Fantasy Baseball 101 - A History of the Game

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					Fantasy Baseball is a popular and entertaining game for fans of Major League Baseball.

In a fantasy baseball game, players can manage a team or roster of baseball players. These
players then compete with other fantasy players using real life statistics from baseball as
the determinant of who wins.

Fantasy baseball is the original fantasy sport game and is the most commonly played
fantasy game. It is dubbed as the hardest fantasy sport to play (argurably) due to the fact
that it takes a lot of time and a lot of numbers to sort out baseball’s 162-game season and
players of the MLB could prove to be quite inconsistent.

How Fantasy Baseball Began

It was said that fantasy baseball was first seen in code from an IBM 1620 computer. The
code came from John Burgeson, an IBM employee, and this code was distributed in the IBM
Corporation for several years. The game allowed two competing teams to play via a number
generator and player statistics. These are the factors that determine the winner of the
game. Included in the computer program is a play by play description. The IBM code was
limited to only 20,000 memory positions and the whole code and game was self-contained.

In 1961, a radio personality named Rege Cordic focused on the game and produced a radio
program based on the game.
An early term for fantasy baseball is called table top baseball as the exchange and the
winning is all transacted on a table.

A popular form of the game was launched by Strat-O-Matic in 1964 and the company
customized cards of the Major League Baseball game. The cards featured players with
statistics of their performance from last season. These card games allowed players to
recreate last season's games with actual player statistics.

Fantasy Baseball's first public appearance was in 1989 and was developed by Robert
Barbiere and Brad Wendkos of Phoneworks. These men got the services of West Coast Ad
Agency and they launched the game and published it on local newspapers. The readers
were encouraged to create teams using major league players. These readers can earn stats
and base the performance of their ‘fantasy’ team on real baseball data. Winners were given
prizes. From this exposure, playing fantasy baseball has become a great big competition for

In the New York Public Library, there are accounts of renowned writer Jack Kerouac about
being a participant in fantasy baseball. Kerouac was said to have started young and
developed and played fantasy baseball until his old age.

Today, the game has become more popular and far-reaching all because of the Internet.

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