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Pre-Departure Orientation A Unique Student Population National


									Pre-Departure Orientation
National Stats                 Baylor Stats

   In 2006                       In 2006
    ◦ 21 Million College           ◦ 11,937 Undergraduate
      Students                       population
    ◦ 223,534 students went        ◦ 669 students abroad
      abroad                       ◦ Ranked 31 in the top 40
    ◦ 303 million Americans          Doctoral/Research
    ◦ 20% own a passport             Institutions
    ◦ 63.7 million Americans       ◦ Highest participation
      went overseas                  rate in the Big 12

           A Unique Student
 Health And
Safety Abroad
   Blending in
    ◦ American paraphernalia
      College shirts/sweatshirts/American brands
      Cameras
      iPods
      Flip flops/pajamas in public
      Speaking English loudly

Personal Safety
   Traveling Smart
    ◦ Aware of surroundings
    ◦ Be conscious of your belongings
      Wear backpack and purses face front in public
      Wear purse against the wall
      Wallets in front pockets
    ◦ Don’t leave cell phones out in public
      If stolen, report immediately
    ◦ Overnight trains
      Sleep on top of luggage/personal effects
      Keep passport/money on your person, not in bag

Personal Safety
   Handouts in your folders
    ◦ CDC
    ◦ HTH overview
    ◦ ISOS overview
    ◦ Baylor Contacts

   Forms to turn in:
    ◦ Medical/Liability Release Forms and HTH

Health and Safety
   When you depart the US, carry enough local
    currency for a week
    ◦ Local bank before you leave
    ◦ Or at airport
   Exchange rates
   Never carry large amounts of cash
   Concerns about traveler’s checks
    ◦ Locations to cash can be difficult
    ◦ Cash-in rates and fees
   Article in folders for those going to Europe
    about credit cards

Money Matters
Academic Matters
   While abroad: registered for Baylor equivalent
    courses with an IE, IF1, IS1(international
    exchange) section

   Upon receiving your exchange school
    transcript, you will receive a grade for the
    courses listed on your equivalency

IEX registration procedures
   Check your hours and registration on Bear Web

   Receive invoice from Baylor for tuition only
    ◦ A few programs you will be charged for housing and/
      or meals

Full-time BU student while abroad:
   Request permission of:
    ◦ Dept. Chair if not pre-approved and listed on
      your Form C
    ◦ and Exchange Program Advisor
       To make the change

   Must stay enrolled at full-time status:
    ◦ At least the equivalent of 12 Baylor hours for
    ◦ Failure to comply will have severe financial aid

If you must CHANGE a COURSE:
   Dr. __________
   My name is Katie Erickson and I am currently studying in Florence.
    The semester just started and I have to make a change to my
    schedule. I would like to take LA IS RU 240: Greek influence on
    Roman Culture. Below, you will find the course description.
     ◦ [insert course description here]
   I feel that it could count as HIS 5890. [insert BU course description
   Do you approve of this equivalency? If not, please let me know of
    an appropriate BU course equivalency.
   Thank you.
   Katie Erickson
   BU ID #

Example of a course equivalency
request to Baylor Department Chair
   Hi Katie,
   This is Brad Smith, 888888888, and I’m
    currently abroad at FUA. My schedule has
    changed a little since I arrived and will need to
    make the following changes.
   Please drop GEO 1402 and add EGR 3356. The
    approval e-mail from the Engineering
    department chair is below.
   Thanks,
   Brad

Example E-mail to send to Study
Abroad Advisor about courses changes
   Which courses you completed
   What grades you made
   You will not be permitted to graduate until we
    receive a transcript from your exchange school.
   May take 6-12 weeks to receive transcript and
    apply grades to BU transcript
   Arrange for mailing to Baylor (address below)-
                    before you leave!

