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									                                                                           April/May 2009 Edition

Donna Rhodes
Vice President-
Terry Simon
Terri Meadows
Janis Presley            We’ve just completed the first two shows of our new format-one all Western and
                     one all English. From the looks of things, we’re off to a great start! Both shows
Board Members-       were well attended—see Terry Simon’s “Horse Show Report” and check out the
Beth Haney
Janis Presley        Champion and Reserve Champion boxes and you will see some new and familiar
Laura Paxson         names. Our next show, June 7, is an all Western SVAC event (the premium is
Karen Hebert
Lorraine Biederman   attached).
Diane Short
Stacie Wight              Chris Mayer, our wonderful membership chairperson, reported we have a lot of
                     new members and some who have returned to Corral 118. Welcome! A special
Horse Show
Terry Simon          thank you to Terry Simon for advertising our shows and being such an incredible
805-522-3346         ambassador for Corral 118. A big thank you to Linda Howell for helping to move
Terri Meadows
805-582-1149         trail obstacles during the trail classes at our all Western show on April 5th. Also,
                     Pierre Loubet and Mary Williams, thank you for “talking up” our corral and bringing
Diane Short          several new riders to our English show. Word of mouth is the best advertisement
661-269-1231         and endorsement we could hope for.
Delegate                  We have new sponsors as well—please take a moment to check out their ads.
[vacant]             Without sponsorships, we have a tough time offering the fabulous year end awards
Area 8 Directors     for the SVAC. Running horse shows can be a bit expensive and these
[vacant]             sponsorships allow us to earmark income for those awards. Speaking of which, we
Membership-          have an anonymous sponsor for our SVAC Trail Riders Program (TRP). A silver
Chris Mayer          belt buckle will be awarded to the trail rider with the most hours in the saddle so be
                     sure to see Lorraine Biederman’s article for details.
Terri Meadows             On behalf of Corral 118, I’d like to wish a speedy recovery for “Dan the
805-582-1149         Announcer Man” who missed our English show due to a nasty cold and Laurie
Trap Program-        Mahan, who got clunked on the noggin by one of her horses. Hope you’re both
Lorraine Biederman   back in the swing of things soon!
Mary Richards        Happy Riding,
805-581-0038         Donna Rhodes
                                                    Western Show was one of the biggest I have ever
                                                    seen in the years of helping to put on our shows,
                                                    nice quality horses and wonderful owners and
      2009 CALENDAR OF EVENTS                       trainers. I truly enjoyed seeing familiar faces come
Jun. 7           SVAC Western show                  back. Our English show was just as good, lots of
Aug. 9           SVAC Western show                  Jumpers and Rail horses. Tell all your friends to
Aug. 30          SVAC English show                  come and join in on the fun. To all the volunteers
Sep. 20
                 4 Annual Harvest Hop               that “jumped” in to help clear the arena, that was
Oct. 4           SVAC Western show                  wonderful and we all really appreciated your help.
Nov. 1           ETI Hi pt & SVAC English show      I was so shocked to see our Barry Porter and his
                                                    wife come back to help. Barry, I got so happy
                                                    when I turned around in the trail arena and saw
                                                    you both there to help, you both are the best ever.
                                                    From all of us die-hard horse show workers, a
                                                    huge “thank you” to the volunteers for all your
     CORRAL 118 ANNUAL                              help. We try our best to make everyone happy
SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD                                 and we couldn’t be successful without the help of
                                                    volunteers. To Ron the parks groundskeeper, a
                                                    huge “thank you” for preparing the arena the best
                                                    you can. Even though we don't tell you, we really
                                                    appreciate your hard work--two thumbs up. Barb
                                                    and Penny, you two make that office work like
                                                    clock work, thank you for all the great years of
                                                    service. Chris Mayer for doing the pre entries for
                                                    us, membership, answering questions, and
                                                    always trying to raise money for the club. Diane
                                                    Short and Stacie Wight for all your good advice.
                                                    Beth Haney-great patterns, thank you so much.
                                                    Dan, we missed your voice at the last show! Feel
                                                    better, we need you. Thank you, Jenna Langford,
To: 2008 Board of Directors                         for announcing—you did a great job. Thanks,
Re: Sportsmanship Award                             Cathy Ebsen, for coming back to show and then
                                                    pitching in to do the points. Also, thank you to
Hi Everyone!                                        Lorraine Biederman and Karen Hebert for doing a
     The Awards Banquet Luncheon was a lot of       great job serving lunch for us. Chris, our new
fun - I always enjoy getting to see everyone and    member that shows the Minis, you where a huge
chat! Don't we all clean up nice!                   help to us. Grace our gate person, I know its hard
     I want to express my appreciation and heart-   to get everyone in the arena but boy do you do a
felt thanks for being honored with the              great job, crack that whip! Brenda Chew, thank
annual Sportmanship Award. It's especially          you for helping in the office, good job. And last
gratifying when a group you admire - a group of     but not least, Terri Meadows, you and I are
gifted, hard-working women - give you that pat on   always there before the sun comes up to make
the back of recognition! It means a lot to me.      sure our shows go off without a hitch, making
Thank you all so much.                              coffee, helping to set up, and always being there
Beth                                                to the end. You are the best, love you. As for
aka "Hopping" Beth Haney                            me? I just love doing it and I get a good workout.
                                                    Till we see you all in June, stay safe,
P.S. Even if it was a little bit sneaky!            Terry Simon

