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					                                              Constitutional Law-I
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                                        Project Topic
201    Aayush Jha                    Concept of Fundamental Rights.

202    Abhinav                       Preamble as a Fundamental in Constitution.

203    Abhishek Kumar                Constitution as a Miror of the Country.

205    Abhyodhaya Sharma             Constitution : Founded on Social Philosophy.

206    Addla Ramakanth Reddy         Parliamentry form of Government.

207    Aditi                         Basic Structure of the Constitution.

208    Aditi Shahi                   Secularism in Indian Constitution.

210    Akanksha Kumari               Social Justice and Constitution of India.

211    Akansksha Ranjan              State and Local Authorities.

212    Amrit Raj                     State and Other Authorities.

213    Amrita Rani                   Jidicial Review.

214    Amritansha                    Doctrine of Eclips

215    Anubhuti Shree                Rules of Law and Indian Constitution.

216    Anuja                         Equality before Law.

217    Arun Kumar                    Equal Protection of Laws.

218    Ashwini Kumar                 Equality Vs. Arbitrary.

219    Chhaya Kirti                  Rule of Law and Natural Jusitce.

220    Dev Jyoti Roy                 Reasonable Classification.

221    Fauzia Khan                   Special Courts for Speedy Trial.

222    Himanshu Shekhar              Concept of Reservation and Politics.

223    Kajeev Kumar                  Constitutional Safeuard for SC/ST.

224    Karishma Kumari               Reservation for Creamy Layer.

225    Katyayini Singh               Equal opportunity in Public Employment.

226    Kavita Kumari                 Untouchability.

227    Kumar Saurabh Bhanu           Feedom of Press : Pillars of Democracy.

228    Kumaresh Singh                Freedom of Press and Hurling of Shoes.

229    Kumari Simran                 Right to know.

230    Kumari Sukriti                Commercial Speech.
                                               Constitutional Law-I
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                                       Project Topic
231    Manish Kumar                  Fundamental Right: Right to Strike.

232    Manisha Kumari                Indian Express Newspapers Vs. UOI (1985) 1 SCC 641.

233    Navneet Kumar                 Sakal Papers Ltd. Vs. UOI AIR 1962 SC 305.

234    Nayab Eqbal                   Speech and Expression Vs. Contempt of Court.

235    Nishant                       R. Rajgopal Vs. State of T.N. (1994) 6 SCC 632.

236    Nishant Kishore               Censorship of Films.

237    Nitikesh Kumar                Reedom of movement and Maharashtra Incident.

238    Pallavi                       Analysis of Ex Post Facto Law.

240    Parul Kumari                  Right to Speedy Trial in Criminal Law.

241    Pragya Aishwarya              Protection against self Incrimination.

242    Pratibha Kumari               Maneka Gandhi Vs. UOI AIR 1978 SC 597.

243    Praveen Kumar                 Ashoka Kumar Thakur U. UOI (2008)

244    Pritam Joshi                  Due Process of Law.

245    Priyanka Singh                Custodial Death Vs. fundamental Rights.

246    Puja                          Justiciabilty of Death Sentence.

247    Pulak Sparsha                 Contractual Liability of Government.

248    Pulkit Prakash                Right to Livelihood.

249    Purushottam Kumar             A.K. gopalan Vs. UOI AIR 1950 SC 27.

250    Pushkar Anand                 Megsurerment of Compeniatry Jurisprudence.

251    Rajni                         Euthunasia.

252    Rinki Kumari                  National Human Rights Commission.

253    Rishabh Kamal                 Francis Coralie Vs. UT Delhi AIR 1981 SC 746.

254    Rishika Mishra                Right to free Legal Aid.

255    Rohit Kumar                   Protection against Torture.

256    Ruchi Sahay                   Life and Unborn Child.

257    Ruchi Singh                   Right to Public Trial.

258    Samidha                       Public interest litigation.

259    Samriddhi Mishra              Environmental Jurisprudence.
                                               Constitutional Law-I
           V- Semester
                Name of the Student                                        Project Topic
260    Sana Kazmi                     Safeguard Against Arbitrary Arrest.