Importance of Transcript
Exchange Program and Study Abroad
International Student and Scholar Services
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97381
Waco, TX 76798-7381

Address to Send Transcript:
   It is possible to extend your stay

   You will need to get permission from your host
    university and complete the following (1) a
    second Equivalent Course Approval Form and
    having approvals via e-mail, (2) Legal Release
    Form reflecting the new dates of your stay and
    (3) renew your HTH insurance policy for the
    amount of time you’re staying.

Staying a second semester
   Each school is different
   Each country is different
   You will receive a grade for each course,
    adjusted according to the grade scale of the
    country (see Australia and UK grade charts in
   Program director will be the one to finalize
    grades for non-translated transcripts
   REMEMBER- the grades you receive will be
    calculated into your overall GPA.

Grade and Teaching Differences
   You will register yourself for courses for the
    semester of your return
   Register via Bear Web
   Your registration date is the first day of
    undergrad registration
   YOU are responsible for making sure you have
    no registration holds impeding your online

Registration Abroad
   If your major requires advising, remind your
    advisor that you will contact him or her during
    your semester abroad to request the lifting of
    your advising flag.
   Remember, you will not be able to register
    unless your advising flag is lifted.
   Find out whether you will need department
    permission to register for courses that require
   File for graduation in dean’s office

**Registration Abroad**
(Advising Instructions)
 Please refer to the following Academic Advisement
  web site to learn your advisor assignment;
 Set up an advisement appointment BEFORE you go
 Email reminder while abroad that you have already
  met, and your flag can be lifted

Departments Requiring Advisement
to Register
Find your match!

With your partner:

      Share something that you’re excited for while
      Share something that you’ll miss from home
      Share some new found facts about the country and
      culture you’re entering
Life Abroad
   Looking at flights

Preparing to go Abroad
   Luggage and Packing
    ◦ Check airline regulations
    ◦ Pack light
    ◦ Clothes:
      Be prepared for the different types of weather
      Comfortable shoes
    ◦ Don’t take things that are irreplaceable

Preparing to go Abroad
   Documents you should carry with you on
    ◦ Flight itinerary
    ◦ Host University Acceptance Letter
    ◦ Financial Statement
    ◦ Immunization Records
    ◦ Original prescriptions for all medicines you’re
    ◦ Emergency Contact Information
           Host University Contacts
           Baylor Contacts
           Personal Contacts
           American Embassy

Preparing to go Abroad
   What to leave with your parents:
    ◦ Flight Itinerary
    ◦ Emergency Contact Information
      Host Contacts
      Baylor Contacts
      American Embassy
    ◦ Copy of your passport & Visa
    ◦ Copies of your credit cards/ bank card
      Include the customer call numbers

Preparing to go Abroad
While You’re
   Culture Shock!
    ◦ term used to describe the anxiety and feelings
      (of surprise, disorientation, confusion, etc.) felt
      when people have to operate within an entirely
      different cultural or social environment It grows
      out of the difficulties in adjusting to the new
      culture, causing difficulty in knowing what is
      appropriate and what is not. This is often
      combined with strong dislike about certain
      aspects of the new or different culture.

Life Abroad
   How to lessen Culture Shock
    ◦   Research the culture before you depart
    ◦   Have an open mind
    ◦   Be patient
    ◦   Make the most of your time abroad
         Get involved
         Attend cultural events
         Make non-American friends
         Journaling or blogging

Life Abroad
   Culture Shock
    ◦ When having difficulties
      Go to your host school first
      Contact me
      Seek local friendships
      Use caution when venting with parents or people
       back home

Life Abroad
   Reverse Culture Shock
    ◦ Happens when you return home
    ◦ Can be more difficult than Culture Shock
    ◦ Remember that you cannot pick up where you left
   Strategies to cope
    ◦   Volunteer with the Study Abroad Office
    ◦   Be a PAWS partner
    ◦   Photo Contest
    ◦   Share with me!
    ◦   Plan your next trip

Life Abroad
 Ask a former Study Abroad Participant
and/or a current International Exchange

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