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					                                   2 for 1                      Terms and Conditions
     This certificate entitles one cruise passenger to a complimentary base cruise fare when a second passenger purchases a cruise fare at the discounted Odenza 2 for 1
     rate, which is at or below the Carnival Brochure list rate.

1.    To use this promotional travel certificate please visit and            5.   Cancellation/Change Policy: Once reservations are confirmed, an Odenza
      follow the instructions to complete and then print the required information.                  service fee will be levied for all changes or cancellations, in addition to
      Please fax both the completed, signed and dated validation card along with the                charges or penalties levied by the cruise line, if applicable. Cruises may be
      printed information from the odenzareg website to 604-451-0525. Odenza must                   non-refundable once booked. Change or cancellation requests must be
      receive the registration information prior to the expiry date printed this certificate        submitted directly to Odenza via fax (604-451-0525) or e-mail
      or the promotional travel offer will no longer be valid.                                      ( Penalties will be applied based upon the first
                                                                                                    business day that Odenza receives your change or cancellation request.
2.    Once your certificate has been properly registered you will be contacted by your              There are no refunds for unused portions of this offer. For your protection,
      assigned travel agent. Please allow up to 5 business days for a travel agent to               Odenza always recommends the purchase of travel insurance.
      contact you from the date you fax in your information. If you do not have access
      to a computer please mail the original signed and dated validation card to one of        6.   This certificate cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon,
      the addresses below and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and Odenza                 promotional or discount offer. This offer is void where prohibited by law. All
      will send you a manual registration form.                                                     federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations apply. This certificate
                                                                                                    cannot be exchanged for cash, any monetary consideration, resold and
3.    Passengers are required to travel based on double occupancy in one cabin. Cruise              cannot be reproduced. This certificate is considered void if bartered at any
      prices are subject to change without notice. The cruise dates available for this              time or sold to the end user, or if not paid for by the primary issuing
      program are year round. All cruises are subject to Odenza’s promotional cruise                merchant or distributor, who purchased direct from Odenza.
      availability. Categories available for this program include 4A, 6A and if applicable
      to the ship 8A. Category 11 and 12 may be available and should be discussed              7.   It is the client’s responsibility to provide proper travel identification includ-
      directly with your travel agent. Passengers must be 21 years of age or older with a           ing but not limited to a birth certificate, government issued photo ID, travel
      valid driver’s license and a major credit card (MasterCard or Visa).                          visas, passport and cruise documents. By participating in this vacation offer
                                                                                                    the traveler(s) agree that Odenza will not be held liable for any actual or
4.    The client is responsible for all costs associated with booking the cruise vacation,          potential losses, including without limitation, compensatory or consequen-
      including but not limited to the Odenza base cruise fare for one of the two                   tial damages, whether in contract or in tort, by either persons or property,
      passengers and port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges and fees for both passengers.             arising out of this offer or in connection therewith. Odenza reserves the right
      Rates are not guaranteed until a booking is paid in full. Guests are responsible for          to change these terms and conditions without notice. These terms and con-
      any miscellaneous expenses not included in this offer. Ask your Odenza travel                 ditions are final and cannot be changed or altered by any statement, mer-
      agent about booking additional guests or adding airfare to your destination. It is            chant or representative of any unauthorized person(s). If you require further
      important that you do not make any travel arrangements until you have received                assistance please visit
      written confirmation of your cruise.

                                                                                                Certificate Number:                        Expiration Date:
                                                                                                OA2F1                                      SAMPLE
                                                                                                                                                             *All funds in U.S. dollars.

                                                      2 for1                  Validation Card
                                                                                                             Odenza Marketing Group
                                                                                                             Attn: Registration Department
                                         Odenza Marketing Group

                                                                                                             4445 Eastgate Mall, 2nd Floor, San Diego, CA USA, 92121 OR
                                                                                                             4370 Dominion Street, 6th Floor, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5G 4L7

 If you have access to the Internet and a printer, please sign and cut-off this Validation Card, print the Registration Form from the Odenza website (as
 described in the Terms and Conditions, above), and attach the Registration Form to the signed and dated Validation Card. Please fax both the
 Validation Card and the printed registration form from the odenzareg web site to 604-451-0525.

 If you do not have access to the Internet and a printer, please cut-off, date and sign this Validation Card and mail it to one of the addresses above,
 along with a self addressed, stamped envelope. Odenza will send you a manual registration form. (Please carefully read and retain the Terms and
 Conditions for future reference

 *Please note: Odenza must receive the signed and dated validation card prior to the expiry date or the promotional offer is no longer valid.

By signing and dating this form, I acknowledge that I have read, fully understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions regarding the use of this Vacation Certificate:

Sign: _______________________________________________________________________________________Date: ______________________________
     Certificate Number:                        Expiration Date:
     OA2F1                                       SAMPLE                                                                                                       *All funds in US dollars
                You have been awarded a Promotional Cruise!
                                It’s our way of saying Thank you!

               Set sail on a wonderful Ocean Adventure Cruise!
Our Travel Consultants will be pleased to source the best Promotional Cruise available.
In order to make your request, it is important that you read the Terms and Conditions for
this promotion. Please note that they are uniquely designed for each and every promotion.

We will be in touch with you!

     Unpack just once and your vacation dreams really do come true!

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