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									                                                          BUSINESS CARDS                                                                                           09-30-05

                               DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE EMPLOYEES
                                                500 @ $33.00 Plus $7.95 Shipping
                                   Price includes gold foil stamping (if required) and raised letter printing

                                         U.S. Department of Justice                                              United StateS
                                                                                                                 department of JUStice

                          DAVID WARREN                                                                           MELINDA MATTHEWS
                                (Your Title)                                                                     (Your Title)

     123 Butler Drive                          Phone (000) 000-0000                                                                       Phone      (000) 000-0000
     P.O. Box 3244                               Fax (000) 000-0000                      P.O. Box 3244                                    Fax        (000) 000-0000
     Mobile, AL 36612                          Pager (000) 000-0000                      Mobile, AL 36612                                 Pager      (000) 000-0000

                                 Layout 1                                                                                Layout 2

                                UNITED STATES ATTORNEY’S OFFICE
                                     U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
                                                                                                                 U.S. attorney’S office
                                                                                                                 yoUr diStrict Here

                              JOHN DOE                                                                           JANE DOE
                          United StateS attorney                                                                 (Your Title)

     ROBERT C. BYRD U.S. COURTHOUSE               PHONE: 304-000-0000
     300 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST                      FAX: 304-000-0000                                                              Telephone:      (251) 000-0000
     ROOM 4000                                    PAGER: 800-000-0000                    Riverview Plaza, Suite 00                 Direct Line:    (251) 000-0000
     CHARLESTON, WV 25301                             PIN: 8770000000                    South Royal Street                        Fax:            (251) 000-0000
     E-MAIL:                CELLULAR: 304-000-0000                    Mobile, Alabama                           E-Mail:

                                 Layout 3                                                                                Layout 4
MAIL ORDER FORM AND *CHECK TO:                                          Check One:      Gold Foil Seal w/Black Lettering (Not Shown)
                                                                                        Blue Seal w/Blue Lettering
General & Custom Printing                                                               Blue Seal w/Black Lettering
P.O. Box 711                                                                            Gold Foil Seal w/Blue Lettering ($10.00 Extra)
Stapleton, AL 36578                                                                     Black Seal w/Black Lettering
                                                                        	               Additional Logo and\or Second Side - Call For Quote
Phone (251) 937-2600
Fax (251) 937-2640                                                                   Name Only Available in Script        ( Joe Doe)
E-Mail:                                             Check One:   Layout 1         Layout 2                  Sample Attached
                                                                                     Layout 3         Layout 4
                                                                        Check if you want your District added under Agency:
          Orders Must Be Shipped To Business Address Only
                                                                                        District Of 
                THIS IS YOUR SHIPPING LABEL:                                 If you do not choose a layout style we will use Layout 1. 
                                                                        This is a custom made item and cannot be resold. We will not be responsible for errors
                                                                        caused from mis-understanding your handwriting. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.
Name:                                                                   NOTE: The layouts shown above are merely a guide. You may re-arrange information
                                                                        if you provide a typed easy to read sample for us to go by.
                                                                        The Printer reserves the right to rearrange copy submitted if necessary.
                                                       Rm. or           Name: 
                                                       Suite #:
 VISA     MasterCard     Discover     American Express
C/C #                                            Exp. Date 
                                                                        Phone:                                                Fax: 
V-code                             **Total
  (last 3 digits on signature panel)
                                                                        Phone:                                                Cell: 
**Additional charges:                                                   E-Mail: 
 -Alabama residents add 4% sales tax                                    Check your order carefully. We cannot be responsible for misspellings on the order form.
 -$10.00 charge if undeliverable, if insufficient address is provided   If  our  mistake,  you  have  30  days  from  date  we  ship  order  to  return  for  reprinting.
 -$20.00 Charge for all returned checks                                         Daytime contact phone or email

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