner to me! When we
Winnebago. Thanks for putting out such a great            talked you mentioned that the motor home was
product.                                                  completely hollowed out so it would meet the weight
Steve and Jackie Forner                                   requirement. Thanks for sharing his impressive work
Minnesota                                                 with us!

                                                                                             Traveling Times 3
            Winnebago Industries, the most
            recognized name in motor homes
                                 n 1958,                      Immediately John K. began to explore
                                 businessman      methods for improving the Company’s trailer. He,
                                 John K.          along with his “right-hand business partner” wife
                              Hanson and          Luise, identified the potential for new products and
                              others convinced    implemented effective cost-cutting measures, traits
                              a California        that marked the Company for the years to come as it
                              company to          became the RV industry leader that it is today.
                               open a travel
                               trailer factory    1958
                               in Forest City,        Modernistic Industries of Iowa was incorporated
                               in the hopes       in Iowa on February 12, 1958. On March 19, the first
                                of bringing       travel trailer rolled off the production line, a 15-foot
                              industry to this    unit called the Aljo. The trailer cost $895.
                              small Iowa town.
                              After a bumpy       1959
                              start, including        At age 46, John K. Hanson became the President
                              competing           of Modernistic Industries of Iowa after five Forest
                              with a second       City residents—Hanson, Elliott Cooper, John C.
                              trailer company     Thompson, Sam Glime and Ben Carter—bought out
                              that started up     this branch of the travel trailer manufacturer. With
                              in Forest City,     the company running a deficit, John K. soon made
                             the travel trailer   a big gamble that paid off—he bought out the
                    operation was purchased       other men and built the company into what would
                     by members of the local      become a successful billion-dollar business.
                     industrial development           The first Winnebago trailer came off the line
                    group and John K. became      March 2 with more than 50 improvements over the
                    president.                    previous Aljo.

                     John K. and Luise V. Hanson—
                     A Legacy of Dedication
                           Besides their tremendous impact on the recreation vehicle industry
                     through Winnebago Industries, John K. and Luise also left a lasting impression
                     on Forest City and the surrounding communities. To this day, their foundation,
                     the John K. and Luise V. Hanson Foundation, provides monetary assistance to
                     nonprofit organizations in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.
                           Their children, Mary Jo Boman, John V. Hanson and Paul D. Hanson, also
                     played a role in the history of this Company as they shared in the vision of their
                     parents to build a successful company. They continue their parents’ legacy by
                     participating in the work of the Hanson Foundation as well.
                           John K. and Luise will always be known for their innovation and dedication
                     to Winnebago Industries and the RV industry.

4 Traveling Times
                                                           these new facilities,
                                                           featuring high-
                                                           speed, automotive-
                                                           type assembly lines,
                                                           were completed.

                      he 1960s were a decade of            1965
                      phenomenal growth, innovation            May 5,
                      and success for Winnebago            shortly after the
Industries. After deficits the first couple years of       completion of
operation, the company had its first $1 million sales      the new plant, work began on another new building
year in 1961 and its first $1 million month in June 1966   that would add two more travel trailer and camper
and on September 19, 1968, it had its first $1 million     coach lines (slide in-truck camper) to the production
delivery day. In 10 years, employee numbers grew           facilities.
from 17 to 1,252, while about 140 motor homes were
now being manufactured weekly.                                                                1966
                                                                                                   This year marked
1960                                                                                          production of the
   In 1960, Stitchcraft, which later became a                                                 first self-contained
subsidiary, was started to manufacture upholstered                                            motor home. The
goods for the trailers, and soon was an expanding                                             first Winnebago
business itself.                                                                              motor home, a
                                                                                              19-footer called the
1961                                                                                          F-19, was built on a
    The Company changed its name from Modernistic                                             Ford chassis, then
Industries of Iowa to Winnebago Industries, Inc. for       in late 1966, the famous D22 was built on a Dodge
the county where the Company was located. The              chassis for the 1967 model year.
Company symbol became the “Flying W,” which                     The first Winnebago National Rally at Forest City
appeared on the sides of Winnebago vehicles.               in 1966 drew 155 trailers. Shortly after the Winnebago
                                                           International Travelers Club was formed for owners
1963                                                       of Winnebago trailers and camper coaches. The
     Winnebago                                             club developed into the current Winnebago-Itasca
Industries developed                                       Travelers Club.
lightweight, strong                                        1968
insulation material                                            Ground is broken for a new manufacturing and
sandwiched between                                         shipout facility and the ribbon is cut for the opening
aluminum and                                               of “Big Bertha,” which still houses the main production
laminated plywood.                                         lines for the Company.
It soon replaced the
conventional wood                                          1969
construction on all the                                        The new top-of-the line Chieftain was introduced
models.                                                    offering many equipment features standard that were
                                                           usually considered optional extras in the competitors’
1964                                                       products, such as built-in vacuum cleaner, engine-
    The Company’s production facility was destroyed        connected hot water system and luxuriously padded
by fire early on the morning of September 24. Within       interior walls and driver’s compartment.
three weeks, ground was broken on what would
become the North Plant, and within five months,
                                                                                              Traveling Times 5
                                                                The Company produced 600 motor homes each
                                                           week, a peak production level with about 3,200 em-
                                                           ployees. The success of Winnebago Industries led to
                                                           much publicity, including an article in the February
                                                           issue of Playboy magazine, “Oh, Little Town of Mil-

