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									                                           Small Business Online Banking Application
          PLEASE NOTE: Banner Bank Small Business Online Banking is meant for Sole Proprietors or Partnerships. Online
 access is setup per COMPANY, not per PERSON. All accounts listed must have all the same account signers. For business
  customers with multiple signers on multiple accounts, please refer to the Cash Management Services Department for set up
                                          as an Online Cash Management customer.

Company Information:

Company/Business Name                                                                   Federal Tax ID #            CIF Number

Email Address (Please Print Clearly--Used for online technical support services through our online secure message system.)

Account Information:            *Applicant must be an authorized signer on each of the listed accounts. CD’s are View Only.

   Account Number:                                        Type: (Chk,Sav,CD) Pseudo Name: (Name of account in online listing)

    Loans:                                         Pseudo Name:                   Loan Officer Approval (printed name & signature):
Loans:     View Only Access: NO withdrawal or payment transfers allowed.
           Full Access: Allows payments on term loans & withdrawals/payments on Lines of Credit as determined by the loan set up.
                        This option must have loan officer approval.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Each option is all-inclusive and will apply to ALL loans set up and/or added to the ID assigned for this applicant.

*Please use additional forms for additional accounts if needed.

Authorized Applicant Signature: By signing below, I certify that: (i) I am an authorized signer on all accounts listed above; (ii) I have read and
agree to the terms set forth in the disclosure(s) and Internet Agreement(s); (iii) I understand that Internet Banking account security is controlled
by the Login ID and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned by the Bank; (iv) I authorize Banner Bank to issue a temporary PIN
which I will be required to change the first time I login. I agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Banner Bank from and against any and
all claims of any nature arising out of any such access by a person I have authorized, permitted or enabled to have access to my Banner Bank
accounts via the Internet Banking Services.

Authorized Applicant Signature                                                                   Date

Financial Institution Use Only
 To be Completed by Branch—Please print clearly            To be completed by Online Banking Support:
 Date, Branch, & Contact Name:                             Date & Input By:           CIF Number:                 Login ID:

                                                        Small Business - September 2004

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