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									 Philadelphia University                                                                                                        Spring 2008
                 Alumni                             Focus on. . .                                      “I believe that menswear designers are

Focus on . . .                                                                                      just as conscious of the environment as

                                                    Inside the Industry
                                                                                                    womenswear designers,” said Philadelphia
                                                                                                    University Assistant Director of Student
Rainer Wolter                                                                                       Activities Operations Katie Tyler, a member
                                                                                                    of the University’s Sustainability Commit-
By Betsy Joyce                                      Wil Men Embrace the “Green Movement”?           tee. “However, because there isn’t much
                                                                                                    promotion of the men’s fashion industry,
   Rainer Wolter                                    By Yuri Sin                                     designers’ sustainability efforts aren’t be-
graduated from                                         The understand-                              ing publicized either.”
Philadelphia Uni-                                   ing that “green is                                 Regardless of how people regard the
versity’s Fashion                                   the new black” has                              men’s fashion industry, designers who cater
Design Program in                                   been accepted by                                to both men and women are creating uni-
2003 and currently                                  the women’s fashion                             sex looks. For example, women’s wear has
resides in New                                      industry. Designers                             been influenced by the traditional tailoring
York City. As a                                     such as Stella McCa- 1.                         and sleekness found in men’s clothing, and
designer, he’s an                                   rtney, Jill Saunders                            men’s attire has become more fitted and
avid supporter of                                   and Dai Fujiwara for                            slimming. According to internet journalist
the green move-                                                                               3.    Bex Reisler, “Yves St. Laurent and Helmut
                                                    Issey Miyake have all
ment, and believes                                  sent eco-friendly mes-          2.              Lang have both produced a wide range of
in the practicality                                 sages through their                             cigarette-skinny dress pants, narrow skirts
of organic and sustainable fabrics and ma-          extremely successful                            and short, tailored blazers that put focus
terials. Rainer is the 2006 winner of the           women’s collections over the years. How-        on the shoulders.”
TreeHugger Design Competition, sponsored            ever, how long will it take for menswear de-       Surprisingly, these new unisex looks
by I.D. Magazine and the Sustainable Style          signers to embrace “going green” and show       haven’t generated more publicity for men’s
Foundation, for his “Umbrella Inside Out”           sustainable fashions in Mens’ Fashion Week?     fashion. Because men’s fashion lacks pub-
dress design. His innovative dress made                Not a lot of people are aware when Men’s     lic interest, it’s difficult to highlight envi-
from used umbrellas found on the streets of         Fashion Week begins. When asking several        ronmentally conscience menswear. Despite
New York was featured at the Ethical Fash-          Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design        this, men’s fashion designers continue to
ion Show in Paris that year.                        students at Philadelphia University what        show their concern for the environment
  Rainer’s education at Philadelphia Univer-        they thought about this major week for fash-    through their clothing.
sity gave him the ability to enter the fashion      ion, each hesitated with their response; no     Photos:
world with a portfolio filled with more than        one seemed to know about Men’s Fashion          1.) Paul Smith,
just “fancy little drawings.” He attributes         Week.                                           2.) Kris Van Assche,
much of his preparation for the real world to                                                       3.) Raf Simons,
being a member of the University’s Fashion
Industries Association (FIA).
  Rainer started pursuing green fashion af-         Rainer feels that it’s imperative to deter-         Rainer’s advice to fashion majors is: draw
ter being influenced to do so by his friend,        mine what’s most important early on: your       every day, intern as much as possible, get
Romy Scheroder, owner of Satya Boutique in          job or your ethics.                             involved, make contacts, never burn any
Philadelphia, Pa. When asked, “What inspired          Rainer learned how to balance his interests   bridges, step outside of the box and push
your career choice,” Rainer replied, “Romy;         in fashion and giving back to the environment   personal boundaries. He advises young
she’s a brilliant artist, activist and an inspir-   from working with Urban Zen, an initiative      people to find what they really want out of
ing soul—if she can do it, so can I.”               that promotes well-being, the preservation      life and go after it, because, according to
   In the past, Rainer’s interest in green          of cultures and the empowerment of              Rainer, “There’s nothing wrong with failing,
fashion and opposition to the use of ani-           children. “The most amazing thing about         but there’s a great deal wrong with not
mal fur put him in some sticky situations           Urban Zen is its intention to inspire change    trying.”
at work. He has learned that his passions           by funding initiatives that advocate for the
don’t always fit in the work environment and        cultures and children,” he said.
that he must “pick his battles” accordingly.
