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					Agritourism                                                                                             FY 07 Report

In FY07, Extension assisted 522 individuals and businesses in developing marketing
tools to promote local enterprises and communities through Agritourism programming
efforts. In addition, 435 small businesses received assistance in financial planning
through their involvement in Extension’s Agritourism programs.

Thirty-six Kentucky counties reported conducting significant Agritourism programming
efforts in FY07. Three-fourths of the those counties showed increased sales due to
cooperative marketing with other local Agritourism operations and the development of
relationships with local or statewide tourism agencies.

Two-thirds of the counties offering Extension Agritourism programming in FY07
reported developing effective marketing campaigns which resulted in increased site
traffic for participating businesses, and over one-half of the counties reported an increase
in the number of Agritourism enterprises in the county.

Agritourism 36 Counties Reported Participating

How many individuals/businesses have used knowledge gained through Extension Programming in development of

            522     Marketing tools
            435     Financial planning
            224     Capital access

The number of counties reporting the results of agritourism efforts in which Extension played a significant role:

           (27)     agritourism enterprises increased sales and/or contacts due to cross marketing with other agriourism
           (24)     agritourism enterprises increased site traffic count due to marketing tool distribution.
           (20)     agritourism enterprises utilized electronic marketing such as website development and linking with
                    other free sites.
           (23)     agritourism enterprises developed or participated in an effective marketing campaign.
           (21)     the number of agritourism enterprises has increased in your county.
           (27)     the agritiourism enterprises developed relationships with county, regional or state tourism agencies.
           (20)     the enterprises participated in county, regional or state agency’s programs or campaigns.
           (19)     agritourism enterprises increased profitability due to business management and marketing plans.

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