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									F.D. Studio                                              7/28/2009

                        F.D. Studio Business Plan
                      (Fun Design Studio for Web Site Design)
              GS 604-02:Professional Practices and Communication

                                           Instructor: Perkins, Shel

                                                     July 24, 2009

                                      Computer Art/ New Media

                                           Hui Chi Hsieh (Sophie)

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F.D. Studio                                                                           7/28/2009

Introduction of Fun Design studio

“Fun Design Studio,” which is located in San Francisco, is a full-service visual communication

design company focused on serving Web site design, multimedia, branding and identity

design. F.D. Studio was established in February 2009 and approved by the U.S. government

to set up a legitimate company for clients expecting a high-quality service. We offer a

professional service to make clients’ projects and products perfect for achieving their purpose

and requirement. Also, we are devoted to assisting customers and successfully promoting the

sales of each manufacture. F.D. Studio has processed the most efficient methods for

supporting high-quality service results and building stable relationship with our clients.

Goals and business targets

Combination of intellectual and aesthetics design for delivering high-quality results is the

main purpose of F.D Studio for our clients. F.D. Studio offers various insightful suggestions

and information for helping customers to analyze the marketing demand of the industry. We

support bridging the gap from different kinds of experiences and concepts between the client

and companies. Our target clients are from different commercial and non-profit organizations

that are located throughout the U.S. The business targets of F.D. Studio are as below:

      The revenues of $250,000 in the end of year one.

      The growth rate of 18% in year one and 30% in year two.

      The profitability of 15% in year one, and adding 5% of each year.

      F.D. Studio will hire 8 people in year one, and depends on various quantities of cases

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F.D. Studio                                                                          7/28/2009

       to add one or two or more designers or engineers each year.

Business services offered

At F.D. Studio, the primary service is for Web site design and development. Surfing the

Internet has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, for the new technology makes it

easy and convenient to find a variety of information. It is a tendency that commercial

companies and non-profit organizations need Web sites to introduce their features and

products for their customers. We emphasize user testing, interactive function, information

architecture and interface design. User experience testing helps the designer and client to

obtain the balance and integration of concept, navigation and interactive function. We will

create a friendly, useful and successful Web site that is based on observing and identifying

users’ needs and potential through user testing. In addition, the Web site is interesting and

useful and includes interactive function and high-quality design.

Our secondary service is visual commercial artwork that includes graphic design, multimedia

design, branding and identity design. This is a creative and professional service helps clients

to produce and improve their products and corporate image. F.D. Studio definitely identifies

customers’ needs in order to perfect an implementation for our clients to be satisfied with the


The creative service of F.D. Studio as below:

      Web Site Design

      Web Site Development and Planning

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F.D. Studio                                                                             7/28/2009

      Web Site Maintenance and Review

      Web Site Redesign

      Web Hosting/ Web space offering

      Information Architecture

      Corporate Identity System Design

      Graphic Design (Poster, Advertisement, Brochure, etc.)

      Multimedia Design and Development

Structure of F.D. studio

F.D. Studio is a professional team that includes qualified members from a variety of industry

fields. We will hire members who have strong and different kinds of working experiences and

industry skills to create a successful working environment for our clients. The following is a list

of F.D. Studio team members:

      Developer

      Accountant

      Project Manager

      Usability Experience Specialist

      Marketing specialist

      Senior Designer

      3-D Animation Designer

      Computer Science and Information Engineer

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F.D. Studio                                                                            7/28/2009

Business market trends

People obtain a variety of knowledge from a network searches. This is a market trend

associated with new media material and new technology on the Web site. That lets users

connect anything around the world, as well as invisible intercommunication without being

there in person. This is a powerful development for the user experience that integrates a

variety of multi-media technology and software in a Web site. We have developed a useful site

to allow users easy and convenient use. Also, it will bring the higher efficiency to people's

work and lives.

Design studios in general always focus on engaging in visual design. Their services do not

include Web site updates, maintenance platforms and marketing planning analysis. At F.D.

Studio, we do not only emphasize the creation of a successful and useful Web site with

high-quality results, but also maintenance and updating of the site. In addition, we provide a

full range of services for the visual design of print ads, as well as marketing planning analysis

to our clients.

Customer profile

Our primary target customer focuses on small and medium-sized consulting and structural

engineers companies and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. Some enterprises do

not hire designers to construct professional Web sites and graphic designs for improving their

corporate image. A Web site is necessary for improving their corporate image and to help

develop the sale of products. In this field, they need the 3-D designs to display the structure

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F.D. Studio                                                                            7/28/2009

designs of their projects. We provide the service that combines 3-D animation, multimedia,

and Web techniques to make their each project in high-quality result.


There are similarities in services of other competing design studios that provide both graphic

design and Web site design. The different features are professional marketing research and

plan, client service for maintenance and reviewing of site, and varied structure design of Web

site. At F.D. Studio, we have additional services that is user testing to help create a friendly

site for users. We use paper prototype and digital testing to obtain feedback from different

people, and this will help us to know what the users needs for Web site development.

We choose three design studios to be the competition. One is Munson Design, second is

Person, and the other is LightMix Design Studio.