                          n the 1970s, as the strong       lionaires,” that chronicled the sudden wealth of local
                          national economy grew weak       citizens as Winnebago’s stock boomed.
                          and uncertain due to an oil
                      embargo and other factors,
                       Winnebago Industries forged
                       ahead with more fuel efficient
                       RVs but also branched outside
                        the industry with such products
                        as farm grain wagons, livestock
                         housing units and buses. It was
                         this creative thinking along
                         with the Company’s continued
                          commitment to quality stan-
                          dards and John K. Hanson and
                          his officers’ determination to
                      survive and thrive that kept the
                          Company on track during this
                             challenging decade. It was
                              during a downturn that
                               John K. tried to encour-    1975
                                age his employees that         The Itasca
                                the Company would          line of motor
                                survive by saying, “You    homes built
                               can’t take sex, booze, or   on Chevrolet
                             weekends away from the        chassis was
                           American people”, a phrase      introduced to
                       he is still remembered for today.   the public.

  1970                                                     1977
     Winnebago Industries was listed on the New York           Winnebago Industries achieved an industry first by
  Stock Exchange. WGO became the Company’s New             producing its 100,000th unit, the first RV manufacturer
  York Stock Exchange symbol on September 9.               to reach that production level.

  1971                                                     1978
     Winnebago Industries stock appreciated 462 per-           Winnebago Industries offered 23 different motor
  cent, gaining more than any other Company on the         home models under the Winnebago and Itasca brand
  New York Stock Exchange.                                 names including the restyled Chieftain which now
                                                           had aerodynamic features in place of the distinctive
  1972                                                     Winnebago “eyebrows.” Travel trailers were also back in
      As a measure of Winnebago Industries success, by     the line up.
  mid-year each 100 shares purchased in 1966 at $12.50
  a share had grown through stock splits into 32,000
  shares with a total net value of $1.5 million.
6 Traveling Times
                                                          topped $400 million, with sales of $411 million – a 72
                                                          percent gain over 1983.

                                                               Winnebago Industries celebrated 20 years of mo-
                                                          tor home production – the first RV manufacturer to

                       lways innovative, Winnebago        reach that milestone.
                       Industries experienced yet              The Company
                       even more “firsts” for both the    set another indus-
                 Company and the industry as the          try record when its
                 Company continued to grow into an        200,000th motor
                 industry giant in the 1980s. Among       home, a 37' Elandan,
                 some of these new records and            rolled off the as-
                  experiences was the Company’s ap-       sembly line. John K.
                  pearance on the Fortune 500 list of     Hanson was congratu-
                  corporations in 1986. The Company       lated by Iowa Gover-
                  ranked 10th in innovation.              nor Terry Branstad.

