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					                            Externship Classroom Activity
Name: __Anna Quarress________________ Date:___________________________
Contact Info: E-mail                                                 Phone:__(714) 309- 7145________
School: _Trabucco Hills High School______________________________________
Grade Level:___11th/12th__________Duration:__________Subject:Computer Accounting
Pathway:_Accounting Services Pathway_________________________________

Title: Name of project: ___Small Business Marketing plan and Budget_______________________

Description of Activity
Students will be participating in teams to participate in a case study activity that assist them in understanding
of the role of managerial accounting and how this type of accounting is used internally by a business to assist
in making daily business operation decisions that have financial impact on the cash flow management of that

Each student team will act as representatives of a public relations firm to research and prepare an marketing
strategy and budget for a one time grand opening event as well as develop a monthly advertising plan that is
both affordable and tailored to this small business in order to effectively reach its target market. Students will
research costs of various marketing tools and develop a brief power point presentation (1-2 slides) outlining
and supporting their recommendations as well as 1 slide of itemized costs for the marketing strategies they
recommended. Additionally students will use Microsoft Word to design a flyer that could be used to promote
their grand opening event. After all teams present each student will act as the small business owner and vote
on the top 3 they would have likely hired. Individual votes will be based on the most creative and realistic
team presentations tailored to best fits the needs of this small business. Teams awarded the most votes from
their classmates will be awarded the highest number of points for this assignment.

At the conclusion of these activities the student will be able to:
Students will understand the role of managerial accounting in daily business operations and
the importance these financial decisions have on increasing the chances that a business will
succeed. Students will be able to plan an event and research all the costs in order to establish a
budget for planning a single event. Students will understand cash management by researching
marketing strategies and making recommendations that are affordable and effective for this
business. Students will be able to research marketing tools and their costs and evaluate
advertising media to choose the most affordable yet effective marketing strategy that will
reach and appeal to their target market for both a one time event as well as monthly
advertising budget.
ROCP/ High School or Community College course title
Course _ ROP Computer Accounting

Projected Learning Outcomes for externship: The objective for this externship is to gain a better
understanding of the needs of the business community, and their expectations of the skills and qualifications
of current and future employees, so that are able to better prepare students in acquiring these skills.
Additionally, participation in this externship allows us to share our group’s findings with other teachers in
order to expand our knowledge base to include other segments of the business community as well as create a
classroom activity that demonstrates the tools and skills that students need acquire to succeed in their search
for employment and career pathways.

Final Learning Outcomes (project completion):
The objective of this project is to give students a firsthand understanding of the role of managerial accounting
to the daily operations of a business. This activity allows students to research and make marketing
recommendations that will have direct financial impact on cash flow management. Students will be planning
an effective marketing event and establishing an affordable monthly advertising budget tailored to the needs
of a new small business.

Directions: What are the step-by-step directions that another educator would follow to
duplicate this activity:
1. Students will need to choose a partner. Each team is to be given a packet that provides a summary sheet of
the project and includes detailed instructions, suggested websites , a rubrics and a chart offering examples of
a few costs for different advertising media.

2. Teacher should read summary sheet of instructions and detailed instructions that covers content to further
explain concepts like target market or identify various types of media for advertising

3. Students will need a couple days in class to complete this assignment. They will need to use the internet to
research marketing ideas and their costs in order to make recommendations of the most affordable but
effective marketing tools that will reach and appeal to this businesses target market.

4. Each student team is responsible for the following
A) Grand opening Event - Researching costs & planning the activities for a grand opening event. Creating a
power point presentation (1-2 slides) that includes recommendations for grand opening event and a budget
of all costs (1 slide) required for planning this event. Additionally students are to use Microsoft Word to
create a visually appealing Flyer that would be used for marketing this grand opening event.
B).Monthly Marketing Recommendations that would be used to Establish a monthly advertising budget
for this business. Students must research and recommend the most cost effective marketing tool and
strategies. Students will then Create a power point presentation (1-2 slides) that includes recommendations
for monthly advertising and a itemized list of costs (1 slide) to be used in establishing the mnonthly
advertising budget.

5. Each team will present their recommendations to the class
6. After all teams have presented students will vote on 3 best team presentations and teams with most votes
will be awarded the highest number of points.
Academic and Career & Technical Education Standards addressed in this exercise:

A 2.0 Students understand how the basic principles of internal control systems relate to the accounting cycle:
       A4.1 Understand a variety of internal control measures.
       A4.2 Know cash management techniques.
       A4.3 Understand the role of managerial accounting.
       A4.4 Understand how planning and control principles are used to evaluate the performance of
             an organization.

Supplies/Set-up/Handouts: What is necessary for someone else to duplicate what you did?
(Include examples of all handouts, worksheets and transparencies)
 Technology :
 Computer with Microsoft Word & Power Point software, clipart, & internet access,
 Overhead projector

 Student hand out and voting form (attached):
 Student instruction handout with recommended internet website for researching marketing
 ideas and costs
 Printed handout for individual student voting

Evaluation Strategies Total 150 points                                  Rubrics attached
  Grand opening                                                          Total 75 points
  Presentation 15                                                        for grand opening portion of assignment
  Budget 35
  Flyer 25
  Monthly ad strategy                                                    Total 50 points
  Presentation 15 points                                                 for Monthly advertising budget
  Monthly expense budget= 35 points
  Total = 50 points
  Classroom Presentation –                                               Total 25 max points for classmates vote
  Each classmate votes for top 3 winners (may not vote for self)         of best presentation.
  Total votes for each group tallied – Ties in votes will receive the
  highest ranking group points

  3 groups with highest # of votes get 25 points each
  Next 3 groups with 4th,5th & 6th highest # vote get 20 points each
  Groups with 7th, 8th & 9th highest # of votes get 15 points each
  Groups ranked 10th,11, & 12th get 10 points each
  Groups ranked 13,14 & 15th get 5 points
  Total = 25 points

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