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					             CERT Graduation

Visual 1.1

             “It Takes a Village”

Visual 1.2
                                Unit Objectives

 Understand the philosophical importance of
  the CERT Graduation
 Design and implement a graduation ceremony
  appropriate for your organization.

       You graduate when you successfully complete the
    requirements for the basic FEMA compliant CERT course.

Visual 1.4

    The success of your program depends on a
    commitment from many different individuals
      Participant
      Hosting Agency
      Instructors
      Sponsors
      CERT Graduates

Visual 1.5

Participants have committed 20 hours of their valuable time to
   learn skills that will benefit themselves and the community
                         in a time of disaster.

Visual 1.6

                    Hosting Agency
The Hosting Agency has committed it’s resources and reputation to
                         your program.

Visual 1.7

Instructors both paid and volunteer have committed to providing the
                        best training available.

Visual 1.8

   Sponsors show commitment by providing financial and “in kind”

Visual 1.9

                       CERT Graduates
     Many CERT graduates volunteer their time to help not only with
               instruction, but all the logistical support.

Visual 1.10

     ALL these people and organizations need to be
     recognized as they make your program the
     excellent program it is!

Visual 1.11
                                Graduation Ceremony

               Ceremony Must Include:

    Acknowledgment of Dignitaries
    Instructor Recognition
    Host Agency Recognition
    Sponsor Recognition
    Diplomas/ Certificate of Completion

Visual 1.12
                                     Graduation Ceremony

              Acknowledgement of Dignitaries

 Invite high ranking public officials to your ceremony (Mayor, Fire
  Chief, Board of Supervisor, etc.)
 Ask each dignitary if they wish to provide any brief remarks to
  acknowledge graduates
 Thank each dignitary for their presence and support

Visual 1.13
                                      Graduation Ceremony

                      Instructor Recognition

    Invite all instructors to attend the graduation
    Bring the instructors to the front of the room
    Introduce each instructor and the course material they taught
    Encourage graduates to acknowledge the hard work of their
     instructors (i.e., applause, etc.)

Visual 1.14
                                    Graduation Ceremony

                  Host Agency Recognition

 Invite a representative of the host agency to attend the ceremony
 Introduce agency representative and ask him/her to address the
  graduating class
 Encourage graduates to provide a signed thank you card or class
  photo and present to host agency

Visual 1.15
                                   Graduation Ceremony

                    Sponsor Recognition

 Invite a representative of the sponsor to attend the ceremony
 Introduce sponsor’s representative and ask him/her to address the
  graduating class
 Encourage graduates to provide a signed thank you card or class
  photo and present to Sponsor agency

Visual 1.16
                                    Graduation Ceremony

          Diploma or Certificate of Completion

 Present a tangible recognition of course completion to
     each graduate
    Should contain the following wording:
      “John Smith has successfully completed 20 hours of FEMA-
     compliant CERT training provided by (your agency name here).”
 Should be signed by highest ranking official of your
     agency and/or the CERT program manager
    Should contain a date of completion

Visual 1.17
              Presentation of Diploma/Certificates

 Make sure there is a diploma/certificate for ALL
     graduates – check and check again!
    Be sure all names are spelled correctly
    Place diplomas/certificates in alphabetic order
    Decide in advance who will hand diploma/certificate to
    Ask sponsor agency and host agency representatives
     to join you at the front of the room

Visual 1.18
               Presentation of Diploma/Certificates

 Start “Pomp and Circumstance” or other appropriate music
 Call graduates up individually in alphabetic order
 Congratulatory handshakes from dignitaries and hand
     diploma/certificate to graduate

Visual 1.19
               Welcoming Graduates into CERT Family

 When all graduates have received their diploma/ certificate,
  welcome them en masse as the newest members of the CERT
 Encourage graduates to continue additional advanced CERT
 Provide information on advanced training to graduates
 If they enjoyed the class, encourage graduates to write a letter to
  the editor, or to elected officials advocating continued support for
  this program

Visual 1.20

 At the end of the ceremony, invite all to participate in
     refreshments and to congratulate graduates

Visual 1.21

              Tying it all Together
 Graduation is the culmination of the very first
  “Welcome” and everything that has gone on in
 Graduation should be viewed as both a
  conclusion and a new beginning
 It is a time of reflection and a time to celebrate

Visual 1.22
                                       “Lessons Learned”

 Consider having graduation ceremony on the evening
     following the final skills test

Visual 1.23
                                            “Lessons Learned”

 Consider taking digital photos during training course for a 5-minute
     slide show presentation to be shown prior to presentation of

Visual 1.24

Visual 1.25

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