1981                                                      1988
    Introduction of the Winnebago Warrior and Itasca         The Company’s best selling products were the
Spectrum models nearly doubled fuel economy of            Winnebago Chieftain and Itasca Sunflyer series.
conventional models through lighter weight construc-         International sales were expanded. An agreement
tion.                                                     was signed in August, with Mitsubishi Corporation,
                                                          Tokyo, to sell and service Winnebago and Itasca motor
1983                                                      homes in Japan.
    Introduction of LeSharo and Phasar motor homes
and Centauri vans drew many first-time buyers to the      1989
motor home market. Streamlined styling and a fuel-            In May, Winnebago Industries purchased a
efficient Renault diesel engine characterized these       308,000-sq. ft. shopping mall in Temple, Texas, and
vehicles – the engine delivered mileage greater than      renamed it “Outdoor America” to house a customer
22 miles per gallon.                                      service and parts warehousing operation. A successful
    The name “Winne-                                      “Fall Kick-off Rally” was held at the new facility in No-
bago” was attached to a                                   vember where Winnebago-Itasca Travelers Club staff
large range of products                                   registered 293 motor homes in attendance.
through a brand licens-                                       Winnebago Industries achieved record revenues
ing agreement with                                        with a total of $437.5 million. Unfortunately, due to
makers of men’s apparel                                   poor motor home market conditions, and several
and camping equipment                                     other factors, the Company reported a net loss of $4.7
including coolers, sport                                  million.
and travel bags as well as air mattresses.                    Winnebago Industries went to new lengths in the
    The Company celebrated its 25th Anniversary at a      1990 model year with the introduction of the Compa-
dinner with RV industry executives and distinguished      ny’s first 40' Winne-
guests including Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. The        bago Superchief and
Hanson family also celebrated with Winnebago Indus-       Itasca Suncruiser
tries’ 1,600 employees and their spouses with a special   basement-style mo-
reception.                                                tor home featuring
                                                          a unique side-aisle
1984                                                      floor plan.
   This marked the first year the Company’s sales
                                                                                             Traveling Times 7
                                                             chassis and
                                                             the Luxor,
                                                             a luxurious,
                                                             top of the
                                                             line diesel

                      he 1990s proved to be a decade         pusher mo-
                      of transition for the Company –        tor home,
                      from seeking out new markets to        were introduced to
  dominate during a downturn in the industry at the          appeal to two different
  start to ending on a high note with record sales and       market niches.
  a refocus on being a leader in motor home sales.
                                  1990                           In June, the Compa-
                                     Introduction of         ny mourned the death
                                  the new 1991 Win-          of founder and Chair-
                                  nebago Warrior and         man of the Board, John
                                  Itasca Spirit Micro Mini   K. Hanson. Hanson lead
                                  motor homes built          the Company to domi-
                                  on a Toyota chassis        nance in the motor
                                  proved that they were      home field, resulting in
                                  not only affordable in     a revolution in the RV in-
  purchase price, but fuel-efficient as well. These units    dustry and because of his
  were received so well that they accounted for over         passion, today, the word
  60 percent of the entire micro mini market.                “Winnebago” is synony-
                                                             mous with “motor home.”
      In March, the Company celebrated the produc-           1998
  tion of its 250,000th motor home.                              Winnebago Industries reached three milestones
      With continued focus on research and develop-          in 1998 – celebrating its 40th Anniversary, produc-
  ment, 90 percent of the Company’s motor home               ing its 300,000th motor home, and achieving record
  products within the past two model years were com-         sales and earnings.
  pletely new or featured new floorplans.                        The brand new top-of-the-line Ultimate diesel
                                                             pusher motor home series was introduced featur-
  1993                                                       ing the new Ulti-Bay chassis, the ultimate in storage
     The Company celebrated its 35th Anniversary             design.
  and the 80th birthdays of John K. and Luise V. Han-
  son at the Annual Company Picnic in July.                  1999
     The Company’s first wide body model was intro-              In January, it was announced that 1998 was a
  duced to the Winnebago Minnie Winnie and Itasca            record year industry-wide for RV sales. Winnebago
  Sundancer lines, providing more flexibility in floor       Industries was very pleased to be recognized by
  plan options.                                              Statistical Surveys, Inc. for achieving top sales in
                                                             both Class A and Class C products for the Winnebago
  1994                                                       brand.
      Two new product lines and several product line             A new 35,000-sq. ft. hardwoods facility was
  expansions were a turning point for the Company as         completed in Charles City, Iowa, to fabricate cabinet
  the 1995 products were introduced. The Rialta, a new       doors and drawers and includes a state-of-the-art
  21-foot, front wheel drive motor home built on a           stain process and materials control system.