261    Saurav Singh                   Safeguard relating to Preventive Deternation.

262    Shailesh Kumar                 Right against Exploitation.

263    Shalini Kumari                 Freedom of Conscience.

264    Shashi Shekhar Kashyap         Traffic in human Beings.

265    Shilpi                         Religious Instruction.

266    Shivangi Singh                 Protection against child labour.

267    Shivani Singh                  Protection fo Minorities.

268    Smriti Churiwal                Right to Remedy.

269    Sobhna Narayan                 Equal Pay for Equal Work.

270    Sonali Soni                    Habeas Corpus.

271    Sumit Kumar                    Solitary Confinement.

272    Sunil Kumar Nama               Concept of Village Panchayat.

273    Supriti Roy                    Uniform Civil Code.

274    Surabhi Prakash                Freedom of Trade and Commerce.

275    Swati Prakash                  Concept of Socialism in Constitution.

276    Swati Surendra                 Relation b/w Part III & Part IV

277    Tavish Bhushan Prasad          Writs.

278    Tulika Singh                   Suspension of Fundamental Rights.

279    Vinay kumar Vardhan            Judicial Activism.

280    Yoothica Pallavi               Duty of State For Social Security.
                                              Labour Law-II
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                                      Project Topic
201    Aayush Jha                    Unorganised sector labour and rural development.

202    Abhinav                       Prohibition of Smoking and problems of Beedi and Cigar Worders.

203    Abhishek Kumar                Abolition of Bonded Labour System and Challenges of their Rehabilitation.

205    Abhyodhaya Sharma             Problems of Workers in Building Construction work.

206    Addla Ramakanth Reddy         Child labour in Building Construction work.

207    Aditi                         Cinema Industry and the welfare of workers.

208    Aditi Shahi                   Coal Mines Workers and their Socio-Economic Condition.

210    Akanksha Kumari               Increaring Coir industry and child lavbour.

211    Akansksha Ranjan              Regulation and Abolition of contract labour .

212    Amrit Raj                     Working Conditions & Safety of Dock Workers.
                                     Employment of Manual Scavengers and Sulabh International: An Emporical
213    Amrita Rani
214    Amritansha                    Condition and welfare Provisions of Inter-State Migrant Workers.

215    Anubhuti Shree                Health,Safety and Welfare of Dock Workers.

216    Anuja                         Regulation of Employment of dock workers.

217    Arun Kumar                    Remuneration of Male & Female Workers in Unorganised Sector Labour.

218    Ashwini Kumar                 Condition of Agriculture Workers and M NAREGA.

219    Chhaya Kirti                  Impact of M NAREGA on Inter-State Migration of Workers.

220    Dev Jyoti Roy                 Inter-State Migration of Workers and HIV.

221    Fauzia Khan                   Minimum Wages in Unorganised Sector Labour.

222    Himanshu Shekhar              Workers in Tea Estates and their Health,Safety and Welfare.

223    Kajeev Kumar                  Quarry Industry and Fate of Workers.

224    Karishma Kumari               Employment of Child Workers in Motor Transport.

225    Katyayini Singh               Mica Mines Industry and Condition of Workers.

226    Kavita Kumari                 Maternity benefit to women workers in Unorganised Sector Labour.

227    Kumar Saurabh Bhanu           Private Security Agency and protection of Workers.

228    Kumaresh Singh                Conditions of Service of working Journalist.

229    Kumari Simran                 Trade Union in Unorganised Sector Labour.

230    Kumari Sukriti                Wage Board for Working Journalists.
                                              Labour Law-II
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                                      Project Topic
231    Manish Kumar                  Role of Employment Exchange in the employment of Unorganised sector Workers.