                       Retail                         Eco-Fashions                                          to wear to formal wear. Ralph Lauren and
                                                                                                            Versace each created elegant, floor-length
    Focus on . . .                                    By Lisa Bonomo
                                                                                                            gowns made of hemp and silk, while Narciso
                                                                                                            Rodriguez designed a stunning cocktail dress

    Grass Roots                                          “Going green” may, perhaps, be the
                                                                                                            and Marni, Behnaz Sarafpour and Rodarte
                                                                                                            presented shorter, more casual dresses made
    By Cara Diamond                                   most influential concept we have seen gain            of organic cotton, abaca and silk. Calvin
                                                                                                            Klein also contributed an airy, modern
                                                      popularity in the past few years. People are
        The number of advocates for a more            beginning to turn to “organic,” “sustainable,”        pantsuit and trenchcoat made of eco-
    environmentally friendly world has increased.     and “eco-friendly” alternatives of many               friendly fibers. Other participating designers
    However, with global warming posing more          products. However, is the fashion world also          included Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Donna
    of a threat to the environment each day,          incorporating green into its designs? The             Karan, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors,
    promoting a greener world isn’t enough.           answer is yes! Many designers are creating            Rogan, Stella McCartney, Thakoon, Three As
    The fashion industry is contributing to the       sustainable designs by using organic cotton,          Four and Yves Saint-Laurent.
    “green” effort by making organic material a       as well as soy, bamboo fibers, bio-grain and              The designers who showcased sustainable
    design staple. If you take a trip to Delaware,    organic pigments.                                     fashions at Fashion Week greatly affect and
    you can see the results of this practice             Although     environmentally     conscious         inspire our society, and ultimately cause
    firsthand.                                        garments may conjure ideas of blandness, top          fashion to evolve. As Coco Chanel once
        In the heart of the University of Delaware    designers are producing anything but. For             said, “Fashion is not something that exists
    campus, on Main Street in Newark, Del.,           example, during New York City’s recent Fashion        in dresses only. It is in the sky, in the
    students and local residents are flocking to      Week, Earth Pledge, a nonprofit organization          street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way
    the eclectic displays of Grassroots Handcrafts,   promoting sustainable development, held a             we live, what is happening.”
    an eco-friendly store stocked with current        “Future Fashion” runway show, displaying a
    fashions from green brands such as Free           wide variety of eco-friendly styles. Dresses
    People, Hazel and Hobo International.             exhibited during the show ranged from ready
    As soon as you walk in, the store’s down-
    to-earth staff make you feel at home, and
    after perusing the merchandise for a while,
                                                                                                            rooms rushing through work at the end of
    you’ll wish it was home. Often shoppers
    will walk in for a gift, and leave with a
                                                      Focus on . . .                                        the semester, they may have missed the news
                                                                                                            that organic clothing is obtainable for the
    bag filled with items. It’s hard to feel
    bad about frequent shopping at Grassroots
    Handcrafts, because, by purchasing unique
                                                      The Look for LESS                                     average student’s budget! Before you head
                                                                                                            home for the summer, make sure to pick up
                                                                                                            these essentials for the perfect outfit to see
    pottery designed by Follette; 2,000-year-         By Kaity Doherty and Nicole Enterline                 your high-school friends.
    old, Roman, glass jewelry by Angie Olami;                                                                So throw on a light, white tank without
    or other artisan crafts, you’ll be supporting        Design critiques are over and the final
                                                                                                            worrying about getting paint on it and some
    independent artists from all over the country.    cram-time for tests are complete, so what
                                                                                                            summer-saturated jeans. And, with some
    The store’s other products, which attract         is a girl to do? Shop, of course. But more
                                                                                                            woven, floral, wedge shoes, you can officially
    devoted shoppers, intrigued onlookers             important, what is an eco-conscious college
                                                      girl going to do? Well, they do not have to           start off your four-month break in style–and
    and daily customers, include handmade                                                                   with money to spare!
    jewelry boxes, soy candles and one-of-a-kind      worry any longer!
                                                         While students have been hidden in their
    houseware items.
        First established in 1975, Grassroots
    Handcrafts, under the creative direction
                                                                                     The Look                                                For Less
    of Marilyn Dickey and her former partner                                                           2.
    Vonna Taylor, has expanded to a four-store
    operation. Through the years, it has been the                                               1.                          3.                  4.
    recipient of numerous awards in and around
    Delaware. Now a family business, the store
    vows to continue to sell environmentally
    and artistically supported goods. Due to its
    commitment to the environment, the store
    recently installed solar panels.