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F.D. Studio                                                                      7/28/2009

                           Competitive analysis 1: Munson Design

- Having professional and clear interface design
- Offering Visual Communications and different design service (Web Site Design, Graphic
Design, Interactive Design, Packaging Design, etc.)
- Providing Product Planning and Brand Strategy & Development
- Do not provide Web space for their clients
- Do not apply user testing for their clients

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F.D. Studio                                                                      7/28/2009

                                 Competitive analysis 2: PERSON

- Having professional and clear Web Site Design
- Offering Visual Communications Design (Web Site Design, Graphic Design, Print, and
Branding & Logos Illustration)
- Providing Animation Audio
- Do not provide Web space for their clients
- Do not provide Web space, domain, search engine for their clients
- Do not apply user testing for their clients

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F.D. Studio                                                                      7/28/2009

                       Competitive analysis 3: LightMix Design Studio

- Having professional and clear Web Site Design
- Offering Visual Communications Design (Web Site Design, Graphic Design, Print, and
Branding & Logos Illustration)
- Providing Animation Audio
- Do not provide Web space for their clients
- Do not provide Web space, domain, search engine for their clients
- Do not apply user testing for their clients

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F.D. Studio                                                                            7/28/2009

Advantage and potential

During the design process, we attach the experience of user testing as the qualifications and

reference for creating a custom site. We will follow user testing, marketing planning, and

strategic planning to do the most accurate and effective market analysis and site assessment

for our clients. A Web site establishment, which promptly communicates each kind of

information to users, is an important development. As we know, people like to browse many

interesting Web sites, which use interactive animations in various ways. F.D. Studio makes

use of multimedia, 3-D animation diversity of design, and integration of multi-functional

combination of the site to attract users attention.

Pricing plan

F.D. Studio will assess the needs of clients and projects to measure the required quote. The

price of each design item below is not including a tax fee that will be charged an extra 9.5% in

California. We list 4 different kinds of design work prices as below:

   A. Basic Web Site Design and Redesign: the price of creating a Web site starts at

       $4,200 for a corporate logo and a 10-page Web site built with ad copy assistance,

       interface design, search engine submissions as needed in the project.

        Item                                                                 Price
        One Page Web                                                                 $130
        Two Page Web                                                                 $220
        4-Page Web Package                                                           $380
        6-Page Web Package                                                           $600
        10-Page Web Package                                                     $1,100

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F.D. Studio                                                                            7/28/2009

        Additional Pages each                                                      $100
        Above prices are representing without Flash. The price of adding Flash page is
        extra fee 50 dollars each page.

   B. Web Site Updates and Maintenances/ Web space offering:

       The price depends upon the requirements of the project.

   C. Corporate Identity System Design:

       The price depends upon the requirements of the project.

   D. Graphic Design:

       The price depends upon the requirements of the project.

Marketing and promotions

The professional, high-quality work, and providing full-service for clients is our main strategy.

That includes free consultation and review, free user testing, and free planning. Web site

Usability experience is an important process to obtain what users needs before the completed

project. We have a Usability Experience Specialist to help designers and clients get more

feedback from users, and to improve their sites and products. Also, the Marketing Specialist

will help clients to analyze and work for the strategic planning in their industry market. F.D.

Studio will put in different ways for advertising our products and corporate image as listing in

the below.

- Business Web Site Launching

- Newspaper

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F.D. Studio                                                                           7/28/2009

- Poster

- Magazines

Operations plan

Building a Web Site involves a lot of work. In order to ensure all project goals are met, our

team follows a methodical, consistent, and flexible development process that involves our

client throughout the project life cycle. Breaking up the various phases of the project can help

us make sure that all the components are contributing to the project goals.


- Phase 1: Research

- Phase 2: Planning

- Phase 3: Design

- Phase 4: User testing

- Phase 5: Launching

Financial plan

      Start-Up Costs

       According to “MyNewPlace” Web Site, renting a studio in San Francisco downtown

       costs from $1,200 to $3,100. F.D. Studio will rent a studio that the price will be

       $1,650/per month.

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F.D. Studio                                                                           7/28/2009

       Equipments                                         Num.   Rate        Price
       Desks                                              10      $119.00     $1,190.00
       Chairs                                             10       $39.00            $390
       iMac 24”                                            7     $1,499.00   $10,493.00
       PC (Desktop)                                        3     $1,700.00    $5,100.00
       WACOM(Intuos4 Medium)                               4      $349.00     $1,396.00
       Color Printer (Epson PHOTO 1400)                    4      $249.99       $999.96
       Web Server                                          2     $1,440.00     $2880.00
       Scanner                                             2      $148.00       $296.00
       Digital Camera                                      2      $540.00     $1,080.00
       Phone                                               6       $25.00       $150.00
       Phone Line installation                             2       $75.00       $150.00
       Office Supplies (diskettes, pens, stabler, etc.)    1      $100.00       $100.00
       Licenses/ Permits                                   1       $35.00        $35.00
       Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection            2      $899.00     $1,798.00
       Microsoft Office                                    2      $149.95       $299.90
       Total                                                                 $26,357.86


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