        WOW! What can I say? I'm at a loss for
words--just kidding. April was amazing! Our
      April 5th Western High Point &                            April 26th English High Point &
SVAC Horse Show                                           SVAC Horse Show

High Point            Champion          Reserve           High Point            Champion          Reserve

Halter                Leanna Rhodes     Jaime Mehterian   10 & Under W/T        McKenzie Minto    None
10 & Under W/T        Renee Apodaca     Nicko King        English
Western                                                   11-18 W/T English     None              None
11-18 W/T Western     none              none
                                                          19 & Over W/T         None              None
19 & Over W/T         Lorraine          Sue Stephens      English
Western               Biederman                           13 & Under English    Taylor Stephens   Courtney
13 & Under Western    Gretta            Breanna Bodner    14-18 English         Sam Whittaker     Shannon
                      Czarnocki                                                                   Dempsey
14-18 Western         Blair Heisl       Leanna Rhodes     19 & Over ATR         Jessica Fugle     Erica Pollack
19 & Over ATR         Michelle Lewis    none              39 & Over ATR         Pierre Loubet     Collette Lovo
Western                                                   English
                                                          Pony Open English     Sydney Isaac      None
39-49 ATR Western     Donna Rhodes      none
                                                          Open English          Carly Swank       Stacy Friedl
50 & Over ATR         Sharon Ryerson    none

Open Western          Donna Rhodes      Mike Kavathas
                                        Leanna Rhodes

                                                                                       Scoring Arab- Half-Arab
                                                          Scoring Paint/Pinto
                                      Highest             Taylor Stephens &
                             Scoring Arab- Half-Arab      Charm
Scoring Paint/Pinto
Sharon Ryerson-April 5       Andrea Caldwell-April 5
                                                          Remember, to qualify for “Day-End”
                                                          champion and reserve champion, you must
                                                          show in at least 3 of the listed classes on the
                                                          back of the premium. Most of the “none”
                                                          categories could have been filled by just one
                                                          more class!