        A shop that treats its customers and the
    environment with respect is a shop that
    should be a staple in every community; and,                                                             1. Wooden bangle, $8.99,
    judging by Grassroots Handcrafts’ popularity,
                                                                                                            2. Cream, button strap baby doll, $10,
    it just might happen.
                                                                                                            3. Holbrook Espadrille, $22.99,
                                                                                                            4. Light blue, skinny jeans, $78,
                                                       Source: Anna Cohen Catalogue                  

                        Trends                                                                    Organic Homewear
                                                 available at Target). A great, all-purpose
                                                 cleaner can be derived from simply mixing
Focus on . . .                                   warm water, vinegar and baking soda.
                                                                                                  By Lauren Zappitelli
Going Green Tips                                                   Recycling
                                                 Fact: If every household in the United States
                                                 replaced just one role of fiber paper towels
By Betsy Joyce and Renee Valenti                 with 100-percent recycled ones, 544,000
                                                 trees would be saved.*

                                                    Many Americans realize the impact of recy-
                                                 cling, but recycling encompasses a lot more
                                                 than just disposing materials in blue cans.
                                                 You can expand your recycling by simply
                                                 switching out your typical household items
                                                 with Seventh Generation Products (available
                                                 online and at Whole Foods Stores). These
   All this talk about “going green” may be      products, which range from paper towels to
overwhelming, but we’ve broken it down for       diapers, are made from 100-percent renew-
you so you can easily adopt ways of being        able, recycled and biodegradable elements.
eco-friendly in your everyday life! Remem-
ber, everyone needs to do his or her part to               Lighting and Electricity                  Go home and go “green”! Turn your house
create a cleaner, safer environment.             Fact: According to the federal Energy Star       into your very own eco-chic pad, making
                                                 program, “If every American home replaced        way for a greener lifestyle with just a few
                          Water                  just one light bulb with an Energy Star one,     simple changes.
Fact: The majority of the world gets by on       we would save enough energy to light more           Start changing your home by using a
2.5 gallons of water per day, while the aver-    than 2.5 million homes for a year and pre-       fresh, new color on the walls with eco-
age American uses 400 gallons per day!*          vent greenhouse gases equivalent to the          paints. These environmentally friendly
                                                 emissions of nearly 800,000 cars.”*              formulated paints are water-based, solvent-
   Water is the most precious of resources,                                                       free and come in a variety of 154 colors.
which many of us take for granted. A drip-          Although compact fluorescent light bulbs      They are available through The Little Greene
ping faucet can waste 20 gallons of water        cost between $2 and $3, they last eight to       Paint Company, Becker’s, and Marston &
a day, so pull out a wrench and get it fixed!    12 times longer and save on electricity costs    Langinger.
Also, ditch the water bottles and opt for a      more so than a conventional bulb. In ad-            Next, liven up your bedroom with low-
refillable Nalgene or SIGG water bottle, which   dition, leaving a computer running for an        wattage light bulbs, a very smart and
is made of durable, nontoxic materials.          entire year will cost almost as much as the      thoughtful alternative to normal lighting.
                                                 total electricity consumption of a high-effi-    Also, opt for 100-percent, organic cotton
                                                 ciency household. So, by simply turning off      or bamboo sheet sets, colored with low
                                                 your everyday appliances, you will notice a      impact dyes, found at home goods retailer
Fact: Five billion pounds of chemicals are
                                                 huge cut in household electricity costs.         Bed Bath and Beyond. Trade in old pillows
used in the institutional cleaning industry
                                                                                                  for Greenfeet’s recycled, polyester-filled
each year.*                                      *According to                     pillows and invest in a Sealy Posturepedic
                                                 Photos:                                          mattress, which is free of Teflon and flame
   Many cleaning products currently avail-
                                                 1.,                               retardants.
