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The October 2007                          property and Casualty insurance services to the lumber, woodworking and building material industries since1895.
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                                                                                                                                       Bulletin 10-07
New and Existing Home Sales Worse Than                                                                                               October 15, 2007
Originally Predicted
                                                                         U.S., Western and Canadian Lumber
Signaling that the U.S. housing market is far from hitting
rock bottom, the National Association of Realtors has
                                                                         Output Down
predicted that existing home sales will drop to a five-year             As expected, U.S. and Western lumber output is down according
low, worse than originally forecast.                                    to the Western Wood products Association. U.S. lumber
                                                                        production totaled 21.008 billion board feet through July, down
New home sales are anticipated to decline 24% to a 10-                  12.6% as compared to January-July of 2006. Lumber production
year low. Even with the Fed’s interest rate cut, the housing            in the West dropped 12.9%, while in the South production was
market won’t likely see a boost until sometime next year                down 12.2%. For the month of July, U.S. production totaled
stated Donald Kohn, Federal Reserve vice chairman.                      2.881 billion feet, down 11.1% compared to the July 2006 total.
“Housing markets are likely to remain depressed in coming               Lumber production in the West totaled 11.161 billion board feet
months as housing demand is restrained by the difficulty                through August, down 12.4% vs. the year ago period. In the
in obtaining mortgages and perhaps also by spreading                    Inland region, year-to-date production was off 15.1%; Coast
expectations on the part of the buyers that house prices will           production dropped 11.2% compared to January-August 2006.
fall, as they already have in a number of markets,” said                August production in the West totaled 1.463 billion feet, up
Kohn.                                                                   11.4% from July and down 8.9% from August 2006.
Housing starts are expected to tumble 24 %, on the heels of             Canadian lumber production through July totaled 18.5 billion
a 13% drop last year accoding to the NAR.                               board feet, 9.2% behind the 2006 pace, according to Statistics
                                                                        Canada. Marking a fourth consecutive monthly decline, July
Source: Bloomberg.com 10-10-07                                          lumber output totaled 2.4 bbf. production on the B.C. coast
                                                                        finished 34.0% below the July 2006 level. That region trailed
Slow Down — There’s No Need to Register                                 the year-ago pace by 20%, exceeded only by Quebec, where
                                                                        production was down 20.7%. Alberta, at 1.9 bbf was the lone
Your Cell Phone Number                                                  province to surpass last year’s year-to-date total. Lumber
                                                                        production in the B.C. Interior fell 5.1%, to 8.7 bbf, and
Just ignore the emails you have been receiving instructing              accounted for 47.0% of the country’s output through July.
you to register your cell phone number on the National Do
Not Call (DNC) Registry.                                                                               YOU are what’s
According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers                                                  special about the
should not be concerned that their cell phone numbers will
be released to telemarketers at any time in the near future.
                                                                                                       lumber industry!
In fact, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated                  www.NAWLATradersMarket.com
dialers to call cell phone numbers.

