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									                                      BOH Business Leadership
Unit 3 – Motivation,Teamwork, Individual Performance, Communication & Stress
                                                 Practice Test
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True & False – 24 marks                                                         Total            /85

           An introvert is comfortable and confident in interpersonal relationships and an extrovert is more
           withdrawn and reserved in interpersonal relationships.

           An open person is broad-minded, receptive to new things, and open to change; a person lacking
           openness is narrow-minded, has few interests, and is resistant to change.

           Managers must be able to understand and respond to personality differences when building teams
                 but not when making job assignments and engaging in daily work activities.
           An attitude is a predisposition to act in a certain way toward people and things in one’s environment

           Cognitive dissonance describes the discomfort a person feels when attitudes and behaviour are

           Workers who are more satisfied with their jobs are absent less frequently.

           Job performance refers to the quantity and quality of tasks accomplished by an individual or group at

           A committee is a formal team of people working together outside their daily job assignments to
                 pursue a specific purpose.

           Difficulty in establishing good working relationships may occur in virtual teams due to the
                    depersonalization that results from the absence of face-to-face interaction.

           The ability to communicate well both orally and in writing is a critical managerial skill and a
                   foundation of effective leadership.

           Effective communication occurs when minimal time is spent in the communication process.

           Nonverbal communication includes body posture and eye contact as well as facial expressions and

           In a communication channel, high channel richness is impersonal, one-way, and fast.

           The best advice regarding e-mail privacy at work is to find out the employer’s policy on personal e-
                  mail and follow it, and to not assume that you have e-mail privacy at work.

           Difficulties in communication between people from different cultures may result from ethnocentrism,
                    or the tendency to consider one’s own culture as superior to all others.

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    The process through which people receive, organize, and interpret information from their
           environment is called perception.

    The conflict management style of collaboration involves being moderately cooperative and assertive

    ERG Theory does not assume that lower-level needs must be satisfied before higher-level needs are

    From a practical perspective, the two-factor theory suggests that managers should always correct
    poor job context to eliminate any actual or potential sources of job dissatisfaction, and should build
    satisfier factors into job content to maximize opportunities for job satisfaction.

    According to acquired needs theory, the need for affiliation is a manifestation of the desire to
    establish and maintain friendly and warm relations with other people.

    The basic premise of goal-setting theory is that supervisors do a better job of setting goals than
    employees do.

    Clarifying performance expectations is important in goal setting.

    An example of negative reinforcement would be a manager who has been nagging on a worker
    everyday about tardiness that does not nag when the worker comes in on ti me.

    The law of immediate reinforcement states that the more immediate the delivery of a reward after
    the occurrence of a desirable behaviour, the greater the reinforcing value of the reward.

Multiple Choice: (42 marks) Answer the MC questions in the chart below.

            1.              8.              15.              22.             29.               36.

            2.              9.              16.              23.             30.               37

            3.              10.             17.              24.             31.               38.

            4.              11.             18.              25.             32.               39.

            5.              12.             19.              26.             33..              40.

            6               13.             20.              27.             34.               41.

            7.              14.             21.              28.             35.               42.

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Multiple Choice:
  1. What are the three needs stated in the ERG Theory?

  2. What are relatedness needs?

  3. Need for achievement is defined as:

  4. A worker high in need for ____________________ power in McClelland’s theory tries to use power for
     the good of the organization.

  5.   Which of the following is not used when determining a goal?

  6.    The law of __________________ states that behaviour followed by a positive consequence is likely to
       be repeated, where as behaviour followed by an undesirable consequence is not likely to be repeated.

  7.   ___________________ is a positive reinforcement strategy that rewards successive approximations to
       a desirable behaviour.

  8.    In the two-factor theory of motivation, a __________ is found in job content, such as a sense of
       achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, or personal growth.

  9.    According to the two-factor theory of motivation, all of the following are sources of job dissatisfaction

  10. __________ is one of the “Big Five” personality traits that reflects the degree to which someone is outgoing,
      sociable, and assertive.

  11. Which of the following statements about the personality trait of agreeableness is/are accurate?.

  12. Which of the following statements about the personality trait of emotional stability is/are accurate?

  13. Which of the following items accurately describe a common aspect of job satisfaction?

  14. Research has demonstrated a strong relationship between __________ and __________.

  15. The opportunity to do one’s best every day, believing that one’s opinions count, believing that fellow workers are
      committed to quality, and believing there is a direct connection between one’s work and the company’s mission
      are attitudes that are positively correlated with __________.