able are nontoxic, biodegradable and made
                                                 2. 3.         When altering the rest of your home
from renewable resources (such as “Method,”
                                                                                                  with eco-friendly items, purchase pieces
                                                                                                  of organic furniture through the Simply
Caring for Organic Clothing                      garments, the site suggests using cold water,
                                                 to lower the energy that would be consumed
                                                 by using warm or hot water. Furthermore,
                                                                                                  Affordable Furniture Line. Upon selecting
                                                                                                  your décor, be thrifty by reusing and
By Laura Kessler                                 Mrs. Meyer’s laundry products, which all
                                                 contain natural, essential oils and smell like
                                                                                                  recycling objects from around the house,
                                                                                                  shop at local thrift stores or check out Urban
    Over the past two years, the fashion         “springtime morning,” are biodegradable and      Outfitter’s 100-percent recycled magazine
industry has increased its production of eco-    phosphate-free. They include detergents,         vase and picture-frame sets. In addition,
friendly garments that are manufactured          fabric softeners, dryer sheets, stain remover
                                                 and ironing spray, which make the process        hang a few porcelain plates on the wall with
using organic fibers and dyes. The increase
                                                 of cleaning organic clothes even simple.         wacky phrases like: “EcoGeek,” “Thou shalt
in production is due to more and more
designers realizing their responsibility to      After washing your organic clothing with         not pollute,” and “Treehugger,” from Trixie
the environment. Consumers purchase these        eco-friendly detergents, also     Delicious. Lastly, buy a hemp area rug and
beautiful and delicately designed garments       advocates air-drying it by using drying racks    shop online at stores like Under the Canopy,
sometimes fearing how to care for them.          or lines; however, if such drying methods        Nigel’s Eco Store and Karen Ryan.
    After purchasing organically produced        are not feasible, the web site recommends           Making a home environmentally friendly
clothing, one shouldn’t be timid about caring    using your dryer’s low-heat setting instead.
                                                                                                  isn’t just good for the Earth, it’s good for
for it, as there are plenty of ways to do so.    Approach the purchase of naturally produced
                                                 clothing with a fresh outlook and care for       your wallet by saving you a few extra bucks.
According to, most natural
clothing is machine washable, making it          your clothes with ease.                          So, when restyling, remember: rethink and
easy to care for. When washing organic                                                            recycle!
                                                                                                    Westwood’s spring collection.
                                                                                                       The green palette for spring includes light
    Focus on . . .                                                                                  olives. Behnaz Sarafpour uses these light
                                                                                                    tones flawlessly throughout her line.
    By Sandi Gigantino                                                                                 Derek Lam focuses his collection on this
                                                                                                    season’s interpretation of cobalt blue. A
        Spring is fast approaching, and so is its                                                   bright color for spring, it has a fresh, clean
    color palette. This spring, warm neutrals,                                                      and flirty feel.
    pastels and muted, basic colors will bring                                                         Alexander McQueen, Salvatore Ferragamo
    your wardrobe to life. Light shades of pink,                                                    and Louis Vuitton all use coral and purple
    green, blue and yellow, complemented by                                                         colors to make their collections come alive.
    coral and daisy yellow, make for a beautiful                                                    These colors serve as a perfect means
    assortment of colors.                                                                           for transitioning from winter to spring.
       White is very prevalent in this year’s                                                       Although versatile, they can also stand
    spring collections, like those of Max Azria                                                     alone.
    and Chanel, and will most likely remain an                                                         Spring is a time for fresh new looks, so
    essential part of the spring look for years                                                     don’t be afraid to play with colors. It’s
    to come.                                                                                        time to reinvent yourself with amazing, new
       Pastel yellow is heavily used in Betsey                                                      colors that complement your fabulous style
    Johnson’s spring line, particularly her sun-                                                    this spring!
       Orange, appearing washed out with rus-
    tic, golden tones, is considered the new
    mustard, and is illustrated in Vivienne

    Focus on . . .
    By Lauren Hosey

      1.                     2.                 3.                 4.                5.                                   6.

        The textile industry is considered one of     compared to silk, has unique fiber char-      the product is eco-friendly.
    the most ecologically harmful industries in       acteristics, such as moisture absorption,        So, when enhancing your wardrobe this
    the world. This is evident in both its pro-       making it wearable in spring and summer.      spring, go green by choosing fashions made
    duction and finishing processes, and through      Leading Italian fashion luxury brand Gu-      from hemp, bamboo or soy. Doing so will
    the use of synthetic fibers, which aid in the     cci is replacing traditional materials with   definitely set a trend and make a statement
    fast depletion of our forests. Because of         those made from bamboo. The use of bam-       this season!
    this, fashionistas who are environmentally        boo and other natural fabrics in clothing     Photos:
    conscious are demanding eco-friendly fabrics      has recently been called “eco-couture,”       1.