232    Manisha Kumari                Plantation Industry and welfare of Workers.

233    Navneet Kumar                 Condition of Service of Sales Promotion workers.

234    Nayab Eqbal                   Condition of Street vendors and policy of the government .

235    Nishant                       Workers in lime stune quarry/Cement Industry.

236    Nishant Kishore               Beedi Workers Welfare Fund.

237    Nitikesh Kumar                Flori Culture Industry and Bihar Apartment Act.

238    Pallavi                       Construction of Building and Bihar Apartment Act,

240    Parul Kumari                  Registration of Building Construction Workers.

241    Pragya Aishwarya              Road and bridge Construction and employment of Workers.

242    Pratibha Kumari               Safety of workers in Building Construction work.

243    Praveen Kumar                 Welfare of Building Workers.

244    Pritam Joshi                  Conditions of Service of Shops and Establishment workers.

245    Priyanka Singh                Hawkers in Trains and their working Conditions.

246    Puja                          Condition of Cobblers and their Contribution in Economic System.

247    Pulak Sparsha                 Rickshaw operator`s plignt and Social Response.

248    Pulkit Prakash                Health Hazards of Quarry Workers.

249    Purushottam Kumar             Inspector for the protection and welfare of Dock Workers.

250    Pushkar Anand                 Fishermen and their Welfare.

251    Rajni                         Medical benefits to the agriculture Workers.

252    Rinki Kumari                  Removal of Rural Poverty through M NREGA.

253    Rishabh Kamal                 Rural Development and Employment Policy in India.

254    Rishika Mishra                Female Labour Participation in Household Industry.

255    Rohit Kumar                   Contract of apprentice ship and creation of employment opportunity.

256    Ruchi Sahay                   Implementation of Minimum Wages Act in Agriculture Sector.

257    Ruchi Singh                   Protection of Workers through Payment of Wages Act,1936.

258    Samidha                       Employees State Insurance Act,1948 and Unorganised Labour Sector.

259    Samriddhi Mishra              Provident Fund and Unorganised Labour.
                                               Labour Law-II
           V- Semester
                Name of the Student                                        Project Topic
260    Sana Kazmi                     Bonus to Unorganised Workers and plantation Industry.

261    Saurav Singh                   Setlement of Dispute in Unorganised Sector Labour and Arbitration.

262    Shailesh Kumar                 Health and Welfare of Contract Labour.

263    Shalini Kumari                 I L O and movement against Child Labour.

264    Shashi Shekhar Kashyap         Social Security in Rural Sector.

265    Shilpi                         Collective Bargaining in Unorganised Sector Labour.

266    Shivangi Singh                 Fixation of wage in Unorganised Sector Labour.

267    Shivani Singh                  Flood Victims and Child Labour.

268    Smriti Churiwal                Childlabour and Compulsory Primary Education.

269    Sobhna Narayan                 Minimum Age for employment.

270    Sonali Soni                    Women and Trade Union in Unorganised Sector Labour.

271    Sumit Kumar                    Rural Literacy and Unorganised Sector Labour.

272    Sunil Kumar Nama               Labour Policy in India.

273    Supriti Roy                    Welfare Fund for Workers in Mines Sector.

274    Surabhi Prakash                Railway Collie.

275    Swati Prakash                  Welfare Work for Workers in Unorganised Sector in Five year plans.

276    Swati Surendra                 Labour Welfare Works for Workers Organisations.

277    Tavish Bhushan Prasad          Milk producers and Dairy Industry.

278    Tulika Singh                   Labour Welfare by Voluntary Organisations.

279    Vinay kumar Vardhan            Contribution of Unorganised Sector Labour in Rural Economy.

280    Yoothica Pallavi               Disaster Management and Unorganised Sector Labour.
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                               Project Topic
201    Aayush Jha                    IMPERATIVE SCHOOL OF LAW