Help us raise funds by shopping at
CountrySupply.com. By entering the COUNTRY-
CARE Code “118” during checkout, Country Supply                            Have a special horsekeeping
will donate 5% of your total purchases (excluding         tip? Share it with us! Please place “C118” in
dewormers and shipping) to E.T.I. Corral 118.             the subject line. Thanks, Terri Meadows,
***************************                               Newsletter Ed. E-mail me at
                                                        the outside of the circle, then circle stop, roll back
                                                        to the outside. Work on the correctness of the roll
                                                        back, not the speed. You may want to use a fence
                                                        at first to help the horse get up underneath
         WONDERFUL APRIL                                himself. Be sure your not too close to the fence
VOLUNTEERS!                                             and that his shoulders are up and he is looking in
Barbara Black       Barry Porter                        the direction you are wanting to go. Some riders
Grace Forrest       Chris Porter
Elizabeth Haney     Cathy Ebsen
                                                        turn the horse into the roll back leaving the horses
Collette Lovo       Diane Short                         head and nose to the outside. This only makes the
Chris Mayer         Terry Simon                         horse come with the shoulder first and causing
Dan Mayer           Jamie Mosley                        him to hang-up. Make sure that your horse is
Terri Meadows       Jackie Smith                        well underneath himself. You may have to take a
Carrie Post         Stacie Wight
Jenna Langford      Linda Howell                        step back before you follow through with the roll
Eric Yang           Kristen Yang                        back. Be slow and precise in your movements.
Breanna Lovo        Penny Wilson                        Many riders will lean into the direction they want
Kris Troxler        YOUR NAME HERE!                     to go. This only throws the horse off balance.
**********************                                  Stay in the middle of your horse and keep your
                                                        eyes focused forward. If your horse is jumping
                                                        out of the roll back, you may have to slow down
                                                        and take him a turn and a half around before you
                                                        lope off.
                                                                  When both maneuvers are solid they can
                                                        be introduced together.
                        The Reiner’s Spin                         If you have any questions please feel free
               By Kathie Ferrante                       to email me at www.ferranteranch.com