8 Traveling Times
                                                                 Winnebago Industries 2004 lineup of Winnebago,
                                                             Itasca, Rialta and Ultimate brand motor homes
                                                             offered 87 innovative floorplans – 40 percent were
                                                             new or redesigned. The diesel pusher Winnebago
                                                             Vectra and Itasca Horizon debuted for the 2004
                                                             model year.

                         s Winnebago Industries enters
                         the next millennium, the            2004
                         Company continues strong                 Revenues for fiscal 2004 were a record $1.1
    financial success with record sales and earnings.        billion! This was the first time in the Company’s
                                                             history that revenues surpassed the billion dollar
    2000                                                     mark.
        This third consecutive year of financial success          Winnebago Industries was named the “Most
    was largely due to the continued emphasis on new         Admired” RV manufacturer in America according to a
    product development with a continued progression         poll conducted by

    in styling and floorplan options.

#               2001
                     Winnebago Industries, Inc. completed
                fiscal 2001 with its third highest net
                                                                The brand new Winnebago View and Itasca
                                                                               Navion were introduced at the
                                                                                annual RVIA Trade Show in
                revenues and net income in its history, in                       Louisville, as well as the new
                spite of the economic challenges.                                 Winnebago Tour and Itasca
        The Company overtook the number one                                       Ellipse.
    combined market share position in Class A and C
    retail sales.                                            2007
                                                                  Winnebago Industries received its 12th
    2002                                                     consecutive RVDA Quality Circle Award – the only RV
        Winnebago Industries committed to Lean               manufacturer to receive the award every year since
    Manufacturing philosophies, a systematic approach        its inception.
    to identifying and eliminating non value-added                Winnebago Industries has achieved another
    activities through continuous organization and           milestone – the production of its 400,000th motor
    process improvement.                                     home.

         Another record year for the Company, revenues
    for fiscal 2003 were $845.2 million. Winnebago
    Industries was also the sales leader in the motor
    home market during calendar 2003.
         Winnebago Industries was saddened by the
    passing of Luise V. Hanson,
    wife of Winnebago Industries
    founder, the late John K.
    Hanson, on October 19, at
    the age of 90. Luise also
    played a vital role in the                               2008
    Company, serving as a board                                  Winnebago Industries executives marked the
    director from 1965-1981                                  Company’s 50th Anniversary by ringing the closing
    when she was named                                       bell at the New York Stock Exchange on February 12.
    Director Emeritus.
                                                                                             Traveling Times 9
Among family and friends