    this spring. The term “eco-friendly” encom-       and many fashion companies are choosing       2. Bamboo,
    passes the type of environment where the          to embrace this new practice.                 3. Organic Cotton,
    material is grown and the design is made. To         If you too want to jump on the eco-        4. Organic hemp,
    meet this demand, companies like Esprit, The      friendly bandwagon, you must first make       5. H&M organic, cotton dress,
    Gap, Gucci and many others are introducing        sure that the clothing you’re wearing has     6. Soy silk,
    new collections that offer environmentally        met environmentally friendly standards. To
    friendly choices.                                 do so, look for screen-printing techniques
        This spring, consumers are choosing clothes   that use nontoxic, water-based ink; gar-
    made from hemp, wool, organic cotton, bamboo,     ments and accessories that are colored
    milk silk and soy silk. Bamboo, which is often    with natural dyes; and labels that indicate
Focus on       . . .Accessories
Eco-friendly Jewelry
                                                                                                    Bags, Belts & More . . .
                                                                                                    By Kathleen Marino
                                                                                                        “Look hot while saving the planet” is the
By Emily Driscoll                                                                                   motto that the creators of company, Green
                                                          2.                                        Goods 2 Give and 2 Get (GG2G), live by. This
    As the “green” movement spreads across                                    3.                    company uses only recycled, vintage and/or
the nation, designers are embracing it                                                              refurbished fabrics to create wearable art.
in their lines by creating pieces that are                                                          It’s dedicated to not only making eco-friendly
not only attractive, but also help save the                         4.                              accessories, but also to making its products
environment. Because of this, accessorizing                                                         unique and stylish for female consumers. For
your favorite outfit this spring doesn’t have                                                       example, GG2G creates every bag imaginable,
to be at the expense of the environment. As                                                         including handbags, makeup bags, swimsuit
going green becomes more popular, showing                                               6.          bags, wristlets and so many more. GG2G also
your support for the environment will be easy,       5.                                             makes eye-catching headbands and belts.
especially by wearing eco-friendly jewelry.                                                            A fashionable GG2G wristlet made from
    Eco-friendly jewelry looks just like any                                                        recycled billboard, vinyl and organic fabrics
other piece of jewelry; what makes it green                                                         costs about $40. Although somewhat pricey,
is how it’s made. For example, gold mining is                                                       GG2G fashions are one of a kind. Investing
one of the most destructive forms of mining                                                         in this company’s eco-friendly accessories is
currently practiced, as it produces toxic                                                           definitely worth the extra money, since each
pollution, especially in water sources. If gold                                                     purchase helps save the environment!
is your favorite metal, don’t worry; instead,                                                           An eco-friendly company that focuses on
choose renewed or recycled gold, which is an                                                        men’s accessories is Hempy’s. By selling
eco-friendly alternative that looks the same                                                        only what’s “in” right now, its items are
as pure gold.                                                                                       very trendy, and prices very reasonable.
    Other materials that eco-friendly jewelry                                                       The company’s popular men’s beanies, for
designers are using in their fashions are wood,                                                     example, are made of hemp and recycled
bamboo and hemp, which are very stylish                                                             PolyEthylene Therephthalate (polyester used
when used in necklaces, bangle bracelets                                           8.
                                                                                                    for packaging material), cotton and acrylic,
or simple rings.       Some environmentally                                                         and cost under $19! Hempy’s also sells a
friendly earring options—sure to spice up                                                           fashionable wallet made of 100-percent
any outfit—may include bright feathers, like                                                        hemp canvas for under $20!
those of a peacock; amber; shells; glass and      Photos:                                               Many different eco-friendly accessories do
renewed gold.                                     1. Peacock Earrings,   exist. It’s up to you to decide whether you
    Online companies that carry eco-friendly      2. Red Bird Wallet,      want to spend a lot or a little on these items;
jewelry are, brillantearth.    3. Yellow Bamboo Bracelet,     but, either way, there’s a retailer ready to
com and As one of the          4. Hemp Wallets,               dress you for the green movement.
biggest trends this spring, environmentally       5. Yellow Bird Wallet,
conscious jewelry is simple to buy or make.       6. Belt,
So accessorize, but remember, keep it green!      7. Men’s Beanies,
                                                  8. Tote Bag,

               . . . Beauty
                                                  to rejuvenate your hair, leaving it silky         It’s long been known that you’re only as
                                                  smooth.                                           healthy as what you put in your body, so
Focus on                                             Fluffy hair can be combated using
                                                  Lush’s Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze before
                                                                                                    you can rest easy when using these natural
                                                                                                    hair products.
Organic Hair Products                             shampooing, to calm, shine, moisturize,
                                                  detangle and stop static in your wild tresses.