                                                        See you in the arena!
         It was exciting to see many of you come
                                                        Kathie Ferrante
back to our ranch for private instruction after our
reining clinic.
                                                        Ferrante Ranch Puzzle of the month! First
I have been asked to write a column in each
                                                        person to email us with the correct answer, wins a
newsletter giving training and showing tips to
                                                        private instruction.
help improve your skills. This month I will talk
about the stop and roll back.
                                                        A reining horse runs down half the arena at 44
         The stop and roll back are two separate
                                                        ft. per second. The rest of the way he scotches
maneuvers. The roll back cannot be achieved
                                                        and slows down to 11 ft. per second. What is
until the stop is solid. Your horse should already
                                                        his average mph speed?
know how to stop well before you combine the
two maneuvers together. If your horse is not solid
                                                        Vol. 1, art. 1, April 2009
in the stop, combining the two maneuvers together
will only cause confusion and anticipation.
Start by Teaching your horse to move up and
down a long arena freely without speed on a                        CORRAL 118 WEBSITE
slightly loose rein until he is confident. I know my                 WWW.eti118.org
horse is confident when I can run all the way to        Be sure to check out our website for up to date
the fence without picking up my hand or saying                    information on our events.
“whoa” and without the horse charging or
anticipating the stop. Then, when I do pick up my
hand and say “whoa”, my horse will respect it.
Practice the roll backs at low speeds. I like to
begin with a circle. I will circle stop, roll back to
                                                       trail riding program (TRP); and at least 50 hours
                                                       of trail riding. The membership forms for E.T.I.
                                                       T.R.A.P. and our SVAC TRP are in this
                                                       Haven’t joined TRAP yet? Call me and I will send
                 From our Members:                     you log sheet so that you can start logging in your
When I am an old I will still ride                     hours even before I get your membership form
I shall wear rhinestones and a wide-brimmed            and check. Time’s a wasting!!
hat with silver and leather on it                      LET’S RIDE!!
I shall spend my Social Security on white wine
and carrots and sit in the alley of my barn to
                                                       Lorraine Biederman
listen to my horses breathe                            805-796-1411
I will wear hay in my braids as if it were jewels
and my Wranglers will be faded with a belt of
braided twine
My old Ropers laced up tight, a dusty flannel
shirt, and I will be an embarrassment to all
who look down on me!
I shall walk out in the moonlight with my
chestnut mare, listening to the crickets and
night sounds                                                                        I rescued a human today...
Enjoying the feel of damp grass and the starry             Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor
nights                                                 peering apprehensively into the kennels. I felt her need
In the morning, I will be in the meadows and           instantly and knew I had to help her. I wagged my tail,
fields, and will weave the spring flowers in her       not too exuberantly, so she wouldn't be afraid.
mane and tail, together in the sun                         As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view
When you come to visit me, to look at my               from a little accident I had in the back of my cage. I
garden and flowers, and wonder at my                   didn't want her to know that I hadn't been walked
unkempt house,                                         today.
I will lead you to the stalls filled with fresh,           Sometimes the shelter keepers get too busy and I
clean hay, to see the beauty within them.              didn't want her to think poorly of them. As she read my
For I have found the peace of being free to            kennel card I hoped that she wouldn't feel sad about my
Love a Horse as a friend,                              past.
A friend who waits at the midnight hour with a             I only have the future to look forward to and want
nuzzle, nicker and patient eyes                        to make a difference in someone's life. She got down
For the kind of woman I will be when I am old.         on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me. I
--anonymous submission                                 shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the
                                                       bars to comfort her.
                                                           Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was
        SVAC Trail Riders Program                      desperate for companionship. A tear fell down her
     It’s finally Spring and “This road is winding     cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would
through the prettiest country…, I’m wild and I’m       be well.
free, who won’t want to be me?” Just like the              Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so
song, it’s time for us to get out there and ride the   bright that I instantly jumped into her arms.
                                                           I would promise to keep her safe. I would promise
trails. Dust off you trail saddle, get out the
                                                       to always be by her side. I would promise to do
canteen, call a friend and go, and while your at it,   everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle
log in your time and get credit for it. Help us        in her eyes. I was so fortunate that she came down my
keep our trails open to horses, while you have a       corridor.
great time just watching nature.                           So many more are out there who haven't walked the
     I just found out we have an anonymous             corridors. So many more to be saved. At least I could
sponsor for a gorgeous silver buckle for the           save one. I rescued a human today.
SVAC trail rider who has the most hours in the          -Submitted by Terri Meadows
saddle! Minimum qualifications are: membership          (~Author unknown~)
in E.T.I. T.R.A.P. program; joining our SVAC
ETI is having a big raffle this year as a fund raiser
for ETI. Only 299 tickets will be sold at $100 each
for a prize of $10,000. So your odds are pretty
good. You may buy tickets as an individual or a
group of people and share it. The winning ticket
will be drawn at Convention the end of July.
Please contact Debbie at the ETI office (818) 362-
6819 eti@ETInational.com for tickets or Dottie
and Keith Hilliard (626) 335-7112.Please include
this in your newsletter, post, share, or forward
however you can. Thank youI should be getting a
copy of all the Corral newsletters. Don't forget the
Casino Night June 20 in Lake View Terrace
contact sekaiser06@ca.rr.com
                                                         Vista del Mar Performance Horses
---Submitted by Kimberly Dwight, E.T.I. National               Boarding & Training Facility
                                                                    in Moorpark, CA