       Harry and Dorothy Miller of Kansas City, Missouri,     vacation with their three children from Kansas City to
  have been loyal Winnebago Industries product                visit Old Mexico by way of Texas, then headed west
  owners for over 36 years. Their son, Bill Miller, also of   to San Diego, California, drove up the west coast
  Kansas City, wrote in to share the story of these two       and back east through Montana to reach their final
  devoted owners who love seeing North America and            destination, the WIT Grand National Rally in Forest
  meeting new people.                                         City, Iowa.
       When first asked why they loved traveling, it was           “I remember one morning at that first GNR; we
  hard to keep up as Harry and Dorothy spilled stories        walked into the tent where they were serving breakfast.
  upon stories of their love of the RV lifestyle and the      There was a woman behind the serving table making
  trips they have taken throughout the years. “It was         pancakes. While in line, we introduced ourselves and
  evident they could talk for days describing beautiful       I found out she was Luise Hanson (wife of Company
  scenery and friendly people they have seen and              founder, John K. Hanson),” said Dorothy. “Another
  encountered from Canada to Mexico and Atlantic to           morning, I joined her in making pancakes – it was so
  Pacific,” shared Bill. “They have friends from across       much fun. She was very kind and friendly; we got to
  this country that they have met in campgrounds, on          know her over the years and always enjoyed visiting
  caravans, and at local, state and national Winnebago        with her and Mr. Hanson at GNR each year.”
  Itasca Travelers (WIT) rallies and meetings.”                    When asked why they always stuck with a
       Harry and Dorothy’s story starts out like most,        Winnebago Industries product, both Harry and
  they had camped for years with small trailers and           Dorothy credit the people they have met through their
  wanted to buy a motor home to do more traveling             travels and the WIT Club. “I think getting to know the
  with their young family. In 1971, they bought their         Winnebago people at GNR helped build a special bond
  first Winnebago, a new 17' with a six-cylinder              to Winnebago Industries for my parents,” said Bill. “You
  engine. Harry remembers getting between 12-14               can’t always say you made pancakes with the owner of
  MPG during their first trip, which would prove to be        the Company!”
                                          beneficial when          After that first year, the Miller family bought their
                                          considering the     second Winnebago, a 20' that took them north to
                                          miles they put      Canada, east to Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy,
                                          it on it that first and included exploring Maine, New Hampshire, and
                                          year.               Vermont on the way home to Kansas City. Almost
                                               The family     every year after included similar big RV vacations;
                                          started off on a    Harry remembers one of his favorite trips in 1978, to
                                                              Portland, Oregon, and visits to Zion National Park and
                                                              Capitol Reef National Park. “Gas was expensive that
                                           Harry and          year at $.97 per gallon,” shared Harry, with a chuckle.
                                           Dorothy with their
                                                                   Harry and Dorothy have been very active in their
                                           Winnebago in
                                                              local WIT chapter, the Chief Winnies of the Kansas
                                                              City area, along the way as well. They are founding
10 Traveling Times
 Bill Miller during a 1974 WIT outing                                               Enjoy the fellowship and
                                                                                fun of the RV lifestyle with
                                                                                others who share the common
members of the Chief Winnies            a 31' Winnebago Brave. After            bond of owning a Winnebago
and charter members of WIT –            retirement, many trips included         Industries motor home. Join
proudly displaying WIT #2053 on         taking along the grandchildren and      the Winnebago-Itasca Travelers
each of their motor homes. “Since       other family members. This winter,      Club!
its founding in 1971, they have         as they have done every year                Benefits of being a part
attended the majority of campouts       since 1982, Harry and Dorothy,          of the WIT Club include the
and other club functions of their       spent a few months in Yuma,             Grand National Rally in Forest
local WIT chapter,” shared Bill.        Arizona.                                City, Iowa, each July; our WIT
Some of their favorite excursions            “Since my parents are 87 years     Tours Rallies and Caravans
since Harry’s retirement in             old, I went along on that trip in       with more than 20 events
1982 have been with their WIT           December for support and flew           to choose from including a
friends. True to the old traditions     home,” explained Bill. “My brother      caravan to Alaska, and the
of the club, Bill also noted that       flew out in March to drive back with    WIT Club News publication to
his parents still wear the club’s       them. They are able to drive on         keep you informed on all Club
signature red vests to outings just     their own, but we like to be there      activities, plus technical tips
as they did years ago.                  for support on the long trips now.”     and new product information.
     “In 1985, we bought a 24'               After quickly getting settled      You can also become a member
Winnebago and joined a WIT              back home in Missouri this spring,      of a WIT local chapter or state
caravan past Mexico City and            Harry and Dorothy look forward to       club to socialize and travel with
took the new road to Acapulco,”         the first Chief Winnies outing. They    other members from your area.
stated Harry. Bill went on to share,    plan to attend this summer’s 39th       Some members say the biggest
“I was 22 years old by this time        annual GNR in Forest City as well.      benefit of being in the WIT
and starting a family of my own.             “We’ve attended at least 25        Club is the life-long friends
I remember being amazed at              of them over the years and just         and memories made.
how far they would travel in their      can’t imagine not being with our            The Club also offers
Winnebago. I knew that someday I        friends or owning a different kind of   member discounts, specially
hoped to be able to do the same.        camper,” shared Dorothy.                designed for owners of our
     “Mom remembers that trip to              “We may not have the              Company’s products, with
Mexico as one of their most fun         biggest or newest motor home,           industry leaders in roadside
trips. There were five couples from     but when we arrive, we know we          assistance,      motor     home
Missouri who spent a lot of time        are among friends and it doesn’t        insurance and medical air
together creating memories that         matter because we all love our          transportation.
would last a lifetime.”                 Winnebago Industries motor                  For more information about
     In all, the Harry and Dorothy      homes!”                                 the WIT Club, call 800-643-4892,
Miller family has owned six                                                     ext. 1, or check out the Web site
different Winnebago or Itasca                                                   at
motor homes, currently driving
                                                                                             Traveling Times 11
  history of an industry...
                                                   RV/MH MUSEUM AND HALL OF FAME
  By Ken Nordstrom
                                                                                 exhibit will open to the public this
                                                                                 spring. A third and fourth phase
                                                                                 of construction at the RV/MH
                                                                                 Museum and Hall of Fame are
                                                                                 planned for the future.
                                                                                      Exhibits now on display include
                                                                                 antique units from a 1913 travel
                                                                                 trailer, recognized as the oldest
                                                                                 RV in the world, through a classic
                                                                                 1974 GMC motor home, with many
                                                                                 tent trailers, travel trailers and early
                                                                                 motor homes.
                                                                                      In addition to the F-19, the
                                                                                 Winnebago Industries display
                                                                                 includes several informative
                                                                                 panels discussing the history of
      If your travels happen to find     rear wheels for enhanced power          the Company, a glass display
  you in northeastern Indiana or         and improved handling.                  case featuring toy Winnebago
  the greater Chicago area, the RV/           The RV/MH Museum and               and Itasca motor homes and
  MH Museum and Hall of Fame in          Hall of Fame site along Interstate      other memorabilia, an interactive
  Elkhart, Indiana, should be a “don’t   80 was located and purchased            kiosk where museum visitors can
  miss” site on your touring agenda.     in September 2000. By August            learn more about the Company’s
      Located along Interstate 80,       2005, nearly $10 million had been       stock growth, and a “factory
  the new and greatly expanded           pledged by industry companies           tour” video that shows viewers
  museum and related exhibit             and individuals, and ground was
  halls opened last August. One of       finally broken for this building. The
  the highlights is the Winnebago        decision was made to build the
  Industries exhibit, which includes     facility in phases as pledges were
  one of the very earliest “eyebrow”     paid and cash was available, thus
  units, an F-19 model. Built in         remaining mortgage-free.
  1966 on a Ford chassis, the unit            The first phase, now open,
  featured a six-cylinder engine.        contains the RV Exhibit Hall,
      According to “The Winnebago        the Go RVing Hall displaying
  Story, 1958-1988”, “After building     new units, the Hall of Fame, the
  the F-19 and then a 17-footer, also    library, and the Exhibitors Hall
  on a Ford chassis, Winnebago           for industry suppliers, and the
  consulted with some of its key         organization’s corporate central
  dealers on features wanted in a        offices. The second phase, now
  motor home and the ideal floor         nearly completed, includes the
  plan. Out of this came the D22,        Boots and Betty Ingram Exhibit
  introduced late in 1966. Built on a    Hall for the recently acquired
  Dodge chassis, the D22 was an          David Woodworth collection of
  instant success….” In addition to      Pre-WWII RVs, with several units        The Dygert family checks out the
  the expanded floor plan, the unit      and other memorabilia valued at         Winnebago F-19 display. There’s
  featured a V-8 engine and dual         approximately $1 million. That          much to see for visitors of all ages.