202    Abhinav                       HART'S CONCEPT OF LAW

203    Abhishek Kumar                HISTORICAL SHOOL OF JURISPRUDENCE

205    Abhyodhaya Sharma             JUDGES AS LAW MAKERS

206    Addla Ramakanth Reddy         CONTRIBUTION OF HENRY MAINE

207    Aditi                         SEVENTEENTH CENTURY NATURAL LAW

208    Aditi Shahi                   SOVEREIGNTY

210    Akanksha Kumari               JUSTICE HOLMES' CONTRIBUTION TO LEGAL THEORY

211    Akansksha Ranjan              SOURCES OF LAW

212    Amrit Raj                     LAW VS. MORALITY

213    Amrita Rani                   MODERN THEORIES OF NATURAL LAW

214    Amritansha                    INTERPRETATION OF STATUTE IN INDIA

215    Anubhuti Shree                RATIO DECIDENDI

216    Anuja                         UTILITARIANISM

217    Arun Kumar                    INDIRA GANDHI v. RAJ NARAYAN

218    Ashwini Kumar                 JOHN RAWLS ON JURISPRUDENCE

219    Chhaya Kirti                  RONALD DWORKIN'S RIGHTS THESIS

220    Dev Jyoti Roy                 NATURAL LAW VERSUS COMMON LAW APPROACH

221    Fauzia Khan                   JUDGES AS CONSTITUTION MAKERS

222    Himanshu Shekhar              REFORMATIVE SCHOOL OF PUNISHMENT

223    Kajeev Kumar                  PURPOSE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE

224    Karishma Kumari               LAW- JUSTICE RELATIONSHIP

225    Katyayini Singh               NATURAL LAW IN THE IDDLE AGES

226    Kavita Kumari                 PURE THEORY OF LAW

227    Kumar Saurabh Bhanu           LAW, ETHICS AND POSITIVE MORALITY

228    Kumaresh Singh                PROBLEMS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW

229    Kumari Simran                 NATURAL LAW: ANCIENT THEORIES

           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                               Project Topic

232    Manisha Kumari                PRINCIPLES, RULES, STANDARDS AND CONCEPTS

233    Navneet Kumar                 NATURAL LAW AND NATURAL RIGHTS

234    Nayab Eqbal                   MINERVA MILLS v. UNION OF INDIA - A CRITICAL STUDY

235    Nishant                       PRECEDENT AS A SOURCE OF LAW

236    Nishant Kishore               KESAVANANDA BHARATI - A CRITIQUE

237    Nitikesh Kumar                TELEOLOGICAL SCHOOL

238    Pallavi                       POST-MODERNISM

240    Parul Kumari                  LAW AS A SOCIAL FACT

241    Pragya Aishwarya              NATURE AND VALUE OF JURISPRUDENCE

242    Pratibha Kumari               CONCEPT OF LAW AS A NORMATIVE ORDER

243    Praveen Kumar                 JURISTIC WRITING AND TEXT BOOK AS A SOURCE OF LAW

244    Pritam Joshi                  SALMOND'S DEFINITION OF LAW

245    Priyanka Singh                SOCIOLOGY OF LAW

246    Puja                          SCANDINAVIAN REALISM

247    Pulak Sparsha                 SOCIAL INTEREST

248    Pulkit Prakash                CODIFICATION

249    Purushottam Kumar             INDEPENDENCE OF JUDICIARY

250    Pushkar Anand                 SCOPE OF JURISPRUDENCE

251    Rajni                         LAW AND ECONOMICS

252    Rinki Kumari                  A. K. GOPALAN v. STATE OF MADRAS

253    Rishabh Kamal                 JURAL POSTULATES

254    Rishika Mishra                CRITIQUE OF PURE THEORY OF LAW

255    Rohit Kumar                   EQUITY AND DEVELOPMENT OF LAW

256    Ruchi Sahay                   PRIVATE INTEREST

257    Ruchi Singh                   FEMINIST JURISPRUDENCE

258    Samidha                       FUNCTIONAL DEFINITION OF LAW

259    Samriddhi Mishra              GOLAKNATH AND THE HIGHER LAW CONCEPT
           V- Semester
                Name of the Student                                Project Topic
260    Sana Kazmi                     ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE PAST AND PRESENT