To register your land line phone or to learn more about                      Included in the October NAWLA Bulletin:
the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry visit the FTC website at
                                                                           NAWLA Webinar - “USGBC and the LEED Green Building System”
www.ftc.gov. or the FCC at www.fcc.gov. Or use the DNC
link to register your phone directly at: http://www.ftc.gov/                      NAWLA Traders Market Sales Blast Training Workshop
October 15, 2007                                         NAWLA Bulletin                                                         page 2
                                                                     Icy Straits Lumber & Milling
Please Welcome NAWLA’s                                               P.O. Box 370
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Newest Members!                                                      Contact: Wes Tyler
                                                                     Phone: (907) 945-3293
Eon Outdoor Living (M)                                               Fax: (907) 945-3243
151 Courtney park Drive West                                         Website: www.alaskawoodproducts.com
Mississauga, ON L5W 1Y5                                              Endorsed by: Bruce Kulzer, Hood Distribution and
Contact: Helen Nichols                                               Brad Hodgins, Manufacturers Reserve
Phone: (866) 342-5366                                                Icy Straits is a custom lumber cutting mill featuring Western
Fax: (905) 795-5523                                                  Hemlock, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Alaska Yellow
Website: www.eonoutdoor.com                                          Cedar.
Endorsed by: Mike Mordell, Universal Forest Products and
Joe Mares, C.J. Link                                                 KP Software Systems (SA)
Eon manufactures decking and railing products that are 100%          #200-2232 Marine Drive
plastic.                                                             West Vancouver, BC V7V 1K4
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Phone: (905) 858-3200                                                KP Software Systems produce software solutions for wood
Fax: (905) 858-3208                                                  production, sales, distribution, shipping and related industries.
Website: www.gfp-inc.com
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Vitale, T.W. Hager                                                   5354 North 425 East
Grant Forest is an OSB producer along with various other wood        Rolling Prairie, IN 46371
products oncluding concrete form and industrial non-slip flooring.   Contact: Tony Ellis
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Greenwood International (W)                                          Fax: (219) 778-9525
3320 SW 1st Avenue #100                                              Website: www.maxitile.com
Portland, OR 97239                                                   Endorsed by: Brad Hodgins, Manufacturers Reserve Supply
Contact: David Visse                                                 and Dusty Hammack, Arrowhead Lumber
Phone: (503) 222-3022                                                MaxiTile is a manufacturer of fiber cement siding and roofing
Fax: (503) 222-0556                                                  products.
Website: www.greenwoodinternational.com
Endorsed by: Pete Carroll, Empire Wholesale and                      Michigan Timber Wholesale Distribution (W)
Greg LeBeck Western International.                                   3401 East Court Street
Greenwood International is an importer and distributor of            Flint, MI 48506
quality primed millwork products, frames, jambs, trimboards and      Contact: Jim Harvey
lumber.                                                              Phone: (810) 742-8787
                                                                     Fax: (810) 742-8776
Howe Sound Forest Products Ltd. (M)                                  Website: www.mitimber.com
303-871 Island Highway                                               Endorsed by: Gary Vitale, T.W. Hager and
Campbell River, BC V9W 2C2                                           Jim TeBos, Weekes Forest Products
Contact: Derik pallan                                                Michigan Timber sells trusses, commodity lumber and panels
Phone: (250) 287-9201                                                to the independent dealers and retailers in Michigan.
Fax: (250) 286-3868
Website: www.pallangroup.com                                         Setzer Forest Products (M)
Endorsed by: Brian Tyldesly, Tyee Timber Products and                2570 Third Street
Paul Owen, Vanport Internaltional                                    Sacramento, CA 95818
Howe Sound Forest Products specializes in sales of Douglas Fir,      Contact: Jim Murk
Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar and old growth           Phone: (800) 824-8506
timber.                                                              Fax: (916) 442-0875
                                                                     Website: www.setzerforest.com
                                                                     Endorsed by: Leonard Greer, North Pacific and
                                                                     Mark Staner, Universal Forest Products.
                                                                     Setzer is a manufacturer of quality mouldings, mdf products,
                                                                     jambs and veneers.
October 15, 2007                                       NAWLA Bulletin                                                       page 3