12 Traveling Times
how quality Winnebago and Itasca motor homes              in providing funding from Winnebago Industries for
are manufactured. With a 10-foot by 30-foot banner        construction of this facility was very important. Even
overhead and approximately 600 square feet of             more important was his willingness to lend his name
exhibit space, the Winnebago Industries display is the    and his company’s image to our literature and other
largest in this exhibit hall.                             efforts to raise additional funding for this marvelous
     New RVs showing the latest features are              new building with its outstanding exhibits. His
displayed in the adjacent Go RVing Hall. This includes    reputation as an industry leader and as the head of
a 2008 Winnebago View 24J from Winnebago                  Winnebago Industries, with its outstanding reputation
Industries.                                               as a quality company was invaluable to our success
     The RV/MH Hall of Fame gallery on the second         in raising the nearly $10 million that’s gone into this
floor honors the over 300 individuals who have been       effort.”
inducted into the industry’s Hall of Fame since its           Another component of the facility is the library,
founding in 1972. Company Founder John K. Hanson          which is also open to all visitors. It contains the
was named to the Hall of Fame in 1983 and current         world’s largest collection of RV and manufactured
Company CEO Bruce Hertzke received Hall of Fame           housing literature and photographs with nearly 20,000
recognition in 2006.                                      volumes of books and magazines and over 5,000
     Al Hesselbart serves as historian, archivist,        images, dating from the earliest days of the trailer
librarian and writer for the organization. He observed,   industry through the present.
“John K. Hanson was clearly a leader and pioneer              Exhibitors Hall, another exhibit area, has 20
in the RV industry, especially in the motor home          industry component manufacturers and other
segment. Under his leadership the name ‘Winnebago’        suppliers demonstrating their contributions to the
became synonymous with the term ‘motor home.’ He          industry.
was a clear and obvious choice for the Hall of Fame.”         The building and its exhibits are operated by
     Regarding Bruce Hertzke’s Hall of Fame
recognition, Hesselbart stated, “Bruce’s leadership                                     please continue to Page 14