                                                          Stacie Bunkowske, Owner / Trainer

Karen & Steve Abbott, Rene Apodaca, Christine           * Specializing in Hunter Under Saddle *
Coey, Kim & Katherine Cornet, Leslie Crane,                 * Western All-Around Horses *
Gretta Cznarnocki, Jordan Dodds, Lesley Green,           * Direct Access to Happy Camp Park *
Sharon & Steve Greenwood, Jacqueline Hollier,               * Large Pastures & Turn-Outs *
Kelsey Hubert, Margaret, Sydney & Augie Isaac,
Mike Kavathas, Michelle Lewis, Laurie Mahan,                     Phone: 805-523-0523
Karen Martin, Victoria Mauch, Marika McCabe,                  email: staciesophie@aol.com
Karen, Curt, Nicole & Justin Miles, McKenzie
Minto, Tiffany Miseroy, Jamie Mosley, Ronald
Monical, Chris Naberhaus, Kristin Nelson, Gabby
Oberman, Jill Pettibone, Janna Riis, Sharon
Ryerson, Sue & Caitlin Stephens, Bre Thompson,
Kris Troxler, Kirby Vander Horck, McKenna Von
Lanken, Samantha Whittaker, and Carolyn &
Hannah Wilson.                                          CLASSIFIED ADS:
                                                        FOR SALE:
                                                        Beautiful Western show clothes, some new, some
                                                        gently used, slick out chaps {by Anita Brock},
                                                        showmanship, horsemanship, etc. shirts and
                                                        outfits. Start your show season out with the bling
              Corral 118 Membership Dues:
                                                        Call Terry Simon at 805-657-2416
Junior $40            Senior $45
                                                        LEASE FOR SHOW:
Family (Limited to    Add $10 to each                   If you are an intermediate or a beginner rider,
2 people) $60         individual family                 interested in anything from the 39 & over to the
                      member 17 years                   Lead Line classes, contact me to see if I have a
                      old and under.                    horse to suit your needs.
Associate             $15 each, $10 each                TC Starpower Tommy AKA “Dexter” has won
                      additional family                 Championships in 2007, 2006 and 2004.
                      member                            Premium Star AKA “Star” was won
Please call Chris Mayer-805-581-3150                    Championships in 2007 & 2006.
E-mail: A25Hoss@AOL.com
Lessons available with the lease.                     Since I am an ETI member, I'm offering a 10%
Chris Mayer @ 805-581-3150                            discount to all ETI members. As you check out
FOR SALE:                                             there will be a box that says "coupon code". ETI
16.5" Crump Prix de Saute close contact saddle.       members can enter etimember (all 1 word) and
Good condition. Comes with girth $350.                they will receive a discount on the book. It will
Brenda Chew (805) 581-6399                            make a nice gift for any horse lover!
FOR SALE:                                             BOARDING
Avon Calling in Simi Valley! I am your Simi           Horse Boarding Simi Valley. 12 x 12 barn with
Valley Avon representative. Please contact me         12 x 18 let out. Trails and 2 arenas and round pin
for a catalog at 805-657-2416 or visit my Web         near by. Call Debbie for more information. 805-
site, youravon.com/terrysimon for exciting new        526-1878.
Avon products.                                        FOR SALE:
FOR SALE:                                             Collegiate All purpose english saddle. Havana
Tired of your hay falling apart? Visit                color. 15 1/2 seat. Great Condition. $ 400.00
Tidybale.com to see my innovative feed room           Devon aire Breeches $35.00 New 30 Tan with
product. Terry Simon, 805-657-2416.                   Leather patches,34 Gray w/Leather patches, 34
FOR SALE:                                             Gray suede. Hobby horse Chaps Tan Large $300
Brand New Henri De Rivel close contact pro            New Small Blue hood $35.00. Western used
English saddle sz 17 1/2 reg. tree, oakbark,          bridles $10.00 each western bits new/used $5.00
$600.00                                               each Splint boots $ 5.00 each
- -Used County Competitor Dressage                    Alisa 805 491 3298 or horselegs84@yahoo.com
Saddle,spring tree,made in England,sz.16 1/2,         PONY FOR SALE:
used leather girth sz.23, new white weatherbeeta      Large Pony Welsh cross chestnut with flaxen mail
dressage pad, Saddle is older but in good             and tail flashy and good mover. Gelding 10 years
condition.$600.00                                     old. $7,500 or best offer must go!
Call Carlynne McCabe at 818-352-4617                  Shown as jumper at Gold Coast and pebble Beach
FOR SALE:                                             in the ribbons at both, Clean and FAST jumper,
Large Brown Farm Fresh Eggs at $4 per dozen.          great step, good form over jumps. Great ETI or
Call Terry Simon at 805-657-2416 to place your        Pony club pony shown both english and western
order for pick up at our Corral 118 horse shows.      wins everything, must have confident rider
FOR SALE:                                             Elois Brett-Kress
DevonAire breeches:- $40 New, 30 Tan with             805 701-6740 or 805 577-0360
leather patches; 34 gray with leather patches, 34
gray suede; Hobby Horse Tan Chaps, Large,             FOR SALE:
$300; New hoods, Large, $50                           1/2" Wintec Dressage 500 with CAIR system.
Alisa – 805-491-3298 or horselegs84@yahoo.com         All fittings included: High-quality irons with
FOR SALE:                                             white rubber foot rests; Wintec girth; Regular or
Woody Pet: $6.26 + Tax/bag. Small Fine Tine           Wide gullet (your choice); Saddle cover
Fork: $24.95 + Tax; Large Fine Tine Fork: $27.9       I've ridden this saddle less than a dozen times. It's
+ Tax. Rat Zappers - Classic (4, Lithium AA           been stored indoors. Tags still attached (you send
batteries): $39.95 + Tax or Ultra (4, D Batteries):   in Warranty Card) $400 (OBO)
$51.95 + Tax. Call Chris Mayer 805-581-3150 or        Can send photo via email.
email A25Hoss@aol.com. Sorry, no deliveries.          Contact: Kathy Herbert (805) 584-0106
New Horse Book! Horse Stories and Lessons
Learned book consists of 100 unpredictable horse
stories each with a lesson learned. Chapters
include: Close Calls, Trailer Tails, Around the
                                                      Horse Boarding & Training, Riding Lessons,
Barnyard, Horses do Fall Down, to name a few. I       Summer Day Camps
have a web site where the book can be purchased:
Equitation Inspiration Training -- Aimee Zabst --
Check the web for specials and great stuff
(including horses) for sale!