By Nicole Carvalho and Kaitlyn McIlmail           Nature’s Gate Tea Tree & Blue Cypress             Photos: (clockwise from bottom left)
                                                                                                    1.Conditioning Hair Oil, $22.50,
                                                  Soothing Shampoo helps a flaky, dry scalp
    After        exposure       to                by providing healing, anti-inflammatory
                                                                                                    2.Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze, $20.45,
airborne chemicals, sun                           benefits. The company’s Asian Pear & Red
and damaging heat, your                           Rejuvenating Conditioner also serves as a
                                                                                                    3.Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Soothing Shampoo
hair will be calling out                          well-balanced product for colored hair, with      for Flaky, Dry Scalp, $7.99,
for some serious therapy.                         ingredients high in antioxidants.       
Made from organic                                    When styling your hair, Origins’ Ain’t         4.Asian Pear & Red Rejuvenating Conditioner,
sunflower and olive oils,                         Misbehavin Lightweight Hair Spray with            $7.99,
O r i g i n s ’ C o nd it io n ing                Nourishing Wheat Protein and Vitamin B5           5.Ain’t Misbehavin Lightweight Hair Spray,
Ha i r Oil is the ideal way                       can tame tantrums, flyaways and frizzies.         $14,
                   . . . Beauty
                                                                     Burt’s Bees                      Eye Brightening Color Stick by Origins
                                                        • “Peppermint Shower Soap,”                     You’ll never experience a dull moment
    Focus on                                              $4 for 3.5-oz. bar                         with this eye-opening, all-in-one shadow
                                                                                                     and liner stick. Committed to using the

    Shower Products Go Green                            • “Naturally Nourishing Milk and Shea
                                                          Butter Body Bar,” $4 for 3.5-oz. bar
                                                                                                     finest ingredients, Origins products contain
                                                                                                     no synthetic fragrances, dyes or chemicals.
                                                                                                     Not only are the products skin-friendly,
    By Nicole Carvalho and Kaitlyn McImail              • “Citrus and Ginger Root Body Wash,”        they’re also never tested on animals, and
                                                          for soft or sensitive skin, $8 for         the packaging is made solely from recycled
         Are you looking to go green with your            8 fl. oz.                                  materials and soy-based ink. It is available
    shower products this season? If so, these                                                        at Origins retailers or at for
    all-natural products are just what you need.                                                     $13.
    Lush soaps and shower gels are made from                                                                Skin Care by Bare Essentials
    100-percent natural ingredients like veg-                                                           With everything from makeup brushes,
    etable oil, honey, clay, aloe vera, seaweed                                                      smokey-eye palettes and sun-care products,
    and other beneficial components. Also, ex-                                                       Bare Essentials, an all-natural makeup company,
    periment with Burt’s Bees products, which                                                        promises not only to hide your skin’s flaws, but
    are made from botanical oils, plant extracts,                                                    also correct them. Its innovative line disproves
    herbs and beeswax. Try one of these prod-                                                        the myth that to hide acne, wrinkles or sensitive
    ucts today; they are sure to make your skin                                                      skin, you have to drain all the color from your
    glow and feel baby soft!                                                                         face. Its best-selling, $60 kit contains everything
                                                      PlantLove Botanical Lipstick by Cargo          you need for that coveted glow. Individual SPF
                                Lush                    Tired of dealing with all those synthetic,   foundations, bronzers and shadows range from
        • “Honey I Washed the Kids,” soap for        oily lipsticks? Need some natural color?        $18 to $25.
          sensitive skin, honey scent, $7.95 for     Cargo PlantLove Botanical lipsticks offer you
          3.5-oz bar                                 20 different shades, including 10 created by    Beyond Long Maximum Length Mascara
                                                     guest celebrity designers such as Lindsay                 by Prescriptives
        • “Angels on Bare Skin,” all-natural         Lohan and Denise Richards. These silky              One of four mascaras, Prescriptives’ Beyond
           cleanser for all skin combinations,       lipsticks contain botanical ingredients         Long Mascara, only $19.50, will give you
           $9.95 for 3.5-oz. serving                 like jojoba oil and shea butter to nurture      luxurious lashes individually coated in gorgeous
                                                     your mouth and Mother Earth. Not only are       color and dramatically defined. Combined
        • “Avobath Bomb,” $5.80 for a                the tubes made entirely from renewable          with the company’s iridescent shadows and
           6.3-oz. ball                              corn, the outside packaging grows into          metallic liners, this mascara can give your eyes
                                                     wildflowers when planted! Also, for all         a fierce punch, usually unexpected from an all-
                                                     you philanthropists out there, 10 percent       natural product. Prescriptives vows to help you
                                                     of each $20 purchase goes to St. Jude           enhance and embrace your natural beauty, with
                                                     Children’s Research Hospital. So moisten        lower prices than most top-makeup brands.