261    Saurav Singh                   CRITICAL LEGAL STUDIES

262    Shailesh Kumar                 JOHN AUSTIN'S CONTRIBUTION TO JURISPRUDENCE

263    Shalini Kumari                 JURISPRUDENCE IS THE EYE OF LAW

264    Shashi Shekhar Kashyap         DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY

265    Shilpi                         IDEA OF LAW ACCORDING TO GREEKS

266    Shivangi Singh                 LEGISLATION AND PRECEDENT AS A SOURCE OF LAW

267    Shivani Singh                  COMPARATIVE LAW

268    Smriti Churiwal                ARTICLE 141 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

269    Sobhna Narayan                 ECONOMIC INTERPRETATION OF CONSTITUTION

270    Sonali Soni                    CONTRIBUTION OF SAVIGNY TO THE LEGAL THEORY

271    Sumit Kumar                    CUSTOM AS A SOURCE OF LAW

272    Sunil Kumar Nama               GRUNDNORM: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS

273    Supriti Roy                    CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AS HIGHER LAW

274    Surabhi Prakash                CONTRIBUTION OF NATURAL LAW TO LEGAL THOUGHT


276    Swati Surendra                 STATUS TO CONTRACT

277    Tavish Bhushan Prasad          MR. X v. HOSPITAL Z - CRITICAL ANALYSIS

278    Tulika Singh                   MARXIST INTERPRETATION OF LAW

279    Vinay kumar Vardhan            AMERICAN REALISM
280    Yoothica Pallavi
                                      CONTRACT THEORY
                                       INTERNATIONAL LAW
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                                       Project Topic
201    Aayush Jha                    Basis and Weaknesses of International Law

202    Abhinav                       International Law and new Challenges

203    Abhishek Kumar                Universal International Law

205    Abhyodhaya Sharma             Intererts of Third World and International Law

206    Addla Ramakanth Reddy         The Constitution of India and International Law

207    Aditi                         Ganeral Principles of International Law and India

208    Aditi Shahi                   History, Development and Schools of International law

210    Akanksha Kumari               Codification and Progressive Development of Internationel law

211    Akansksha Ranjan              Primary Sources of International Law

212    Amrit Raj                     Subsidiary means of Saurces of International law

213    Amrita Rani                   Relationship between International Law and Municipal Law
                                     Relationship between International Law and State Law- Indian and other State
214    Amritansha
215    Anubhuti Shree                Constitutive theory Versus Declaratory theory

216    Anuja                         Modes of Recognition

217    Arun Kumar                    Recognition of Insurgency and Belligerency

218    Ashwini Kumar                 Recorgnition of States and Governments

219    Chhaya Kirti                  Effects of Recognition and Consequence of Non-recognition

220    Dev Jyoti Roy                 India`s Practicee and Policey of Recognition of States and Governments

221    Fauzia Khan                   Place of Individuals and organisations in International Law

222    Himanshu Shekhar              State Territory,Nature of State,Different kinds of States and Non-state entities

223    Kajeev Kumar                  Acquisition and Loss of State Territory

224    Karishma Kumari               Common Heritage, Sea and outer space and sovereign Power.

225    Katyayini Singh               Intervention, Doctrine of Necessity and Self- Preservetion.

226    Kavita Kumari                 Original and vicarious responsibility of State.

227    Kumar Saurabh Bhanu           Rights and Duties arising out of State Succesion.

228    Kumaresh Singh                Jurisdiction and Immunities from Jurisdiction

229    Kumari Simran                 Criminal Jurisdiction in International Law

230    Kumari Sukriti                Pacific Settlement of Disputes.
                                        INTERNATIONAL LAW
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                                        Project Topic
231    Manish Kumar                  International Tribunal for the law of the Sea and Sea-Bed Disputes Chamber.

