Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

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					                                                                        Alyce M. Chasse
                                                               Emergency Planning International, Inc.
                                                                      Business Continuity
                                                                  Disaster Recovery Consultant

Disaster Readiness Quiz                                    Are you ready for a Disaster??
                                           Input your
Annual Sales                                 $500,000                 Enter Annual Sales
Gross Profit Margin                                0.56Enter Gross Profit Margin e.g. for 56% enter .56
                                                      Multiply Annual Sales by Gross Profit Margin. This is
Annual Gross Profit                          $280,000              your Annual Gross Profit.

                                                       Divide Annual Gross Profit by 12. This is Average
Average Monthly Gross Profit                  $23,333                Monthly Gross Profit.
Number of months business is closed                 2     Enter number of months business is closed
                                                      Multiply Average Monthly Gross Profit by Number of
                                                       months. This is your Lost Gross Profit Margin or
Economic Injury                               $46,667                  Economic Injury.

                                                      In addition to Economic Injury, you might also incur
                                                           the cost of replacing inventory, machinery,
                                                          equipment, furniture and possible real estate
Cost to replace Inventory                     $75,000                       Enter cost
Cost to replace:
    Machinery                                      $0                        Enter cost
    Equipment                                 $10,000                        Enter cost
    Furniture and Fixtures                    $25,000                        Enter cost
Building repairs                             $100,000                        Enter cost

                                                           Add the replacement costs and cost for building
Property Damages                             $210,000     repairs. This is the amount of Property Damages.

                                                      Add Economic Injury and Property Damages. This is
                                                           the potential total loss for your business.
Potential Total Loss for your Business       $256,667           Are you ready for a Disaster??

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