Please Welcome more of NAWLA’s                                   Wood Basics Course Corvallis Recap
Newest Members!
                                                                 The NAWLA Wood Basics Course was recently held in Corvallis,
Sierra Cedar Products, LLC (M)                                   Oregon September 10-13, 2007 and had 34 participants.
1401 Melody Road                                                 According to the attendee reports and their evaluation, the course
Olivehurst, CA 95961                                             was excellent and a good time was had by all.
Contact: Jim Haas
Phone: (530) 741-8090                                            The four-day program included a mix of classroom study and field
Fax: (530) 741-8326                                              trips. Field trips included a tour of Starker forest lands, study of
Website: www.sierracedarproductsllc.com                          sustainability, tree genetics, planting, a harvesting operation, the
Endorsed by: Tom Van Moos, Western Woods and                     Rosboro sawmill, engineered wood and plywood plant tour and a
John Russell, Mendocino Forest Products
                                                                 wine tasting at Willamette Valley Vineyards — oh yes, the wine
Sierra Cedar Products is a 40 million board foot sawmill
primarily producing cedar.
                                                                 is stored in wooden barrels! Classroom instruction boasted over
                                                                 15 industry experts and working in conjunction with Oregon State
Spokane Forest Products (W)                                      University, a session on forest ecology and silviculture.
400 Suth Jefferson, Suite 416
Spokane, WA 99204                                                The numerous presenters, most of which are from NAWLA
Contact: Theresa Kimball                                         member companies, kept the participants engaged throughout the
Phone: (509) 777-1107                                            4-day course.
Fax: (509) 777-1109
Website: www.spokaneforest.com                                   Congratulations go to the Graduates of the Corvallis Class of
Endorsed by: Jack Aden, Rawles-Aden Building Materials and       2007:
Eric Fritch, Fritch Lumber
Spokane Forest Products is a wholesaler offering a variety of             Graduates Name             Company
species and has the ability to facilitate the customers needs.            Lance   Lucas              Allweather Wood
                                                                          Jeremy Bayer               Amerhart Ltd.
Woodguard (M)                                                             Mary    Horn               Amerhart Ltd.
1375 East Baseline Street, Unit B                                         Todd    King               Amerhart Ltd.
San Bernardino, CA 92410                                                  Adam    Kuss               Amerhart Ltd.
Contact: Don Dain                                                         Nick    Musgrove           Arrowhead Lumber Sales, Inc.
                                                                          Brad    Miller             Belco Forest products
Phone: (800) 521-3633
                                                                          Leo     Colantuono         Biewer Lumber Company
Fax: (909) 885-7680
                                                                          Norm    Kennedy            Biewer Lumber Company
Website: www.wood-guard.com                                               Tucker Keatley             California Timberline Inc.
Endorsed by: Gary Maulin, McFarland Cascade and                           Ronda Harris               Cascade Structural Laminators
Mike Mordell, Universal Forest Products.                                  Allen   Kimmel             Cascade Structural Laminators
Woodguard is a manufacturer and supplier of polymer coated                Sherrie Motley             CSX Transportation
lumber used for fencing, decking and sil.                                 Jason   Bolstad            DMSi
                                                                          Cody    Smith              Georgia-Pacific
                                                                          Robert Cary                Great Northern Lumber
                                                                          Brent   Theilgaard         Great Northern Lumber
                                                                          Crystal Bistline           T.W. Hager Lumber
                                                                          Rick    Aten               Kentucky-Indiana Lumber Co.
                                                                          John    Kipp               Kentucky-Indiana Lumber Co.
                                                                          David   Woods              Klumb Lumber Co.
                                                                          Leah    Swift              Marathon Forest Products Ltd.
                                                                          Jeremy Asher               North Pacific
                                                                          Colin   Miller             North Pacific
                                                                          Daniel Harris              Sherwood Lumber Corp.
                                                                          Scott   Lindsay            Skana Forest Products
                                                                          Jared   Melocco            Snavely Forest products
                                                                          John    Ray                Snavely Forest products
                                                                          Scott   Sutter             Spokane Forest products, Inc.
                                                                          Adam    Morris             Trinity Forest Industries Inc.
                                                                          Ryan    Georgoff           Union Pacific Railroad
                                                                          Amy     Hurt               Union Pacific Railroad
                                                                          Ben     Zbikowski          Universal Forest products
   2007 Corvallis Wood Basics Course Graduating Class                     Matt    Cross              Weyerhaeuser
October 15, 2007                                     NAWLA Bulletin                                                      page 4

NAWLA Buyers’ School                                          Industry News
December 10-13, 2007
                                                              Pete Phillips has joined Capital Lumber as an account
Hyatt Regency Chicago On The River                            manager for its phoenix division.
Walk Downtown location right off the                          Capital Lumber Company’s Healdsburg division welcomes
Magnificent Mile!                                             Tracey Tomei as account manager.