You can see a Winnebago F-19 and more at the RVMH Museum and Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana.
                                                                                            Traveling Times 13
history of an industry...

                                                                   By 1999, the Hall of Fame, Museum, and Library
                                                               had all outgrown the available space in the downtown
                                                               building and the board of directors determined to
                                                               seek a new site that was more visible and more easily
                                                                   A campaign to raise funds for a new headquarters
                                                               was kicked off at the National RV Show at Louisville,
                                                               Kentucky, in December 1999 with Bruce Hertzke of
                                                               Winnebago Industries as the Honorary Chairman.
                                                                   Among the first gifts was $1 million from
                                                               Winnebago Industries and the John K. and Luise V.
                                                               Hanson Foundation along with sizable gifts from many
                                                               others to make the endeavor possible.
                                                                   The result, to date, is the beautiful, spacious and
                                                               conveniently located structure dedicated last summer
                                                               housing the RV/MH Museum, Library, Hall of Fame
                                                               and related facilities—with even more planned for the
   Chris and Theresa VanderHorst take a look at the Win-           If you’re traveling I-80 across northern Indiana,
   nebago Industries toys on display at the RV/MH Museum.      don’t miss an opportunity to stop and check out the
                                                               many remarkable displays, especially the motor
   the RV/MH Heritage Foundation, an organization              homes and other interesting information from
   representing both recreation vehicle (RV) and               Winnebago Industries.
   manufactured housing (MH) interests that was formed
   in 1972, hence the designation of RV/MH Heritage
   Foundation.                                                  Information for your visit:
        As Hesselbart explains, “The Hall of Fame
                                                                 RV/MH Hall of Fame
   Foundation basically existed from 1972 until 1990
   as a paper entity. The name was changed to RV/                21565 Executive Parkway
   MH Heritage Foundation when the organization was              Elkhart Indiana 46514
   incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in Indiana       800-378-8694
   in the 1980s.”
        When Vern Sailor became chairman of the                  Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
   foundation, he declared intent to build a home for the
   hall of fame in Elkhart. Elkhart city fathers donated the     Admission: $8 Regular (Age 17+), $6 Seniors
   six acres of land in a downtown urban renewal area            and Groups of 14 or more, $3 Youth (Age 6-16)
   and $100,000 start-up money. With strong additional
   support from the industry, a building was constructed         Directions to the museum:
   and dedicated in August 1990. The foundation then             From Toll Road
   began to accumulate and save the published records            East of Elkhart, Indiana, take Exit 96 South off
   of the industry in magazines and books and created            the Indiana Toll Road (I-80/I-90) to County Road
   an archival library of industry history.                      17, then just past the east bound Toll Road
        In July 1994, the foundation board hired Carl Ehry.      entrance turn left (east) on Executive Parkway
   In October 1994 he hired Hesselbart. Hesselbart               and go to the parking lot of the RV/MH Hall
   oversaw much of the local activities while Ehry               of Fame. Entrance is on the North side of the
   traveled the country raising funds and support for the        building.
   operation. They began soliciting historic units and           From Elkhart
   began to create the museum displays. A small portion          Take County Road 6 east to Country Road 17,
   of the museum was opened in the fall of 1995 and              then go North (left) for 200 yards to Executive
   growth of the operation was very dramatic from that           Parkway and turn right (east) and go to the
   point on, including the early Winnebago F-19 from             parking lot of the RV/MH Hall of Fame. Entrance
   Winnebago Industries which was soon part of the               is on the North side of the building.
14 Traveling Times
                                                                                    In Your Words
By Jo Drewes, Winnebago Industries retiree and Itasca Horizon owner