  16. With respect to teams and teamwork, the key question for managers and team leaders is:

  17. The process of people actively working together in groups to accomplish common goals is called __________.

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18. Adam belongs to a special project group assigned to investigate possible recreation activities for the upcoming
    summer work program. Adam knows others are present to do his work and is considered to be a “free rider” by
    other group members. This group has encountered __________.

19. When the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts, a special benefit of teamwork occurs. This special
    benefit is known as __________.

20. Which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe an implication of informal groups for

21. Jordan is a shipping clerk who belongs to a team with members representing different functional units. The team
    meets to share information regarding specific problems facing the whole organization. Jordan is a member of a

22. Pat works in the downtown office of a large consulting firm. Erin, Brock, and Jamie work in a branch office in a
    northwest suburb. Ashley and Kristen work in a branch office in an eastern suburb. When these people
    collectively work on problems and try to figure out solutions that they all can accept, they sit down at their
    computer terminals and communicate with each other through a special software program that guides their
    discussion. These people are operating as __________.

23. Which of the following statements accurately describe important ingredients of success for virtual teams?

24. The phases or stages in the life cycle of any team are __________.

25. In the life cycle of a team, conflicts over tasks and ways of operating as a team occur in the ___________ stage.

26. “Rules” or “standards” that guide the behaviour of team members are called __________.

27. To build positive team norms, a leader can do all of the following EXCEPT:

28. Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of high-performing teams?

29. Which of the following statements accurately describes communication effectiveness?

30. A manager reaches a large number of employees with a minimum of cost and effort by posting instructions on a
    bulletin board. Not all the employees understand the directions. This communication process would most likely
    be described as __________.

31. Bill is the manager of a 250-employee division of a company. He must make sure everyone in his division is
    informed about policy changes that will affect their insurance and retirement withholding on their paychecks.
    The best way for Bill to communicate the new policy would be through a(n) __________ communication channel.

32. Guidelines for making a successful oral presentation include all of the following EXCEPT:

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  33. __________ takes place through such things as hand movements, body posture, eye contact, and the use of
      interpersonal space.

  34. Which of the following is NOT a guideline for the active listener?

  35. Considering one’s own culture as superior to all others can result in poor communication in which of the
      following ways?

  36. Two recent graduates with computer science degrees applied for a job in computer programming. Both had
      similar qualifications and had received awards for academic excellence at their respective universities. One of the
      applicants was deaf. The hiring manager decided to not offer the job to the deaf person because of concerns
      about how he would perform. What type of stereotyping has affected the manager’s perceptions?

  37. Your boss is a very effective public speaker. You assume that she is also skilled at written communication. This is
      an example of __________.
  38. Suppose that a manager responds to a disagreement between subordinates by saying: “I don’t want to get in the
      middle of your personal disputes.” This manager is using which conflict management style?

  39. Carrie is assertive and uncooperative in dealing with others during conflict. She goes against the wishes of others
      and uses her authority to gain compliance. Sheila uses which conflict management style?

  40. Brock emphasizes cooperation and assertiveness in dealing with conflict situations in his department. Differences
      are worked through together so that everybody’s concerns are addressed and everyone gains something in the
      end. Brock uses which conflict management style?

  41. Excessively high or destructive stress in the workplace can lead to __________.

  42. All but one of the following statements about the negative consequences of stress is true. Which statement is
      NOT true?

Short Answer: (10 marks)

      1.   As a future manager/executive, how will the knowledge learned from the “Killer Stress video” affect the
           way you will manage your team? (4 marks)

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       2.   Communication Channels – Select only 2 of the following items that need to be communicated. Identify
            your audience for of communication and decide which communication channel would be the most
            appropriate. Provide an explanation for your response. (6 marks)

               i.   Offer of employment to an interview candidate.
              ii.   Report on department budget to Finance department.
             iii.   Training for managers on how to better manage department.
             iv.    Staff Christmas party details.

Case Study – Read the Vancity case study and answer the following questions. (13 marks)

 1. Identify how Vancity satisfies both the lower-order and higher-order needs as identified within ERG Theory of
    Needs. (4 marks)

 2. Provide examples of both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards offered at Vancity. (4 marks)

 3. Describe how Vancity has established performance-contingent rewards. (5 marks)

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