Industrial Properties Available for Rent by LeeEvans


									        Industrial Properties Available for Rent
                                                                                   10 ton

                                                                                  of High
                     17’ - 6” High Bay Industrial Building

Located in Muncy, PA approximately two mile from Interstate 180, we are
now offering for rent two high bay industrial properties. Each of these
buildings are ideal for use as an equipment service, fabrication, repair or
truck service facility.                                                           Included with lease:
                                                                                  ! Building located within a
Each building is located in a common secured area. One building has 17' 6”            secured area
head space under its ten (10) ton capacity overhead crane rail. The               ! Large roll up door
available utilities include 3 phase, 60 hz, 230 volt, 400 amp electrical. 80 to   ! Concrete floor
100 psig compressed air and steam heat. In addition, 12 feet wide by 15 feet      ! One floor level
high doorway provides easy entrance to the 5000 sq. ft. work floor.               ! Overhead rail crane
                                                                                  ! Restroom
The other building has 12' -0” clearance under the 8 ton capacity overhead        ! Free parking
crane rail. This building has a rollup truck door and 3 phase, 60 hz, 230 volt,   ! 400 amp electrical service
400 amp electrical. 80 to 100 psig compressed air and steam heat. The
working floor space is approximately 7000 sq. ft.
                                                                                  ! Compressed air service
                                                                                  ! Municipal water service
We currently have these spaces available for your equipment servicing or          ! Steam heat
fabrication needs. We offer each of these rental spaces on annual lease           ! Zoned Industrial
agreement and have the infrastructure necessary to provide you with               ! Five minutes from
additional services to help you efficiently and quickly keep your equipment           Interstate 180
operating at the highest level of productivity.

For more information
                                                                                  Additional services:
                                                                                  ! On site machining services
Call Dean Barto at 570-546-1855 fo go to              ! On site welding services
                                                                                    using ASME Certified
                                                                                    welders to National Board
                                                                                    “U” & “R” Stamp
                                                                                  ! On site raw materials
                                                                                    unloading and materials
                                                                                  ! On site receiving and
                                                                                    shipping services
                                                                                  ! On site addition inside and
                                                                                    outside storage
                                                                                  ! Office space and clerical
                      12’ - 0” High Bay Industrial Building                         services

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