     Reaching our goals of retiring and traveling in our     of Maine and New
Winnebago Industries motor home became a reality             Hampshire          and
for Vaughn and me in 2007. After being employed at           completing         our
Winnebago Industries as Supervisor in the Personnel          goal of visiting all
Department for 32 years and Vaughn as Safety/                50 states.
Sanitation Manager with Kraft Foods for 20 years,                 Traveling
we began our journey in our 2001 Itasca Horizon              south to Florida, we
diesel pusher. This trip had been a dream for years          ventured through
and planned during my employment at Winnebago                the Blue Ridge
Industries.                                                  Mountain Parkway
     The benefit Winnebago Industries offers its             and stopped in
employees, the employee summer fleet program, is             Concord,        North
what started my interest in the RV lifestyle. One of         Carolina, to tour
my first memories of RV travel is taking my parents          the NASCAR race
in a Class C motor home to visit my aunt. It was an          shops.                             Vaughn and Jo Drewes
ideal way to travel for my parents. The employee fleet            Florida became our stay for most of the winter, as
program was a great opportunity to use a motor home          we visited friends while enjoying the beautiful weather
and experience this great means of family recreation.        it provided, and receiving updates from family of the
     When we got the RVing bug, we later bought a            blustery winter back in Iowa. The remaining months
unit of our own. During our working careers, our family      of this trip will take us to Texas before heading home,
traveled through many states providing an educational        fulfilling our year of motor home traveling.
experience, and it remains a memorable highlight for              Throughout our working careers, we have owned
us. With retirement nearing, our sights were now set         three Winnebago Industries motor homes – 1982
to complete the touring of all 50 states by visiting the     Elandan, 1994 Elante, and our current 2001 Horizon.
remaining four states of Oregon, Washington, Maine           Winnebago Industries offers many features with their
and New Hampshire.                                           motor homes, and we have absolutely loved our Itasca
     Our 12-month trip began in May by heading west, with    Horizon. The trips we have taken with family and the
an amazing cattle branding in Montana on our friend’s        opportunities to make life-long friendships with other
8,000 acre ranch, and taking our time to travel through      motor home owners will always remain the highlight
the beautiful scenery of Oregon and Washington. Our          of our experience. Vaughn and I, being WIT members,
trip continued throughout the summer through Canada,         participate in the Grand National Rally held in Forest
starting in British Columbia traveling east to Nova Scotia   City, Iowa, and it will always remain a special time in
and Prince Edward Island. When the frost arrived in          our lives.
Nova Scotia, we headed south, finalizing our states                 People are surprised to hear that I have retired
                                                             from working 32 years for one company. As a former
                                                             Company employee, Vaughn and I do receive questions
                                                             about our motor home and we are always happy to tell
                                                             them that we have thoroughly enjoyed traveling in our
                                                             diesel Horizon. Some folks have toured our coach and
                                                             we always refer them to dealers to see the latest from
                                                             Winnebago Industries.
                                                                  We will continue to travel in our Itasca motor
                                                             home, taking in the sights and fulfilling our retirement
                                                             dream. We currently maintain a blog site on the
                                                             Internet. If you are interested in following our travels
                                                             or enjoying photos from our adventures, please visit

                                                                                                Traveling Times 15
    Buy a new Winnebago View or Itasca Navion
            and get $1,500 in free fuel!*
  *$1,500 fuel rebate may be taken as a check or assigned to dealer for down payment. Excludes Itasca Navion iQ. The “Sea to
  Shining Sea” rebate applies to only new, not previously retailed, Winnebago View® or Itasca Navion® motor homes purchased
  from a participating Winnebago® or Itasca® dealer April 7 through June 30, 2008. Offer is not valid on Navion iQ or on units
  purchased prior to April 7, 2008 or after June 30, 2008. See your View or Navion dealer for more information.

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