232    Manisha Kumari                M/V. Saiga Case ( Saint vincent and Grenadines Vs. Gunia)

233    Navneet Kumar                 Piracy and Aircraft- Hijacking

234    Nayab Eqbal                   Soveraign Economic Freedom and Interrests of States.

235    Nishant                       Legal Status of Refugees in India.

236    Nishant Kishore               International Criminal Law, Crime prevention and Punishment.

237    Nitikesh Kumar                State Responsibility and International Environmental Law

238    Pallavi                       The Law of outer space and India.

240    Parul Kumari                  International court of Justice and India.

241    Pragya Aishwarya              Asylum Versus. Extradition.

242    Pratibha Kumari               International Criminal Court

243    Praveen Kumar                 Law relating to Outer Space, the Moon and Antarctica

244    Pritam Joshi                  Transboundary Pollution and the International Conventions.

245    Priyanka Singh                International Economic Cooperation and the Law.

246    Puja                          Treaty of Treaties : A critical Analysis.

247    Pulak Sparsha                 Interpretation, Modification and Termination of Treaties.

248    Pulkit Prakash                Law of Human Rights and the Indian Constitution.

249    Purushottam Kumar             UN Charter and Human Rights.

250    Pushkar Anand                 Universal Protection of Human Rights and the role of United Nations.

251    Rajni                         Important International Instruments Relating to Human Rights.

252    Rinki Kumari                  World conferences on Human Rights.

253    Rishabh Kamal                 European Human Rights Commission and the European Court of Human Rights.

254    Rishika Mishra                American Convention on Human Rights and its Protocols.

255    Rohit Kumar                   Banjul Charter: An Analysis.

256    Ruchi Sahay                   NHRC and Human Rights Courts under Indian Law.

257    Ruchi Singh                   Nature, Functions and Evolution of International Organization

258    Samidha                       A Comparitive Analysis of the Legue of Nations and United Nations.

259    Samriddhi Mishra              The Role of General Assembly.
                                         INTERNATIONAL LAW
           V- Semester
                Name of the Student                                       Project Topic
260    Sana Kazmi                     Need for Enlargement of the Security Council.