Members: To place a free classified ad or purchase
ad space, please contact Terri Meadows at
shortstirrups@sbcglobal.net or 805-582-1149


                                                      Dave Schwamb & his Bevy of Beauties!

Woody Pet Pelleted Animal Bedding has been a
generous sponsor to our corral for the past several
years, donating several pallets of product for our
fundraisers, raffles, and prizes. Now you can
purchase this fabulous product locally from Chris
Mayer, Simi Valley. It is $6.25 plus tax per bag.
Call Chris Mayer 805-581-3150
[See sponsorship ad in this newsletter!]

Check out our New Photo Pages!

Here’s a couple tidbits….

                                                      This is Hazel’s Coop-Lucky Hen!

Dave Schwamb & Mary Jo celebrate Kentucky
Derby Day!
                       2009 SPONSORSHIP FORM
Dear Equestrian Supporter:
        E.T.I. Corral 118 is a not-for-profit equestrian organization dedicated to providing horse
shows and related events open to anyone who wants to participate. Your sponsorship allows us to
promote equestrian activities, good horsemanship, and trail etiquette through local horse shows,
play days, organized trail rides, etc. In consideration for your sponsorship, your ad will appear in
our newsletters as well as on our Web site. Sponsor must supply appropriate print-ready
advertisement to Corral 118 according to sponsor level. Choose from the following:

PREMIER SPONSORSHIP: $200 or more, includes FULL PAGE ad
FULL SPONSORSHIP: $135 or more, includes 1/2 page ad
HALF SPONSORSHIP: $70 or more, includes 1/4 page ad
GROUP SPONSORSHIP: $35 or more, includes Business-card size ad

                                                      Please make checks payable to:
                                                            E.T.I. Corral 118
Name: __________________________
Contact: ________________________                 Please mail this form and check to:
Address: _________________________                Chris Mayer, Sponsorship Chair
_________________________________                 E.T.I. Corral 118
                                                  387 Lamp Post Circle,
Phone No.: _______________________                Simi Valley, California 93065

Amount: $_______________________                  Questions? Please call Chris Mayer,
                                                  at 805-581-3150.
(Non-specific, Horse show, or Trail Riding        Your support is deeply appreciated by
Program)                                          all who participate and enjoy ETI
                                                  Corral 118 activities and events.
                                                     THANK YOU FOR YOUR
                                                  Visit our Web Site – www.eti118.org