Join us on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile for the NAWLA           US Timber welcomes Robert Pearson as controller at their
Buyers’ School. Don’t miss the program updates and            headquarters in Eagle, Idaho.
recent enhancements to the School as designed by              Casey Keller has joined Willamette Forest Products,
the NAWLA Education Committee. This 3 ½ - day                 portland facility in sales.
School includes several expanded offerings: sessions
                                                              The Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) announced
on Inventory Management and Hedging Strategies for
                                                              its newly elected officers during its annual meeting in Charleston
Office Wholesalers, a Transportation & Logistics Panel of     S.C. Chairwoman Lynda Anthony of Anthony Forest Products,
industry experts (office wholesaler, stocking distributor,    vice-chairman Patrick Harrigan of Harrigan Lumber Co., and
manufacturer, railroad company, and a logistics manager),     treasurer Adrian Blocker of West Fraser Inc.
numerous industry-specific case studies and an ethics
program.                                                      McShan Lumber Co., celebrated its 100 year anniversary
                                                              with employees, former employees family and friends. Guests
This years top-notch programming and instructors:             enjoyed a shrimp boil and a concert by bluesman Willie King.
John McKeller, D.B.A., C.p.M., president of McKeller
Company, LLC, and assistant professor at the University of
Wisconsin – Madison School of Business 2-days on supply       NAWLA Traders Market® Update
chain management and organizational negotiations
                                                              It’s not too Late!!!
          Concurrent Sessions: attendees choice
Jason Bader, The Distribution Team, portland, Oregon          The 12th NAWLA Traders Market® is approaching
session on Distribution and Inventory Management              quickly! It will be held November 15-17, 2007 at the
                                                              Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The event has drawn
                                                              enormous advance interest and promises to once again be a
Errol Baxter, Associate Director of Commodity products,       tremendous success.
CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange – session on hedging
strategies for Office Wholesalers                             Don’t forget to send your registration materials to the
                                                              NAWLA office today if you have not done so already!
Frank Bucaro, Frank C. Bucaro & Associates, Inc., Bartlett,   Visit the NAWLA website at www.nawla.org. to print a
Illinois – ½-day session on ethical leadership, the “ethics   registration packet, which includes a complete brochure and
gap” and succeeding when others bend the rules                forms, etc. The early bird deadline ends November 2nd, so
                                                              don’t wait, the industry’s premiere event of the year is just
A line-up of industry experts will address issues regarding   around the corner ... don’t miss out! As always, feel free to
transportation and logistics from their respective            contact NAWLA at 800.527.8258 or at 847.870.7470 with
constituencies. This five-person panel includes: John         any questions or email us at info@nawla.org.
Hark, President (Bertling Logistics); Thomas Jacobowski,
General Director, Sales (BNSF); Mike Phillips, President
and COO (Hampton Lumber Sales); Lew Taylor, Division
                                                              Sellingpower.com — Excellent Free Resource
General Manager, Chicago Division (Weekes Forest
                                                              We don’t know the people over at www.sellingpower.com
Products); and Sean Higgins, Vice President of Sales
                                                              but we do receive their free online publications. They are
(Empire Wholesale Lumber).
                                                              very good, thought provoking and provide links to a powerful
                                                              assortment of resources.
The School will close with the Graduation Luncheon on
Thursday, December 13. For further questions regarding
                                                              NAWLA has absolutely no connection with sellingpower.com
the program, please contact NAWLA at (847) 870-7470 or
                                                              and does not endorse them in any way. Having said that,
check out the NAWLA Website at www.nawla.org.
                                                              when we find something we believe NAWLA members will
                                                              find useful we will always pass that informatin along.
October 15, 2007                                          NAWLA Bulletin                                                   page5

                                                                     April 20-22, 2008
Don’t Forget To Mark Your                                            North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA)
Calendars For These Upcoming                                         Loews Ventana Canyon Resort & Spa - Tucson, AZ
Industry Events                                                      (800) 527-8258 www.nawla.org
                                                                     NAWLA Executive Conference
October 23-27, 2007
Society of American Foresters - Portland, OR
(301) 897-8720 www.safnet.org
                                                                     Need a Lift to the NAWLA Traders Market?
National Convention                                                  SuperShuttle will take you directly to the Hilton Anatole.
                                                                     Just click on the link below for your printable discounted
October 4-6, 2007                                                    coupon. Or check out the NAWLA website for a coupon at
National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Associaiton              www.nawlatradersmarket.com. Now wasn’t that easy!
JW Marriott Resort & Spa - Las Vegas, NV
(202) 547-2230 www.dealer.org
pro Sales Industry Summit

November 1-6, 2007
Association of Millwork Distributors
Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO
(727) 372-3665 www.amdweb.com
Annual Convention
November 7-9, 2007
South Carolina Forestry Association
Embassy Suites Hotel/Airport Convention Center - N. Charleston, SC
(803) 798-4170 www.scforestry.org
Annual Meeting                                                                         Snooze you
November 10-13, 2007
APA - The Engineered Wood Association
Hyatt Grand Champions Resort & Spa - Indian Wells, CA                www.NAWLATradersMarket.com
(253) 565-6600 www.apawood.org
Annual Meeting
                                                                                   Quote of the month
November 15-17, 2007                                                   “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that
North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA)                      will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision
Hilton Anatole Hotel - Dallas, TX                                       against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common-
(800) 527-8258 www.nawla.org                                                         place, the slaves of the ordinary”
NAWLA Traders Market®                                                                       Cecil Beaton
December 10-13, 2007                                                         Keep The News Coming!
North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA)                                        Contact us at:
Hyatt Regency Chicago On The River Walk - Chicago, IL                                        NAWLA
(800) 527-8258 www.nawla.org                                                    3601 Algonquin Road, Suite 400
NAWLA Buyers’ School                                                               Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
                                                                              Tel: (847) 870-7470 or (800) 527-8258
March 2-5, 2008                                                                        Fax: (847) 870-0201
North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA)                            Website Address: www.nawla.org
Indiana University/Purdue University - Indianapolis, IN                   Editorial ideas, quotes, and news stories go to
(800) 527-8258 www.nawla.org                                                            lrowe@nawla.org
University of Industrial Distribution
                             NAWLA Webinar
                        “USGBC and the LEED
                       Green Building System”
               Thursday, October 25, 11:00 AM CST • Cost: $79 per site
If you participated in NAWLA’s last Webinar with GBI, you won’t want to miss this follow-up Webinar
that addresses LEED. Logon and learn about the following from USGBC’s Director of LEED Technical
Development, Brendan Owens, LEED, AP, P.E.:

                    • USGBC and the LEED Green Building System

                    • LEED Rating System

                    • Background on rating system, structure, and implementation with particular
                      focus on bio-based materials and wood certification

Moderator: Brendan Owens
       , .E.
LEED AP P — Director, LEED Technical Development U.S. Green Building Council

A few days prior to the program, you will receive an e-mail that contains a phone number to call, a
pin number and instructions to log onto the Website to view the information as the seminar unfolds.
When it is time to gather around the computer/speakerphone, dial in the phone number, log onto the
Website and enjoy this interactive Webinar. The Webinar will last approximately 45 minutes with 15
minutes at the end for questions.

Here’s How to Register
Fax your completed registration form to NAWLA at (847) 870-0201. The cost is only $79 per site, and
you can have as many people at your site as you would like. No limit!
Complete the form below and return to NAWLA for the “USGBC and the LEED Green Building
System” Webinar, October 25, at 11:00 AM Central Standard Time.

Name                                              Company
Phone                                             E-mail Address
Credit Card Number                                Expiration Date
Cardholder’s Name on Card
Cardholder’s Signature
Billing Address

  NAWLA • 3601 Algonquin Rd. • Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 • (800)527-8258 • Website: www.nawla.org
               2007 NAWLA Traders Market®
                  Educational Programming

                NAWLA Sales Blast!
      Need to energize your Sales Force?
  Send them to the Sales Blast Training Work-
             Don’t Miss Out — Register Today
     Instructor: James Olsen, president, Reality Sales Training and Author of
                   Selling Lumber, Sales Secrets of a Lumber Broker
                               Date: Thursday, November 15
                                Time: 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.
            Place: The NAWLA Traders Market — Metropolitan Ballroom
                   Cost: $395/person • $595/person (Non-Member)
                 RSVP: NAWLA — 1-800-527-8258 or www.nawla.org

  Your team will be given a full day of business producing sales training by James Olsen. James
 works nationwide with all types of sellers in the lumber industry: individual suppliers, wholesale
distributors, office wholesalers and multi-family specialists. Having spent twenty-five years sell-
 ing and training in the industry, James understands the buyers and sellers within our industry.
He brings high energy value to all his seminars. You will learn something and you won’t fall asleep!

                       In this seminar, attendees will learn the following:
                                           • Prospecting
                                    • Full Disclosure Selling
                                      • Leadership Speech
                                        • Needs Analysis
                                              • Closing
                                          • Goal Setting
                                     And much, much more!

 Your sales force will not want to miss the discussion, role playing and hands-on practice with
 James Olsen in this one-day seminar. They will learn and practice selling techniques and atti-
                tudes they can apply to their own sales the following selling day!

  NAWLA • 3601 Algonquin Rd. • Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 • (800)527-8258 • Website: www.nawla.org
               2007 NAWLA Traders Market®
                  Educational Programming

                 NAWLA Sales Blast!
    What are you waiting for ... Register Today!
   “With James background in lumber sales, he has brought credibility to our younger traders as well as trad-
   ers with 3 to 4 years experience, we have seen marked improvement with our traders over the years. He is
         direct and to the point ... he creates a sense of urgency with the traders, which is what I like.
                                         His presentation is energy packed.”

                              Frank Johnston, senior vice president - North Pacific

     “I had the opportunity to see James make a presentation at a SLMA meeting and immediately knew he
   could help our company. Not only is he the best of the best in training, he brings with him his many years in
                                         the industry as a lumber trader.
      The only way to justify spending the money on training is to see improved sales. James was certainly
                                            successful in that regard.
     We have had James in on a quarterly basis for over a year and he continues to have a positive impact on
     our sales team. Without any reservation, I can recommend James Olsen to you for improving your sales

                                       Here’s How to Register
                  Fax your completed registration form to NAWLA at (847) 870-0201

                         The cost is $395/person • $595/person (Non-Member)

             Complete the form below and return to NAWLA for the Sales Blast Seminar
                                         NAWLA Traders Market®
                            Thursday, November 15th • 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.
                                  Seminar includes materials and luncheon
            (This is a stand-alone program. Traders Market® registration is not required.)

Name                                                      Company
Phone                                                     E-mail Address
Credit Card Number                                        Expiration Date
Cardholder’s Name on Card
Cardholder’s Signature
Billing Address

  NAWLA • 3601 Algonquin Rd. • Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 • (800)527-8258 • Website: www.nawla.org

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