                                                     your pucker and the wildflower-seeded box,
                                                     and watch ’em grow!                              1.


                                                                                                     1., 2.,
                                                          Photo:                     3.

                   . . . Health
                                                        The “going-green” craze that has spread      the product is indeed organic. Finding or-
                                                     across the nation has many people asking        ganic food in supermarkets like Whole Foods
    Focus on                                         about the advantages of eating organic food.
                                                     Whether fruits, vegetables or products like
                                                                                                     is easy enough. However, if you’re looking
                                                                                                     for fresh foods and a sense of community, try
    By Lauren Zappitelli                             eggs and dairy, organically produced foods      shopping at your local farmers’ market. For
                                                     are cultivated without the use of growth        example, Weavers Way Co-op, located on 559
                                                     hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Cur-      Carpenter Ln. in Philadelphia, Pa., is seven
                                                     rently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture      minutes away from Philadelphia University.
       In today’s health-conscious world, we         (USDA) doesn’t state whether organic food       If you can’t get there, fear not, because you
    carefully watch what types of food we put        is a healthier choice. Despite this, eating     can order online and, for a $10 fee, have
    in our bodies. We all know how to count          organically ensures that harmful chemicals      Weavers Way deliver your groceries. Only a
    calories, fat and carbohydrates, however; it’s   don’t find their way into our bodies.           short drive and a few clicks away, this mar-
    equally important to keep track of how the          When looking for organic food, be sure to    ket will put you on your organic way!
    foods we eat are produced or grown.              take note of the USDA label, ensuring that      Photo:
              . . .Campus Events                                                                             Design X
                                                   He participated in Earth Pledge Futurefashion;
                                                   an organization that promotes sustainable
Focus on                                           fabrics and responsible fashion, contributing
                                                                                                             By Kaitlyn Usher
                                                   a smart, chic, camel pantsuit and matching
                                                                     trench coat comprised of
                                                                      bamboo fabrics. Costa                     Fashion Design students took a “flight of
By Laura Kessler and Lisa Bonomo                                      showed his support for this            reality” earlier this semester with the Fash-
                                                                         movement by stating, “I             ion Industries Association’s (FIA) annual De-
   This year’s annual FIA fashion show will                              think it represents the             sign X Fashion Show. The event, held Jan. 29
display various collections from our very                                house of Calvin Klein to            in Downs Hall Auditorium, highlighted the
own Philadelphia University’s fashion design                          create such awareness.”                creativity and hard work of designers in a
students. Each year focuses on a theme                                 FIA is looking forward to             fashion design problem-solving class.
for the show and this year is no different.                             this monumental event,                  Reuse, reinvention and reconstruction
As the fashion industry has moved toward                                and exposing our creative            were the themes of the day, with garments
creating eco-friendly and socially responsible                         students to the fashion               made from a wide range of materials. Inspi-
designs, FIA decided to do the same. This                            c o m m u n i t y. T h r o u g h        ration for these garments included every-
year’s theme follows in the fashion industry’s                      creating a sustainable and               thing from melon-ball salad to the shape
footsteps with Eco-Couture, which shows                           earth-friendly fashion show,               a raindrop takes when falling. While the
how sustainable garments can still be high-                      FIA is proving that sustainable             inspirations for these fashions were broad,
fashion. Models will hit the runway at 7:30                        fashion is not just a trend but           the materials used to create them were
p.m. at the Academy of Music on Wednesday,                            the future of fashion.                 even broader and Styrofoam, Bubble Wrap,
April 30. Francisco Costa, Creative Director,                                                                pipe cleaners, spoons, wires and straws
Calvin Klein Collection will be presented                                                                    were just a few of the things seen on the
with the Spirit of Design Award. Costa is no                                                                 models as they walked down the runway.
stranger to eco-friendly garments.                                                                              With such a variety of styles, you may
                                                                                                             wonder what the requirements are for entry
                                                                                                             into a show like this. It turns out, all you
Runway Challenge 2008
                                                   certain time and spending limit specific cri-
                                                   terion for each weekly challenge. At the end              need is a lot of creativity. “The clothes just
                                                   of each show, one contestant is eliminated                need to make it down the runway,” said FIA
By Carly Murrell                                   from the competition. The final episode will              President Jessica Murphy ’08. “Design X isn’t
                                                                                                             about being as sophisticated, elegant or
                                                   have the three remaining contestants to
                                                   battle it out for the ultimate prize of a fully           grand as the end-of-year fashion show. It’s
                                                   paid trip to Paris!                                       just about using your creativity to make it
                                                      The first challenge of the season was to               work.”
