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					                Certificate of Loan Detail File P123408312009007230001
RE: Name of Seller [and name of ELT, if applicable]
Deal # 12345
Date: mm/dd/yyyy

The Seller [and, if applicable, the ELT, together, the “Seller”] proposed to sell, and Department of
Education, Federal Student Aid, hereby certifies that it agrees to purchase, the loans listed in the Loan
Detail File labeled P123408312009007230001. Copies of this File in Excel and PDF form are being
provided to the Seller.

The Department agrees to purchase the loans listed in P123408312009007230001 if the Seller submits a
Bill of Sale that conveys ownership of the loans listed in this File and attaches to that Bill of Sale this
Certificate, executed by an authorized official of the Seller. By submitting this Certificate, the Seller
designates those loans included in P123408312009007230001 as the loans included in the Loan
Schedule to which that Bill of Sale pertains. No additional record is required to be submitted at that
time. The Department retains the authoritative copy of this Loan Detail File. By signing this Certificate
and submitting it with the Bill of Sale, the Seller agrees if there is any discrepancy between the Loan
Detail File retained by the Department and the copy of that file as received and retained by the Seller,
the Loan Detail File retained by the Department shall be controlling.

[The following to be completed when submitted with Bill of Sale]

This Certificate is submitted by the Seller [and ELT] as the Loan Schedule to the Bill of Sale executed on
_____________ , subject to the terms stated above. By submitting this Certificate of Loan Detail File
P123408312009007230001, the Seller [and ELT] acknowledge[s] that the Seller [and ELT] proposed to
sell certain loans to the Department and that the Department included in Loan Detail File
P123408312009007230001 those loans offered for sale by the Seller which the Department agreed to
purchase. All references in the Bill of Sale to loans listed in the Loan Schedule attached to the Bill of Sale
shall be understood to refer to loans listed in Loan Detail File P123408312009007230001.

                                          [SELLER], as Seller
                                          [ELIGIBLE LENDER TRUSTEE], as Eligible Lender Trustee

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