EQUESTRIAN TRAILS, INC. (E.T.I.) is a California-Not-For-Profit organization that is dedicated
to equine legislation, good horsemanship, and the acquisition and preservation of trails.
                        Chris Mayer
                   387 Lamp Post Circle
                   Simi Valley, CA 93065

 To order, call or e-mail CHRIS MAYER at 805-581-3150 or

                     Sorry, no deliveries.
But if you call or e-mail your order, I can deliver to any
Corral 118 (SVAC) Horse Show
Also available…. large and small fine tine forks, perfect for
pelleted and all types of stall bedding. Large Fork $27.95
plus tax and the small fork is $24.95 plus tax.

                        Rat Zappers!
Classic (4 Lithium AA batteries) $39.95 plus tax or Ultra
[pictured] (4 D batteries) 51.95 plus tax

            E.T.I. Corral 118 Member
            Sandra Fernandez says,

            Please help support the work
            of these dedicated people—
            horses are also available for

            Visit the Web site at
       P.O. Box 892
     Somis, CA 93066

   Phone: (805) 525-5553
      (805) 525-5588

    Fax: (805) 525-5699

Equine Veterinarian

  E.T.I. Corral 118
    Corral 118 Thanks Our 2009 Sponsors

                            The Ferrante Ranch

                           Charles Liskey, DVM

                    Patti Lucci -- in Honor of Cantar+/

                    Chris Mayer – Basic Horsemanship

                              Terri Meadows

              Equitation Inspiration Training —Aimee Zabst

                         GKV Capital Management

          Stacie Bunkowske/Vista del Mar Performance Horses

                        David Schwamb & Friends

                            Hiesl Construction

                                Cathy Ebsen

                             Sandra Fernandez

                        [Your Name Could Be Here!]

All of us at Corral 118 thank you. Without your sponsorship we could not have
                            our equestrian programs.
                      PATTI LUCCI & “CANTAR +/” IN 1997

                       IN LOVING MEMORY OF CANTAR +/
 Patti Lucci donated a full sponsorship in honor of “Cantar +/” who passed on March 22, 2006.
Cantar +/ had a brilliant career of 2 National Horse of the Year titles, 34 Class A Championships,
        and many other accomplishments. Cantar +/ is pictured above with Patti in 1997.

                                                          GOOD LUCK TO
                                                        EVERYONE IN 2009!

                                                        DAVE SCHWAMB &
                   Must already be a member of E.T.I. National’s TRAP

Name _____________________________________________ Corral # ___________

Address ______________________________________ City _____________________

State & Zip Code ___________ E-Mail ______________________________________

Home Phone ______________________Cell/Work # __________________________

Corral 118 SVAC TRP: $10               Membership-JAN 1 through DEC 31

Corral 118 SVAC TRP Renewal Fee: $5                      Amount Enclosed: _________

Please send your check payable to ETI Corral 118 along with this application form to:

               Mary Richards, 505 Aqueduct Court, Simi Valley, CA 93065

   Questions? Please E-Mail Lorraine Biederman at Lorrainebiedermann@yahoo.com
                                         or call
       Mary Richards at (805) 581-0038 or Lorraine Biederman at (805) 796-1411



                                               Minimum 50 trail riding hours

    Every hour you log in the saddle helps keep the trails open to
         everyone so get out there and ride our great trails!
                        Send us your show and other photos!

Chris & Lou Whittaker               Pierre Loubet & Amigo

Amigo                          Leslie Crane-Congratulations!
Mary Williams-Congratulations!               Another happy camper

Pierre Loubet & Amigo                     Mary Williams

                 Mary Williams, Pierre Loubet, and Leslie Crane
                     Hunter Haven Farms Group aka “Pierre’s Posse”

Ribbons, I see ribbons-outstanding showing            Tired Amigo

Special thanks to Pierre Loubet for sending in these photos. Send photos to Terri Meadows
at shortstirrups@sbcglobal.net with “Corral 118” in the subject line. Please identify the
people and horses in the photos.
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