                                                   construct a creative and wearable garment                   At the end of this year’s 40-minute show,
                                                   solely out of materials from Staples. Each                one thing was certain, these designers
                                                   contestant was given $100 to spend and                    definitely made it work!
                                                   half an hour in the store. Some designers
                                                   used materials ranging from cork, wood and
                                                   paper clips to Bubble Wrap and duct tape.
                                                   Designer Andjela Vukancic commented,
                                                   “This challenge for me was a lot of fun just
                                                   because we could show a more creative side,
                                                   and didn’t have to work with fabrics like
                                                   usual.” Senior Fashion Design student Karen
                                                   Bloomfield came out the winner of this first
   Ready, set, sew! That’s right, PhilaU fash-     challenge constructing a fabulous, paper
ion design students are back at it again for       party dress and industrial-rubber-mat jack-
a second season. The annual Runway Chal-           et duo. A few other challenges this season
lenge is in full motion with now only three        include the “Go Red for Women” American
contestants remaining. NBC10 and Philadel-         Heart Association Red Dress, Pea in the Pod
phia University have collaborated for the          celebrity maternity wear, Lane Bryant’s plus-
second year of this exciting reality series        size little black dress and Spiegel.
being televised on NBC10’s The 10! Show.              With only one episode left, and with the
Ten PhilaU senior Fashion design students          finalists remaining, who will be the next win-
were chosen for a competition of creativity,       ner of this season’s Runway Challenge? Tune
dedication, and ability to deliver under pres-     into NBC10’s The 10! Show every Monday at
sure. Similar to last year’s first season, there   2 p.m. to see who will make it to Paris.
are eight design challenges presented by the       This article was written prior to the final, live show
panel of judges including PhilaU’s Fashion         April 28 when the winner of Runway Challenge was
                                                   chosen. The grand prize is a trip for two to Paris. Log
Design Director, Clara Henry, NBC10’s hosts        on to to watch Run-          Photo: Left: Emily O’Neill Right: A Tulip
Lori Wilson and Bill Henley, and many guest        way Challenge episodes, including the finale.             Garden by Regina Amato.
industry judges. All contestants are given
                                                                                                       generously made this publication accessible
  From the Editor                                      Professional Communications major this fall,
                                                       I feel I am exactly where I want to be, here
                                                       at a school full of opportunity and ultimate
                                                                                                       to students here at Philadelphia University.
                                                                                                       And finally, special thanks to the wonderful
                      Coming to Philadel-              success. Styleline has been a gateway for       and dedicated assistant editor Lauren Hosey,
                      phia University as a             me to express my ideas and creativity, while    and all the contributing writers for their
                      freshman was quite               also working along side talented writers,       hard work and commitment to StyleLine.
                      an adjustment from               directors, and graphic designers. By tak-
                      life at home 1200                ing the place of an exceptional previous        Best,
                      miles away in Texas.             StyleLine editor, I am greatly honored to
                      With such a reputable            have this opportunity, and feel extremely
                      fashion program,                 privileged to have found such a position so
                      right outside the big            early in my college career. So here’s to my
                      city, the school was             first issue of StyleLine, and hopefully many    Carly Murrell
   Carly Murrell      beyond ideal, and                more to come. I’d like to thank the fantastic
too perfect to pass up. Now, as editor of              professors, Clara Henry and Meriem Chida,
StyleLine, with plans to study in the new              as well as Public Relations, who have all so

                          Spring 2008
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 University Fashion Design, Fashion      Sandi Gigantino
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                                         Kathleen Marino
                                         Kaitlyn McIlmail
 Carly Murrell, Professional             Arielle Salkowitz
 Communication                           Yuri Sin
 co-editor                               Kaitlyn Usher
 Lauren Hosey, Fashion Merchandising     Renee Valenti
                                         Lauren Zappitelli
 Lisa Bonomo
 Nicole Carvalho                         Clara Henry
 Cara Diamond                            Assoc. Professor; Director,
 Kaity Doherty                           Fashion Design Program
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