261    Saurav Singh                   Functions and Powers of Security Council.

262    Shailesh Kumar                 Relationship Between General Assembly and Security Council.

263    Shalini Kumari                 Methods of Adjudication under International law.

264    Shashi Shekhar Kashyap         Role of Economic and Social Council.

265    Shilpi                         Trusteeship Council and the issue of South West Africa.

266    Shivangi Singh                 Functions of the Secretary General.

267    Shivani Singh                  Evolution of the World Court.

268    Smriti Churiwal                Political and Judical Role of ICJ

269    Sobhna Narayan                 Statute of International Court of Justice

270    Sonali Soni                    Jurisdiction fo ICJ

271    Sumit Kumar                    Asylum Case (Colombia Vs. Peru)

272    Sunil Kumar Nama               The Tehran Hostages Case

273    Supriti Roy                    Liechtenstein Vs. Guatemala. (Nottebohm Case)

274    Surabhi Prakash                Execution and Enforcement of ICJ Judgments.

275    Swati Prakash                  Nuclear Tests Case (Australia Vs. France)

276    Swati Surendra                 North Sea Continental Shelf Cases.

277    Tavish Bhushan Prasad          I.L.O.

278    Tulika Singh                   Peacekeeping and observer Missions.

279    Vinay kumar Vardhan            Regional Organisation.

280    Yoothica Pallavi               IMF and World Bank.
                                     CIVIL PROCEDURE CODE
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                                  Project Topic
201    Aayush Jha                      Concept of Execution- procedure for Execution
202    Abhinav                         Inherent power of the Court
203    Abhishek Kumar                  Suit relating to Mortgage
205    Abhyodhaya Sharma               Suit relating to Immovable Properties
206    Addla Ramakanth Reddy           Comparative study of CPC Amendment Act 1999 with 2002
207    Aditi
                                       Bar to Further Suit
208    Aditi Shahi
                                       Legal incidents of Written Statement.
210    Akanksha Kumari                 Legal incidents of Plaint
211    Akansksha Ranjan                Rejection of Plaint
212    Amrit Raj                       Recognized Agents and Pleader
213    Amrita Rani
                                       Stay of Suit
214    Amritansha                      General provisions relating to Appeals
215    Anubhuti Shree                  Effect of Non-Appearance of Parties
216    Anuja                           Ex-parte Decree
217    Arun Kumar                      Examination of Parties
218    Ashwini Kumar                   Summoning of Witnesses
219    Chhaya Kirti                    Adjournments
220    Dev Jyoti Roy                   Arrest before Judgment
221    Fauzia Khan                     Attachment before Judgment
222    Himanshu Shekhar                Appointment of Receiver
223    Kajeev Kumar                    Appointment of Commissioner
224    Karishma Kumari                 Abatement of Suit
225    Katyayini Singh                 Withdrawal of suit
226    Kavita Kumari                   Compromise of suit
227    Kumar Saurabh Bhanu             Judgment
228    Kumaresh Singh                  Decree
229    Kumari Simran                   Order
230    Kumari Sukriti                  General principles of Limitation
                                     CIVIL PROCEDURE CODE
           V- Semester
               Name of the Student                               Project Topic
231    Manish Kumar                    Concept of Limitation
232    Manisha Kumari                  Sufficient Cause
233    Navneet Kumar                   Legal Disability
234    Nayab Eqbal                     Exclusion in computation of period of Limitation
235    Nishant                         Appeal from Original Decree
236    Nishant Kishore                 Appeal from Appellate Decree
237    Nitikesh Kumar                  Appeal from Orders
238    Pallavi                         Appeal to Supreme Court
240    Parul Kumari                    Attachment by the Court at the time of Execution
241    Pragya Aishwarya                Suit by or against Minor and Unsound Person
242    Pratibha Kumari                  Stay of Execution
243    Praveen Kumar                   Suit by or against Corporation
244    Pritam Joshi                    Suit by or against Firm
245    Priyanka Singh                  Summary Suit
246    Puja                            Concept of Law Suit
247    Pulak Sparsha                   Inter-pleader Suits
248    Pulkit Prakash                  Representative Suit
249    Purushottam Kumar               Framing of Suit
250    Pushkar Anand                   Power of the Execution Court
251    Rajni                           Return of Plaint
252    Rinki Kumari                    Affidavit
253    Rishabh Kamal                   Suit by or against Government
254    Rishika Mishra                   Friendly Suit.
255    Rohit Kumar                     Reference
256    Ruchi Sahay                     Revision
257    Ruchi Singh                     Review
258    Samidha                         Miscellaneous proceedings under CPC
259    Samriddhi Mishra                Restitution
                                      CIVIL PROCEDURE CODE
           V- Semester
                Name of the Student                                        Project Topic
260    Sana Kazmi                          Doctrine of Res-Judicata
261    Saurav Singh                        Constructive Res-Judicata
262    Shailesh Kumar                       Suit by Indigent Person
263    Shalini Kumari                      Foreign Judgment
264    Shashi Shekhar Kashyap              Jurisdiction of a Court
265    Shilpi                              concept of Execution-procedure for Execution
266    Shivangi Singh                      Suit of Civil Nature
267    Shivani Singh
                                      Institution of Suit Pauper Appeal.
268    Smriti Churiwal                     Special Proceedings
269    Sobhna Narayan                      Garnishee Order and Percept
270    Sonali Soni                         Settlement of Issues
271    Sumit Kumar                         Cause of Action
272    Sunil Kumar Nama                    Objections as to Jurisdiction
273    Supriti Roy                         Transfer of Suits
274    Surabhi Prakash                     Pleadings and Nature
275    Swati Prakash                       Amendment and Striking out of Pleadings
276    Swati Surendra                      Interlocutory Order
277    Tavish Bhushan Prasad               General principles for Execution of Decree
278    Tulika Singh                        Temporary Injunction
279    Vinay kumar Vardhan                 Costs
280    Yoothica Pallavi                    Territorial Jurisdiction

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